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Kiwi Services / they suck

1 Houston, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (832)744-0340

Hi well i can bet every one has some thing to say well i do.
i am a one of the best tech in Houston Texas and i am certified and insured going to say who ever call Kiwi to get your carpet or tile clean the tech dont know how to clean for one two any one that knows how to clean know that they aint cleaning that be said just watch out cause all they do is put oz gal of chemicals in your floors and they dont take none out just think for a sec if you was a carpet and some tech water you down with these chemicals then buff you around 5% of dirt will come on a pad but the rest of the dirt is still in you just spead around thats why they bush the carpet so it can LOOK CLEAN but it really aint. once it has dry you will be sticky and nasty thats why some stain come up after a day or so because it was never clean its just like taking a shower but no water just soap nasty right just the same!!!
well i know for how real business runs how KIWI dose it its not fair at all working for them or not i only work 5 days and it sucks i Quit that job because they really suck all the way round there Equipment suck they pay suck that the ower suck and i how she reads this i hate peolpe like you i have sue i company just like you and my company is better then yours the peolpe that you have working for you is hard working peolpe how do i know cause i was one of em but you promise i would be make at less 600 a week upto 1, 500 perweek yea right maybe right not even you dont paid for gas nether insurance or miles for our trucks what do you pay for nothing how sweet is that i know you make more then millions i made in those days for her 1, 08.00 and ask how much did i make $220.00 that sucks and i use my truck to take her sh#* in my truck and she charge me for Retal her suff hahahaha i now am laugh she is funny will now i make 500 a day and i am happy then ever be for i have more Contracts then i ever did i promise you something JADENSFLOORS will be number one in Houston because Stanley Steemer is also passing by i do RESIDENTAL AND COMMERCIAL
JADENSFLOORS.COM more then professional Expect!!! we care carpet care

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