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i was banned from a game called wizard101 and i been banned for the past 3 months i really miss my account.
i did not do anything wrong it was something about payment reversal they said they will not unban my account unless they recieve
word from bank that the credit card is no longer on hold or i could just pay $15 dollars to them and i should do so my sending a check or money order, thing is i do not know how to do that. can anyone pls help me with this and how do i get my account back?

Feb 14, 2015
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  • Ma
      Apr 17, 2015

    KingsIsle told you how to solve this, cough up the bucks. I have heard this story before on various fan sites of the game, and paying them is your only option. They hold the account. If a credit card is not available to you, you might contact them to ask if gift cards could be used to pay the outstanding balance.

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