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Been playing wizards101 on and off for some years now. It is fun at the start but over time gets so damn frustrating. With the higher levels the foe getting harder and harder to kill and the spells at least the ones I have are not as powerful as I would like so I get defeated over and, over, and with the blanks or the fizzles and fighting with two foes who are bombarding you with there spells but you are lucky to get 1 ever 4 rounds so no matter how hard you try you are defeated in no time what so ever. It gets very old after a time going over and over to defeat a foe I have spent weeks on one quest to move on. I have also noticed some players have cards with powers of 15000 and more and kill the foe in no time what so ever while I struggle and I have tried to find cards with higher power to no avail, also some get one good card after another while others its every so often. I have contacted KingsIsle on how to i improve m y odds with no avail Do they shoe favoritism to some and no others and it seems they will not let you move on till the want you too . When the game becomes more work than fun I think its time to quit and I will never recommend the game to any one it is a ripoff and all they want is your hard earned money

my account being banned

I play a game called Wizard101. I've been playing it since 2011. What happened exactly is this: 6 year...

My Account

I've emailed support multiple times on the fact that I am over 18 and kingsisle hasn't unlocked my open chat option. They said I needed to change my email. I did that, then they told me I needed to make purchases using a card. I did that as well, after doing what they told me nothing happened so I emailed them again and they told me they simply couldn't do it because of when my account was created. It's a lousy excuse, players shouldn't have to feel like they can't get any help from kingsisle especially being a long time player I've never had any issues in the past. It's not a fair concept at all.

gaming and accounting issues.

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Dec 20 at 2:59 PM
Dear Kingsisle,
How are you? In recent times, I tried to redeem the free crowns giveaway from the 12 Days of the Spiral but it says that I must have a level 5 or more pirate in the game and when I tried today(December 20th, 2019), it said the same thing. This happened for a while now. I haven't played within the last two to three years as I don't have the computer that I played both games(Wizard101 and Pirate101) on. Please help me. I think my pirate is not there anymore.
My Pirate101 account's username is "forever750" and the name of my pirate is "Cunning Carlos Xavier." I somehow always remembered both my character's names. My pirate is level 35 and is a Witchdoctor. Can you please look into this and tell me of everything is alright. I just now sent an email to [protected] as I didn't know which one you would check. Thank you for your time.

unable to redeem a purchased gift card

Several days ago I purchased (2) $39 gift cards. One for me and one for my daughter. Tried to redeem them to no avail. Took them back to the store where purchased and was able to exchange. Tried those 2 new cards once we got home and once again unable to redeem. Company is not being very helpful in resolving this issue! I have been emailing them sending copies of receipts and the redemption codes via pictures off the gallery of my phone (using phone to communicate), scanned receipts and gift cards and sent via PDF and sent a compressed Zip file. Still, for some reason, they are unable to open and read! For a "gaming company" not able to open the simplest of files, I can see why their cards don't work.

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    seaburn Dec 10, 2019

    I think you are just are too old to understand how these cards work. They have to be activated at the registor. This means wherever you got your cards from the person who rung you up forgot to activate the cards.

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I didn't get credit for a dungeon. During the game I used the "flee" and then drank a bottle, then returned...


Hello Kings Isle...I was wondering why/or how my malisaray32 Wizard101 Account had been Banned?? I had not done or said anything wrong, could you please get this account unbanned for me please??I had been checking my Email and I had not yet gotten a response back letting me know what is going on with my malisaray32 account and I had been checking my Email just about everyday and still no response. I would really appreciate it...Thanks in advance. :-)

My Email is: [protected]

master password help

I am trying to reset my master password in order to switch the email from my dad's to mine, as well as be in control of making purchases, as I am, at the time of writing this, eighteen years old. However, we have submitted a ticket to reset the password multiple times in the past two or more months and have yet to get a reply back. Any assistance on this matter would be most appreciated. It just makes me feel I am not a valued customer of KingsIsle Entertainment due to the fact I do not have an active subscription.

I got banned

I been a paying member for years I even have a 10 year muted account that I still payed for I work in new...

Trolling/Harassing/Bullying/Threatening Individuals to Leave

Many gather in Commons, have for many years, meeting and talking with everyone about gear, quests, etc. There are people that harass/taunt/troll/bully so as to try to control the Commons and make (mainly adults) leave the Commons, change realms or quit the game.

We should not have to leave, change realms, quit, all because of these mean individuals.

Reports and emails sent, most with pictures of large mounts on top of someone and/or goes to others, too.

Try to enjoy the game and get harassed/bullied, is not a fun game.

K I sends reply back, "put on ignore and change realms". SO LET THE BULLIES TAKE OVER. THANKS Kingsisle/Wizard101.

I have cancelled one account and clearing out another to cancel soon. One I hope to keep, if they fix this problem.

hacking an account on wiz101

One more things about accounts that was hacked? Kingsisle is the only one who knows all passwords and all...

automatic unauthorized charges to credit cards

Cancel all your credit cards and that is the only way to get your money back from kingsisle entertainment. Report all unauthorized charges done to the credit cards and dont do not waste your time calling or sending them e - mails because they still will answer you back to pay their company more money. If you will not cancel the credit cards trust me, you will get more unauthorized charges to your credit cards and it's so unreal how much money you will owe to pay kingsisle. This company is money hungry people. They will hook you up in the game and later on they will rob you all blind. I hope they shut down this company as soon as possible. They are rip off bunches of thieves!!!

unauthorized charges on credit cards

Kingsisle will put you in deep hole charging your credit cards unauthorized. Stop playing the game cancel all...

Master Password

WTF is Master Password I was going to upgrade my account and then it siad you need a master password. And I...

They didn't provide anything for free

I started to get different apps from the website They offered free membership and a lot of for free, but after I agreed to their terms and conditions, these ### simply started to take different sums from me. I was furious and wanted to stop these fake charges, but the support team simply ignored all my emails. I was really disappointed and cancelled my card, but I couldn’t return my money back. Maybe someone has any ideas how to return money back, please contact me then or leave a comment. Thanks.

They took my money

12/20/2010 I signed up for 1 year membership, for Wizard101, at $59.95. Within that year, I found I...

I want my money back

I order this game for my son because I think its just one time to pay 9.95 just for that month, I call them...

I dont want this game any more

I order this game for my son, the second you took my money out for my account I contact you, send massage contact with my bank also and you told me you can not return my money 9.95 per month its rediculos because my son dont play any more with this so I don want to pay for this no more PLEASE HELP ME this company its a fraude I DONT WANT TO GET CHARGE ON MY ACCOUNT NO MORE .

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    Nasir Cruickson Mar 21, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    kingsisle today i bought a member ship and i wanna cancel it and get my money back

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false advertisement

THe company KingsIsle has been allowed to do a criminal offence. there is a law stating you can not false advertise. in their comercial for pirate 101, they state "Free to play no payment required cept for paid membership" in no way does this mean that i have to pay to play every chapter's access fee to play past the introduction chapter. YET they are allowed to pull this sham and steal money from people by false advertisement.

  • Ma
    maddad40 Nov 26, 2012

    Kingsisle can tell me they have been working on this game for 3 years all they want. It looks like it was hashed together over about 2 months. No 50 gear, no place to farm, No housing items, many, many quests just don't work.. Cool Ranch is way, way too long, travel times from wherever you are to where you are going are outrageous. I have time to go in the kitchen get a coke out of the fridge, eat lunch and return only to find I'm still not at my destination. I've gone to sleep at my computer waiting to arrive at my destination.
    This game needs a complete makeover.

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    thel Nov 29, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just got a response from the BBB, yeah im that annoyed. my complaint was ended with the most BS ever. KingsIsle asked BBB to keep their response PRIVATE. I dont even know if they will comply or not with my complaint. We need to rise agenst them, they think they can get away with false advertising.

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  • Ka
    katiejo Jan 20, 2013

    free play my ###! If you have to either pay to get crowns, or pay for membership than it is NOT free play! I've talked to people on their chat boards and you know what I get?! 'stop complaining there are at least 20 things you can still do while playing free!' WTF?! Really that was the extent of my response. Others actually gave me the list of at least 20 things and then I stated nowhere in that list says 'ability to do quests' or being able to complete the game and they blew me off. So yeah I went on their website and told them that they either amend their advertisment or I was going to get a team of attorney's that would be able to shred them apart in the court of law. It worked for a couple months but now the jackasses have commercials on tv that state play free now! That was the ultimate screw you to a potential member and i say RIGHT BACK AT YOU!

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    thel Jan 21, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Katiejo, i have been told by many x members that they have been allowed to do this, probly cause no one blew the whistle on them, for years with wizard 101. probly till we all as one sue them for chamilion law violation [basicaly claiming one thing and doing another] they wont change. other sources say that they have been sued for it and havent changed.

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  • Ka
    katiejo Jan 23, 2013

    well hell sign me up thel because i just got insulted in Wizard101 for asking if I was the only that cared that it wasn't as free play as they advertised. Those poor brainwashed ###...also they have game characters jump, space bar makes your character jump, but yet you can't jump over things nor use it for anything and why even have the option to jump if it does nothing; okay i'm rambling but still... Group together and overthrow their business is what I would do, which is probably why I don't have a seat of power ;D

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    thel Jan 24, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    katiejo soon as i get my friends who love petitions to take a stand against the company ill tell you but i dont know if it will happen.

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Okay, So I worked hard on getting to level 20, Bought loads of crowns JUST to unlock areas to get quests. So, When I finish, I got a quest to do something in an area I don't have access to. So, Instead I go ahead and try to do another quest; Go to Grizzleheim. When I try to go there, I need A LARGE AMOUNT OF CROWNS or MEMBERSHIP. I can't have any of those. I worked hard for nothing, So I call Wizard101 A SCAM. They just want money off of people! I would have NEVER of joined or spent money on it if I knew about this.

  • Ki
    KingsIsle Aug 03, 2012

    Wizard101 has a free to play area that you're invited to enjoy for as long as you want, however every school has a tuition. Just as you can't go past the lobby in a movie theater without buying a ticket, you can't go past Triton Avenue without getting a Membership or buying the areas with Crowns. We do not limit the time you can spend playing the game, but we do gate the areas you can access.

    Remember, young Wizard, you can EARN your own Crowns!
    Go to -follow the instructions and you're well on your way to Earning Crowns that will allow you to purchase Premium areas of Wizard101.

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  • No
    nogo123 Nov 06, 2012

    wizard101 to me the greatest game in the world and i wish i have membership and i wish to be the greatest wizard in the game and please make me a membership please! please ! my wizard name is wolf bluebreeze

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