KingsIsle Entertainment Complaints & Reviews

KingsIsle Entertainment / wizard101

Dec 22, 2018

I didn't get credit for a dungeon. During the game I used the "flee" and then drank a bottle, then returned to the fight. Something I've done thousands of times, and seen done thousands of times. At the end of the fight it gave me 2 different experience alerts when the fight was over, but...

KingsIsle Entertainment / wizard101

Dec 21, 2018

Hello Kings Isle...I was wondering why/or how my malisaray32 Wizard101 Account had been Banned?? I had not done or said anything wrong, could you please get this account unbanned for me please??I had been checking my Email and I had not yet gotten a response back letting me know what i...

KingsIsle Entertainment / master password help

Oct 03, 2018

I am trying to reset my master password in order to switch the email from my dad's to mine, as well as be in control of making purchases, as I am, at the time of writing this, eighteen years old. However, we have submitted a ticket to reset the password multiple times in the past two or...

Wizard101 / I got banned

Oct 25, 2017

I been a paying member for years I even have a 10 year muted account that I still payed for I work in new jersey and live in warwick ri so every day I I log in while I am working on both my accounts my brother is in collage and asked me to go on and do his plants so I did why wouldnt I it...

Kingsisle/Wizard101 / Trolling/Harassing/Bullying/Threatening Individuals to Leave

Jan 30, 2016

Many gather in Commons, have for many years, meeting and talking with everyone about gear, quests, etc. There are people that harass/taunt/troll/bully so as to try to control the Commons and make (mainly adults) leave the Commons, change realms or quit the game. We should not have to...

Wizard101 / hacking an account on wiz101

Apr 17, 2015

One more things about accounts that was hacked? Kingsisle is the only one who knows all passwords and all security password in all accounts. How can someone hack your account and change everything? Nobody else but just kingsisle. To get your account back you got to pay them a lot of money...

Wizard101 / automatic unauthorized charges to credit cards

Apr 17, 2015

Cancel all your credit cards and that is the only way to get your money back from kingsisle entertainment. Report all unauthorized charges done to the credit cards and dont do not waste your time calling or sending them e - mails because they still will answer you back to pay their company...

Wizard101 / unauthorized charges on credit cards

Apr 15, 2015

Kingsisle will put you in deep hole charging your credit cards unauthorized. Stop playing the game cancel all credit cards that you used. They will keep charging doubles and large amount that you didn't purchase to the company. Not only wizard101 they will charge you also in pirate101 even...

Kingsisle Wizard101 / Master Password

Nov 08, 2014

WTF is Master Password I was going to upgrade my account and then it siad you need a master password. And I was all like wtf I never set up a master password and so i put in my account password and that did not work did someone hack my account does any one have the same problem/ compliant as me? / They didn't provide anything for free

Oct 28, 2014

I started to get different apps from the website They offered free membership and a lot of for free, but after I agreed to their terms and conditions, these ### simply started to take different sums from me. I was furious and wanted to stop these fake charges, but the...

KingsIsle Entertainment / They took my money

May 02, 2014

12/20/2010 I signed up for 1 year membership, for Wizard101, at $59.95. Within that year, I found I didn't play it as much asI had prior, so cancelled my membership. I recently just happened to see on my credit card statement that they had charged me in December. I didn't renew...

Kingsisle*wizard101 / I want my money back

Aug 10, 2013

I order this game for my son because I think its just one time to pay 9.95 just for that month, I call them no body anwer the phone try to rish them via email and nothing my son dosent play any more since more then 10 months and they steal took my money from my bank account this i...

Kingsisle*wizard101 / I dont want this game any more

Aug 09, 2013

I order this game for my son, the second you took my money out for my account I contact you, send massage contact with my bank also and you told me you can not return my money 9.95 per month its rediculos because my son dont play any more with this so I don want to pay for this no more...

wizard 101/ pirate 101 / false advertisement

Nov 11, 2012

THe company KingsIsle has been allowed to do a criminal offence. there is a law stating you can not false advertise. in their comercial for pirate 101, they state "Free to play no payment required cept for paid membership" in no way does this mean that i have to pay to play every...

KingsIsle's Wizard101 / Membership

Jun 29, 2012

Okay, So I worked hard on getting to level 20, Bought loads of crowns JUST to unlock areas to get quests. So, When I finish, I got a quest to do something in an area I don't have access to. So, Instead I go ahead and try to do another quest; Go to Grizzleheim. When I try to go there...

Wizard101 / hacker

Jun 25, 2012

this guy named valdus he is level 5 he is hacking into my friends account and say she is his and he will never leave he has gone into her account everytime she removed him and adds him back to her list he wont stop

wizard 101 / Wizard 101 kept billing me monthly and never responded to any emails

Mar 16, 2012

On 24 July, 2011 I purchased coins and a membership for my son on Wizard 101. The coins never appeared and I had to email the site for assistance. They gave me some directions, but the coins and added extras from the membership never showed and my son was never able to access new areas of...

wizard 101 / Rip off

Dec 17, 2011

I purchased coins and a membership for my son on Wizard 101. The coins never appeared and I had to email the site for assistance. They gave me some directions, but the coins and added extras from the membership never showed and my son was never able to access new areas of the game. I...

KingsIsle Entertainment/Wizard 101 / Improper billing and notification of purchases

Nov 27, 2011

According to the crown purchase history on, from 11/21/10 to 10/08/11, my son only made purchases in the amounts of $5.00 (2500 crowns) or $10.00 (5000 crowns) . At first, he always had to ask me for my credit card information and KingsIsle Entertainment would occasionally...

Wizard101 / unauthorized use of credit card

Aug 06, 2011

I cancelled my subscription earlier in the year and just got my credit card to find they had taken out another year's subscription! I tried calling the number displayed on the credit card beside the charge but it was useless. It just sent you back to their site to dispute it. I sent...

Wizard 101 (KingsIsle Entertainment) / Allowing minors to use credit card accounts

Mar 25, 2011

Because I paid for my son to use Wizard 101 on a monthly basis, unbeknownst to me my Amex information was saved and he was able to to 4 transactions, resulting in a total of $50 worth of "crowns". When I looked at my online credit card billing statement I contacted Amex immediately...

Wizard101 / log in

Mar 21, 2011

Whenever i try to log in the w101 symbol. It all ways bring up a sigh the say '' Unable to lauch game. Please download and run the Wizard101 installer again. '' But everytime i redownload it. It brings the same thing up. But it will let me bring up test realms on w101...

Kingsisle Wizard 101 / child made charges and they refuse to put money back in parents account


daughter took bank card and used it. she is 10. wizard 101 is refusing to put money back in my account saying no refund they said information from card is supposed to be verification of age. My lawyer (my friend) has said that they cannot legally do this. That the agreement was made with a...

Kingsisle Wizard 101 / taking money from my account


I have tried to stop wizard 101 from taking their monthly fee out of my account and here it is again this month. I tried to call them but they said to leave a message on the website which is what I have done already. I am going to contact the Better Business Bureau.

wizard 101 / Chat Restrictions


Why can't we type numbers like two or 2 it’s getting on my nerves! I mean I have to say too to say 2 or tree to say 3 why can’t we type numbers dangit! It makes me confused sometimes, and why can't we at least say crap instead of crop? I am so confused; sometimes it...

wizard 101 / Unauthorized Money out of my account


Unauthorized money came out of my account, and drained my savings account to cover it. I don't know if it will happen again, but I will be sueing for money recovery, and emotional stress for not knowing if any other money is going to be coming out. I won't be a to pay my normal...

King Isle / Wizard101 / Sex and Death Threats


While playing Wizard101 my son received a threat from another player who said they were going to kill him, but first have sex with him. Then they listed our address. I tried calling King Isle Entertainment, but there is just a message to go to the website and email any questions or...

Kingsisle Wizard / automatic billing on credit cards


My grandson no longer plays this games and it has been billed to my credit card for about 4 more months. I want this game cancelled and I want a refund to my credit card. I also want to know what my next srep sould be should Ithis not happen.

Kings Isle Wizard 101 / Monthly fee automatic charge


My son no longer plays this game and I have called to have it cancelled. I have been paying for this for months and he no longer play's the game. I want a credit put back on my account for the past 6 month's fee's since I previously contaced the company and the cancelization...

Kingsisle Wizard 101 / Taking money from my account


I order this game Wizard 101 for my grandson. The second time you took money out of my account I contacted you and told you I did not want the game anymore. You told me you could not return my money, so I told you to cancel the game for me because I did not want to get charges on my...