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my account being banned

I play a game called Wizard101. I've been playing it since 2011. What happened exactly is this:

6 years ago, I was banned because an anonymous person hacked my main account. At that time, I haven't played on my account for months. It happen in April 2014. Then, I email them to explain what happen and then they're money money order from me to unban my account. A few years later, I recontact them to appeal the banning of my account, they say that the same email I used to contact them is not the original email I used (which I have proof that it is). Not only my account was banned, but they also banned my IP address and every computers I have at home from playing the game ever again. My main account is Daniboy600 and the real email associated to is [protected] And they're not willing to give it back to me and not help. So please! Help me get my main Wizard101 account back and unban my IP and all the computers! Please! Thank you.

my account being banned

They took my money

12/20/2010 I signed up for 1 year membership, for Wizard101, at $59.95. Within that year, I found I didn't play it as much asI had prior, so cancelled my membership.

I recently just happened to see on my credit card statement that
they had charged me in December. I didn't renew my membership so
contacted Kings Isle.

They (conveniently) said they found no record of my cancellation.

Per their help site, to cancel an account, you have to log into
said account and click on the Cancel Account button. I logged in and
there was no cancellation button available ...because I had already
canceled my account years prior. I let Kings Isle know I had proof
that my account was cancelled by me.

I explained that hadn't even played since 2011, and their software
can show this, but they won't tell me if they looked or what they
found when I asked them to check my profile to prove I hadn't played
for years.

I called my credit card company and had them stop the payment.
KingsIsle sent me an email saying my account was banned permanently:

Response Via Email (KingsIsle Support) 04/28/2014 04:18 PM
Hi there!It appears you have already received the
refund of $59.95 by your bank. Please be assured the account is
banned permanently so no further charges can be applied.

I emailed them again and asked them how many times they had taken
money, here is their response:

Response Via Email (KingsIsle Support) 04/30/2014 01:21 PM
Greetings, The 12 month subscription has been charged a
total of 4 times over the last 4 years.

I asked them for the rest of my money that they took. Here is
their response:

Response Via Email (KingsIsle Support) 04/30/2014 04:16 PM
Greetings, The refund that has already been provided, is
the extent of the charges that were eligible for said refund.

So, they took out 4 membership fees. I only authorized the 1st
time. The last time was refunded. I am stilled owed for 2 years worth
of fees and I want my money back pronto!

  • Ma
    Martha Martin Apr 17, 2015

    To avoid this reoccurring charge, you can membership, then immediately cancel the membership in case something happens that your child is unable to play. While their site is rather difficult to navigate and understand, the immediate cancellation method will solve the problems many are having.

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  • Mc
    mcadwell Apr 18, 2015

    I know you are trying to help but your comment did not do that. And you said their site is difficult to navigate...I disagree. It is not difficult but I am sorry you think so.

    If you would have read my statement you would have seen that I had cancelled - and the button was greyed out - I was not able to cancel again. And, since they banned my account, I am not able to [sic] membership anymore. Which is a good thing!

    Ergo, I cancelled, they continued to take money from me without permission, and refused to return it. This company is full of thieves!

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Allowing minors to use credit card accounts

Because I paid for my son to use Wizard 101 on a monthly basis, unbeknownst to me my Amex information was saved and he was able to to 4 transactions, resulting in a total of $50 worth of "crowns". When I looked at my online credit card billing statement I contacted Amex immediately. KingsIsle finally emailed me back, as they DON'T take phone calls or do any type of phone correspondence, 3 days later!! Several days worth of condescending and "holier than thou" emails later. They banned my son's Wizard 101 account and refunded my money. So yes, I'm an unusual story where they DID refund my money. Maybe because I'm related to more attorneys than I care to talk about, maybe because Amex got involved or maybe because I vowed to cost them more time and money than doing this to hard-working parents would ever be worth. Yes, I punished my son and realize most of the reason this happened is because I was stupid enough to trust my credit card info to THIS company. All I expected them to do was to be just and fair in crediting my account to some degree and assure me this wouldn't happen in the future. THAT simple idea is too much to expect from this company and I owe it to ever parent out there...DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO!!! YOU WILL REGRET IT!!