King.comgame fix!

I am on level 1879 and have been for quite a while! The object is to collect 3 lemons and remove 75 frosting . The frosting is not a problem but the lemons are! The three frosted ticks which turn into the lemons needed are not all turning to lemons - only 2 are lemons and the third turns into frosting which makes the game impossible to complete! I'm not just talking now and again this happens but EVERY TIME i play! I have tried to buy the ticks to obtain more but will only give me the option of buying more gold bars! I have to quit the game every time i get a frosting instead of a lemon. The game is challenging enough without having to repeatedly lose lives when the 'required order' will not be reached. I feel i have been 'cheated' with this level and would like it if you would look into this for me please.

Jan 15, 2017

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