King Isle / Wizard101Sex and Death Threats

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While playing Wizard101 my son received a threat from another player who said they were going to kill him, but first have sex with him. Then they listed our address. I tried calling King Isle Entertainment, but there is just a message to go to the website and email any questions or concerns. I did this, and the only response was that they needed the character name used for the person sending the threats, which my son did not remember.

With the subscriiption and crowns, we spent $300 + on this game, and for that amount spent, absolutely lousy service when there was a concern about my son's safety.

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  • Ki
      Apr 11, 2011

    Dear MusicDad, All reports of abuse are taken very seriously and fully investigated. If you've not done so already, please send an email to [protected] to include your son's username and approximate date/time of the interaction. Sincerely, KingsIsle Support

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  • Um
      Jun 04, 2011

    How can they catch the guy if you can't provide sufficient info.

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  • Ma
      Apr 17, 2015

    UMad?, they can check chat logs. Kingsisle Support, You should take this seriously, as should have your email department when this parent contacted you the first time. This kids address was blasted on the open chat screen and your email department missed this?

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  • Ma
      Apr 18, 2015

    KingsIsle Support, You have a lot of nerve coming here feigning a 'very serious' posture on this issue. The more I thought about your response, the more incensed I became, and why I came back here to tell another such tale so parents would know what to expect in your games, both Pirate 101 and Wizard 101.

    I have personally reported nefarious activities within your game with date, time, and character name of the offender. A player was dancing (an emote within the game users can use) behind me screaming how good it felt to gRAPE me, along with other sexual suggestions. Your response could be summed up, I am sorry but you are a Free To Play player, change realms.

    One of KingsIsle's 'hands-off solutions' was to pawn off in-game policing to a user based Hall Monitor system, with the inevitable result of those Hall Monitors abusing the powers they granted them. KingsIsle has yet to take a proactive stance, has no contact number, has an email department that cannot seem to resolve anything until the third email. The only call to action that KingsIsle has made in its six year history is when it comes to banning users that take advantage of loopholes in the game due to their own poor programming/testing. Sorry KingsIsle, but I know how you have been, and what you have done in your history. Their previous endeavor was ShadowBane, a game that triggered a class action suit forcing them by court order to keep the servers up because users had recently paid the company for in game currency (a Free To Play standard item).

    To all parents, you should probably avoid allowing your children to play any Free To Play games unless there is a working contact number. KingsIsle has proven to me over and over again that email only contact with customers is grossly ineffective.

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  • Kn
      Apr 25, 2015

    KI is not doing what they SHOULD and doing things they SHOULDN'T!!! FIX UR GAME OR WE WON'T SPEND NO MORE MONEY! >:(

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  • Pr
      Dec 08, 2018

    I agree I have screen shots of people being racial and making remarks of watching porn on this game, no child should play this game without adult supervision, it's the open web and there are predators on this site, your children are not safe as KingsIsle's only concern is selling packs, gear, and mounts, look at their 12 days of x-mas which is supposed to be about giving and yet their first 2 days are about you the consumer having to buy, I stopped buying membership as of 12/06/2018 and have spent my last dollar on this site and would advice others to follow suit.. 4 maxed out characters, life, death, storm, fire...

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