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KingsIsle Entertainment review: child made charges and they refuse to put money back in parents account

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8:33 pm EDT
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daughter took bank card and used it. she is 10. wizard 101 is refusing to put money back in my account saying no refund they said information from card is supposed to be verification of age. My lawyer (my friend) has said that they cannot legally do this. That the agreement was made with a 10 year old who cannot be held responsible legally and that they had no contract with the adult. The adult did not give the child permission to be on the site or permission to use card. The 10 year old lied this is true but you cannot hold them accountable because of age and as soon as I notified them that the child was underaged that they should have closed the account as requested and given the money back that was not authorized. I really thought about letting this go but since they are forcing me to go through my bank which means I will have to get another bank card and report this one as having unauthorized uses and that it will take about 3 weeks for me to get another bank card I am thinking about starting a class action suite and will be searching the complaint sites for people who would like to be a part of the case. I am actually just interested in parents whose young children took their card without permission. Wizard 101 likes to say that it is the parent's fault but obviously they aren't a parent who is working, keeping a house clean, in addition to bringing home work and working most of the night at their job to make ends meet. It is impossible to watch your children 24 hours a day. I thought I had all the sites like theirs blocked obviously i didnt. I am going to give them one more chance to remedy this if they do not I will be searching all the complaint sites and leaving my email address so that parents in the same circumstance can go in with me on a class action. They cannot hold a child to any contract whether the child lied or not. once notified that the charge was not authorized by an adult and that the child is way below the legal liability age of 18. They cannot hold an adult to a contract that they had no knowledge of and have brought to their attention. They can keep going back to the terms of their contracts all they want...if the contract was not entered to by a knowing adult it cannot be enforced.


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Jul 15, 2019 10:13 am EDT

Hey, so not really a parent here but a kid. i made this mistake. horrible mistake and i could never feel more worse in my life. thank god that what i did was only $10 and Apple wasn’t able to refund. What Kings Isle is doing is actually one of the most outrageous things ever. They really don’t make enough money where they can’t refund money that a mother worked hard for your just going to say nah ima keep this? fix your [censored] kings isle this is why when someone showed me your game in 2009 and i gave it a try i thought wow this game [censored]ing sucks

Jun 18, 2019 12:07 am EDT

I really don’t think that people not READING what wizard101 tells you and people leaving your cards out for kids to get them really is any kingsisles problem. It’s a you problem. Don’t blame them for your mistake lmao.

Mar 09, 2017 6:03 pm EST

I play this game - I am a mom with 3 jobs, so I don't have "lots of time" or "lots of money", and I am not addicted. I was looking for a family-friendly game that I could play with my daughter (13 yrs old). I have a family membership so each account is only $6.99 per month. I don't think $6.99 is a lot to pay for the world that they have created; it allows me to teach my daughter strategy and thinking ahead, and I find the interface creative and fun. Is KingsIsle "money-hungry"? Sure, just like any company who wants to make money. It's their job. If you don't like the game, or don't want to spend the money, then don't play.

My only response to these financial complaints is that there is the option online to require the master password in order for any sub-account to make purchases. My daughter could never make purchases in her account without that password, which I will never give to her. I can login to the master password and make the purchase for her account, then log off, and she gets her things, but not the ability to use my credit card information without permission. Parents or grandparents allowing children to run rampant in online gaming without any monitoring whatsoever...You're leaving yourselves open to children, who lack any kind of judgement or understanding of money, to do exactly what people are complaining about here. The master password was set up exactly for this purpose - if you don't use it, I don't see how that is KingIsle's fault. I believe the same could be said of any online game.

The complaints about not being able to cancel accounts or stop the monthly billing...why? I stopped my membership for around a year, while funds were tight, and my account was right there waiting when I wanted to join again. I don't know why someone would email to cancel, when the option is quite clear online to remove your billing info and downgrade your account to a free one.

My daughter knows that she is allowed to be online (email, social media, online gaming) ONLY if I have her username and password, and she knows that I can (and do) check her accounts randomly to ensure responsible behavior. The online world is just as dangerous (sometimes, more so) as the real world, and parents have to take just as much responsibility for their children's behavior. Children do not make good decisions, and can not be left to their own devices without parental supervision. If she EVER stole my credit card, my child would lose any creature comforts and freedoms that she now enjoys; her behavior is her responsibility, and it is my responsibility to teach her properly.

Dec 25, 2016 11:01 am EST

Same thing happening to me now. 1, 400.00 charged to my cc by my 12 yr. old. It drained my account. Totally devastated before Christmas. Can't call Kingsisle which totally sucks. Emailed them and got a too bad so sad. I realize now that there are special things I can do to protect myself. That's a load of horse ####. I'm not a millineal and don't know how to use my phone let alone this gaming account online. This should be illegal. I would totally join a class action lawsuit. These were unauthorized charges.

Nov 29, 2015 2:35 pm EST

Someone said that they pod for a membership from the website and that they made a payment without her permission. When you buy a membership from the site, in red letters above the complete transaction button, it says: "memberships automatically renew after the expiration date". Wizard101 is not responsible for your stupidity by not reading the the things in red! Which usually means that it is important! They are automatically renewed unless you cancel the membership! And, the website also says memberships and in-game currency is non-refundable! I hate when people blame their stupidity on others!

Jun 30, 2015 9:45 pm EDT
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Something Needs To Be Done About This Company! They Are According To Several Occurrences Referenced On The Internet Totally Unethical In There Business Practices. Please Beware Of This Company!

Jun 30, 2015 7:33 pm EDT

i spent a lot of money for crowns and a membership i want what i paid for now

Apr 17, 2015 3:04 am EDT
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KingsIsle Fan,

Also, sharing an account with a family member is not in violation of their TOUs. You broke the rules? What rules, those illegal Terms of Use posted at KingsIsle's site? Get your 'In Real Life' facts straight so that you will not be a victim in life. EXAMPLE: Selling your account to another person is not in violation of US law, so the TOUs attempt to bully you into believing you have no consumer rights.

Apr 17, 2015 2:42 am EDT
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Most of KingsIsle's Terms of Use contract contains violations of not only consumer rights, but also laws of the various states they do business in. No refunds is just one of these problems. Very good luck with your Class Action Suit, but I would suggest you broaden the scope of your complaint to increase the number of participants. There have been occasions in the history of this game where users were banned with no justification that might be happy to join you.


I've played this game sense 2008. I've had open chat and everything beat the game at least 3 times (getting to level 100 which is max at the moment) I have spent so much money on this game! Now that I think about it this game is a huge scam! It turns to be a lot of money just for a month of subscription. The good gear to get passed all these levels and quest are for crowns! I known many people who have been hacked and had their parents and their money spent on a account they weren't able to use. This company still says no refunds. The children who mainly play this game have no idea what their causing when they spend their parents money because the only thing on their mind is the cool stuff their going to get. That's okay but really? this company still going to say no refunds? I know the entire game revolves around money sense it a job, But the typical problems people have with this game they ignore it and don't resolve it.

Sep 11, 2014 3:29 pm EDT

@ Kingsisle Fan

I know you love wizard 101 and all but they are plan wrong. I agreed to pay for a membership for one month, I was told to e-mail to cancel the membership (because they say you can cancel at anytime) but I have e-mailed them several times and they are still taking from my credit card. This is theft and I will be talking to my lawyer about this to see what I can do. If you agree that it's theft then you are blind.

Jul 20, 2014 11:17 pm EDT
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Kings Isle is known to be a " Cash Cow " They make a ton of money off of their games. They don't care who uses those CC's, they are not going to refund anyone anything! It's too bad people in general are so weak, they play these silly games instead of doing something more constructive with their time. The worse thing is there are so many addicted " Adults " playing this silly game. Most are women with too much time, and too much money! Obsessed with this kid's game. They sit on their PC all day and night, playing games like this. What a waste of time and money. Some of them are looking to date in this game. They can't get anyone in real life. This is pathetic. These are true " Beasts " Stay away from anything from Kings Isle. They don't even have a customer service number you can call. What other company is run like that? NONE! My little grand daughter was pursued by some nut in w101, saying horrible obscene things to her. The rotten kids playing this game know how to " talk around " kings isle chat filters. Conclusion is rotten kids, and worse adults playing this game! Stay away! Do something useful like take a walk. Remember " Obesity " is a " Epidemic " is the USA!

Jul 18, 2014 12:27 am EDT

I have mixed emotions about their customer support. They aren't really a scam but they are definitely money hungry. Here is what happened to me:

I'm a long time player of wizard101 ever since i was 13 (I'm 20 now). My account got banned for 2 years due to a pay by mobile issue with my old phone ( I tried to purchase crowns through my mobile - but due to me getting no signal when i was near the computer, the crowns went though but the payment did not). I had to pay back. At first i only had to pay back $20.95 (but as the months went on, more dispute fees were added! Which I did not know) So I let it go for 2 years and did not play any wizard101. A few months ago i finally decided to pay them back, Which now was a total of $39.95 (again as the months went on, the dispute fees went up!). So i paied them in money order, mailed it and emailed them once i got home to let them know that i mailed them their payment. They emailed me the next day saying as soon as they recieved payment they would unblock my account, After a few days they emailed me saying they recieved payment and my account was unblocked. Great.

So i played that whole next day with no problem. Felt great to be back. I tried to log in the next day and it says my account was banned.. I emailed them asking why my account was banned again and they replied saying that I still had to pack back what I owed of #9.95 (Which i did!) I emailed them saying I did. The next day they emailed me the samething. Pay back what I owed. I kept telling them I did, I did! They emailed me back saying it was a system error and my account was banned my accident - and they would unblock it...IT WAS STILL BANNED. I emailed them AGAIN and they told me PAY BACK WHAT I OWED...WHICH I DID. So i went back and fourth with them for 2 weeks saying that i paid them back and they kept telling me that it was a system error, they fixed it i was unbanned but i had to pay back what I owed, blahh blaah blaaah.

Finally I went to wizard101 central and posted my compliant. They said that it was an automated messaging machine replying for customer support but each time you reply to the same message, it becomes higher and higher priority until it finally gets though to a ACTUAL person. So thats what happened. I guess my compliant finally went though to a real person because they FINALLY unblocked my account again and gave me a week of free game time.

JUST YESTERDAY: I activated a $10 game card (I didn't pay for it, there is this site where you earn points for gift cards and such, that i use for gaming. Its worked before) but this time the card applied to my account but it did not go through in game nor did i receive my confirmation email saying that it went though, yet it still applied to my account. So now i have to deal with customer support AGAIN so they can get this situation straight. I hope it doesn't take to much time. All they asked for to help further assist me was the
PIN number for the back of the card. but again I'd hate to waste a whole month going back and fourth with this automated machine!

On a side note, Back when i was in high school my grandmother paid for a month sub for $9.95 but it did not last long because after a while it started charging more and more so i haf to cancel it. Blaaah. I love the game but it is just too money hungry.

May 23, 2014 3:24 pm EDT
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Don't pay any attention to any positive views that see on here towards kings isle. Most of them are from either kings isle associates, or addicted adult players who have no real life outside of w101. They are pathetic losers, and perverts who go after the kids in the game! That's right people, there are horrible predators in w101. They went after my little Grand daughter in the game. I can only imagine what hideous creatures they must be! Kings isle does not care about them at all. They want money! As of a comment how they allow you to play for free that is just part of the scam. Get you all into, and then you are stuck in Wizard City until you pay to go on in the game! It's total garbage people stay away from it. Take care. Thank you!

May 23, 2014 3:13 pm EDT
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Kings Isle is a greedy money hungry company. It was created to make money. It was created to get children addicted to the game. So much that they want so badly to " Fit in " and be cool, they will do anything! Including using some ones CC to buy crowns! Selling Crowns is all Kings Isle cares about. Can you imagine selling something that doesn't even exit? And making Billions off of it? They don't have to worry about returns and such as sellers of real goods do. With Kings Isle there is no returns! There is no customer service phone number to call. They don't care about anyone. They are horrible and need exposed for what they really are! Be warned though they have so much money at this point they can buy anyone and anything. They can buy their way out of any trouble also! They make Billions, while others go out and do all the real work. I used to play the stupid game. I was addicted to it. I wasted so much time and money on the game. I sold a business cause I wanted to play the game all the time. Yes that's actually true! I miss my business, and the money it made. Now I hate the game, and i see the truth of what it did to me. I am sick over it. Don't let it do this to you. Please and Thank you!

May 13, 2014 3:09 pm EDT

While I don't agree with kingsisle keeping thousands of dollars of money unwillingly spent by children who don't know any better, if you willingly spent money on it you shouldn't call it a scam, because if you had fun playing the game then it's good to support the devs. Let me clarify the first thing though, I haven't done too many transactions with kingsisle yet so I'm not sure if they save credit card information, but if they do it would be very easy for children to spend their parents' money by keeping charging the card that was saved. Maybe they have changed that since this was posted, but I can totally understand the temptation for children to keep charging their parents' card to get more and more crowns. For the second thing, kingsisle is a company just like any other company, and they need to make a profit. They employ many people who get a paycheck for working there, and I bet for some of them that is their only job. My philosophy is that if I like a game, then money spent on it is not wasted, even if I quit the game, because I had more fun playing it, and I supported the devs so that they could keep developing the game and other people could have fun playing the game as well.
That's just my two cents on the matter.

Dec 25, 2013 1:31 am EST

Okay, I love the story of Wizard101. I mean it's a good game. But their customer support SUCKS. A few months ago, when Aquila came out, I went to play the three dungeons. I was a level 90 at the time so I was able to do all three. My grandmother (who was only able to do the first instance) and I decided to do the dungeons together, or at least the first one. So we go in, and we get to the last battle. We defeat him, and I get credit. Well my grandmother doesn't. So after she complained I went on to their support area and contacted them.They said that they are currently working on the problem. And because I was kind of tired and a bit under the weather I let it go and just decided I was happy they were fixing the problem. So then speed up a few weeks later. I finished the first two, and was about to do the last one, Tartarus. My group and I get to the last battle. We fight. NONE of us get credit. So when they guys we needed to fight popped up again right after the battle, we fought them... again. One of THREE people got credit. I was not that person. So, I was pretty pressed for time, because I had to head home from where I was before traffic hit. We started the fight for the THIRD time. When we finished my mom was pretty mad at me. And I still hadn't gotten credit. So I didn't get any credit. So as soon as I got home I emailed Kingsisle. They said the exact same thing as last time. Well I was not going to let them do that, considering that had been the second I emailed them for the same problem. I told them that there was a problem due to there error and so they needed to do something to make up for that. They then said that they didn't have an obligation to fulfill what I needed. So after a bit of a fight, I finally got them to give me 1800 crowns, which by the way, is not much. But I had already fought so I let it go, because I didn't want to fight. I just lost my temper when they said they had no obligation whatsoever. So I didn't make a fuss. But I definitely have NOT let it go... at least not in my heart. So yeah, that's my tale of Wizard101 being a jerk to me.

Oct 11, 2013 7:22 pm EDT

my best friend tara winter was muted all of her friends miss her cause she is quitting she doesnt derserve to get muted she is a nice girl who gets picked on and can't control herself and get mad and now all her friends are sad she doesnt deserve this please make it so she isnt muted anymore please give her one more chance she will never do it again

Jun 02, 2013 3:23 am EDT

Okay and one more thing people saying dont trust wizard 101 are just down right wrong if you parents want to say they billed me again because i forgot to say i want to end this membership. DING DING DING somebody finnaly spilled the beans its not their fault its yours for forgetting about it you cant just blame wizard 101 for all the mistakes you made and the person who said well i bet the makers of wizard 101 dont clean the house or have kids okay your just trying to make them sound bad they probably have kids and a great home you just want to push them around to make it look like it was their fault you say wizard 101 has cyber bulling issues how about the people on here saying wizard 101 is a bad influince nobody should play it has has so many flaws OKAY FIRST OF ALL BEFORE YOU! JUDGE SOMEONE ELSES WORK HOW ABOUT YOU TRY AND MAKE ONE AND SEE HOW THATS TURNS OUT. NOBODY IS PERFECT do you here your selves even saying this rude stuff and all of this billing and credit card stuff is your fault everyone who said this game stinks to much flaws in the game how about you try making an exact replica of the game im pretty sure you would make more flaws and i dont know what flaws you are talking about wizard 101 is cool people are just to finicky about what they see well i have 3 words for who ever says it has flaws you wanna know what they are GET OVER IT! gosh

Jun 02, 2013 3:03 am EDT

Okay first of all i get that the parents on here are saying my child got a hold of a credit card and u cant watch your child 24 hours a day. But almost all of the complaints you parents are making isnt the makers fault and you guys know that the only reason why you guys are blamming them (wizard and pirate 101 makers) is because you the parents are not responsible of your credit cards if you put them somewhere they wont get them some parents just throw there cards on a table or coffe table or even a dresser that is the parents mistake they are really just asking for somebody to steal their card cause they are not responsible with their money and just wont to blame the creator of the game and it is stupid my brother has been playing this for i think 3 or more years and has done nothing like that you parents just want to find someone else to blame but yourself because of the thing you did you just dont want to admit to yourself that it was my fault and they are just wrong its not the makers fault and it sure as heck isnt your kids fault either! Im trying to stand up for this because im tired of people saying its so and so's fault and have every one agree people these days dont want to take responsiblility for what they have like credit cards, I.Ds even why do you think people get their identitys stolen because some parents like to throw stuff around and dont give a crap. Guys look im 13 year old girl, if you guys couldnt have put that puzzle together im talking to you parents you guys arnt payring attention to where you put your stuff and you just say it was my fault but i dont want to say that oh i will just yell at some other people instead and you parents know that okay, if your good with putting your credit cards up in a wallet or in a purse well apparently your not watching your kids close enough and apparently havent told them not to do that and face it it was your fault nobody elses so before you say oh they rip you off. THEY DONT! Its your fault nobody elses so keep that in mind hope you guys find that out and for whoever yelled at their kids as soon as that happens i hope you feel guilty and say your sorry to whoever you blammed it wasnt their fault like a 10 year old doesnt no better its the parents fault but they are to self senered to no any better so hope the parents understand this im a 13 year old girl for crying out loud and i know whats going on hello! That should say something to you parents I love the game its awesome but some parents dont and thats their fault not kingsiles or your kids its the parents :) so if any body agrees comment and if the parents start saying you shouldnt be talking like that does it look like i care im just proving you wrong so i dont care i want to hear everybodys honesty about what i just wrote i didnt write this for the fun of it i ment it
Senserly, Ashley iceflame

Dec 19, 2012 3:53 pm EST
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Recently my 13 year old grandson ask me to purchase the "Pirate 101" game which was suppose to be $9.95. Within a day I received a receipt showing that I had paid $9.95 for a purchase. A few days later I noticed my checking account was in a negative status so I checked my account to discover that two additional charges were made of $60 (total purchase according to them was $129.95) for purchases of crowns and Pirate 101. These were bogus charges and more importantly I never received a receipt for such charges. My bank originally removed the charges however after speaking with Kingsisles they felt confident that the Kingsisles request for payment was justified. The banks sent me the information sent to them which was nothing more than a transaction log. I am on a strict budget so to have my bank take an additional $300 plus for a purchase that is unauthorized and overdraft fees took away money to pay bills and the money I was to use to purchase christmas toys for my 5 grandchildren. I am seriously considering hiring a lawyer and pursuing this matter further. At this point it is the principle that is annoying me more than anything. I'm sure that there is some abused regarding children taking their parents credit cards and making purchases, however, this is not the case in my situation. I guess what really upsets me is that there is no real person to speak with. Anyway, I nulled that credit card and got another one which meant I had to re-adjust my payment information to my other vendors. I would be willing to start an Class Action suit if anyone is willing but in the meantime I will be reporting them to the business bureau.

Oct 09, 2012 10:05 am EDT

Wow. Ive had a few issues with KI but nothing that involves credit card problems. Mine are all things such as poor in game support and drop rates in game nothing at all bad has happened with credit cards. And i really dont know anyone in my gaming circle that has . Im not saying these issues are not happening to people but KI is a large franchise thats been around for a few years and i really dont think they would go that route and chance crumbling . Really sounds like someone else may have access to credit card numbers and are using it for KI games. They cant charge without authorization so someones putting the numbers in their database.
As for the OP i am sorry for the problem you are having but lets face it the card was used to purchase so it holds. I would say its time to take away gaming privelages and issue a grounding but thats about all you can do. Law suit over this would be like a daughter using dads card to buy a hamburger and dad taking the half eaten sandwich back in saying hey i want my money back. Sounds kinda dumb when you think of it like that huh.

Oct 01, 2012 1:08 am EDT
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Kingsisle Fan

You need to get your information straight before making comments about others comments being a load of crock. I didn't know about Wizard 101 until my ex had allowed me to play on one his accounts. I have already emailed Wizard 101 and got my situation cleared. We didn't share accounts because you can not play on the same account without logging the other person off the computer. We've tried it.. When I had gotten use to playing the game on one of his accounts he had created, ( IE HE HAD MORE THAN ONE ACCOUNT THEY WAS JUST JOINED TOGETHER) I had created my own. His account was banned because I had reported him on other reasons and he had managed to gain access to my account and thus it was read off of his IP address and thus they banned my account too. Future more I have read other complaints against this company for miss use of credit cards without given permission on other websites and complaint boards.

I did also point out something to the company that if My own 2 kids wish to play the game and I had their accounts linked to mine it would still cause a problem due to the fact the IP address is different on each computer and on the router they use. You also need to take into consideration about your so called loved Kings Isle they DO NOT screen their players since there has been more then one registered sex offender playing on their website. Reasons I know this is because I had reported one. During my time I was on this site I would not allow my own to 2 kids to play on this game, their MODs is very poor and I've seen more than my fair share of bulling others and people posting to sell their accounts( As in paying with real money) which is against the Rules.

Sep 29, 2012 7:52 pm EDT

silentangels you were banned for sharing an account. That is against the rules and should be because it is cheating the company. You deserved the ban and I hope your ex was too because you both broke the rules. They have a very generous free to play area with no time limit if you want to try out the game to see if you like it so that's a crock. As for the rest of you, wow, try teaching your kids some basic morals. No way would my offspring even dream of stealing my credit card for anything, even an utter emergency, let alone this. The fault lies with you, not Kings Isle. Good luck with that law suit since anyone could make such a claim and get their money back before desiring to quit the game anyway.

Sep 20, 2012 9:22 am EDT
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KingIsle Entertainment (Wizard101)

11501 Domain Dr.
# 140
Austin TX [protected]

Email:[email protected]

Sep 20, 2012 9:19 am EDT
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I had started playing wizard 101 because of my now ex boyfriend got me into it. I was playing on one of his accounts to see if I would really like the game before spending any money on it. Wizard 101 is does nothing but scam people out of money. I had played on my ex's account for a couple weeks and finally created my own account, I made 2 purchases on my own account and had only logged in a couple times. When I went to go back to log into my account 2 days later it wouldn't allow me to log in. I had changed my password and still nothing. I emailed the company and they asked for my screen name and last 4 digest of the credit card I was using. Wizard 101 emailed me back stating my computer was banned due to Violation of their terms and rules.. I had asked what violation was this and they wouldn't respond back,
They even had banned my ex's account and wouldn't give him a reason why.. I had read their rules before starting his game and haven't violated any of them. Which game to question on one their rules it states "Do not give out personal information" OK so what IF my 2 children lived in another state ( thus they do) and wanted to play this game and I pay for it. My kids can not log into my own account because it would knock each of us off, so I had created another account and linked it to mine. Since I'm the one paying for the accounts ( mine and theirs) when either of us log in to our games it would come up 2 separate IP ADDRESSES.. Even if they was in my own home and on their own computers it still would come up 2 separate IP addresses.
I had asked for a refund back since they couldn't tell me WHY or what rule I had broken to banned and they replied back telling me that they was not going to refund my money because the ban was my fault. I will be filing a report with the BBB.

I have talked to my ex about this and do know that they allow sex offenders to play on their website as well..

Jun 02, 2012 9:04 pm EDT
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I under stand you are all upset. But really do you think you can get rid of a web site as big as this one just by spamming, sueing, or boycotting. I enjoy playing and once had trouble much like you all had. I was hiven a full refund and the whole thing was forgoten. If you do not want a bogus charge, just dont let your kid play the game any more or maybe change your master password. I enjoy playing and i am upset people want to ruin a game that so many people enjoy.

P.S if the game were band, everything you bought on your accont would be gone so think before you act.

Oct 21, 2011 11:14 pm EDT


Oct 03, 2011 4:10 pm EDT
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DO NOT USE WIZARD 101! This site has fraudulently charged me and will not respond to my emails. I purchased coins for my son on this site and they never appeared. The site told me how to resolve this issue, but it didn't work, now they are charging me a monthly purchase and I specifically told them to stop this account. WIZARD101 IS A SCAM! PARENTS BEWARE!

Jul 07, 2011 3:15 pm EDT

I bought crowns for my grandson $20 and the next day there were 2 more charges $50 & $60! The weird thing is, my grandson was not around the PC at the time of the purchases, and he never saw any more crowns after the $20 purchase. Furthermore, he would never misuse a credit card. He was so shy when he asked if he could give me cash for the $20 purchase and was very appreciative that I would do that for him. I complained to KI about the bogus charges but they also made it sound like we were the ones making the bogus purchases or that a child had done it. But, while looking at the game from 2 different computers, I could see the big purchases and his father verified that they were not seeing anything other than my $20 purchase. So KI agrees to refund all my money but they are banning my grandson's level 60 account. So an 8 yr. old has to pay the consequences for something he, nor any of us had anything to do with.

Jun 26, 2011 11:49 am EDT

i have a way to boycott wizard101 aka create a new account and spam on important message boards WIZARD101 IS A SCAM and when your account gets banned create a new one and keep doing it

Jun 26, 2011 11:43 am EDT

well i found something that Bethesda Softworks can SUE Kingsisle for Stealing Sound files from their games aka some of the spell sounds are those from ElderScrolls 3 Morrowind and Kingsisle has stolen sound files which is illegal so yeah and kingsisle is evil and stuff they should make wizard101 free and the game is a scam everyone is struggling to afford basic needs and kingsisle charges 15 dollars a month and there is crowns so kids buy crowns and it can end up to cost around 100$ to play and i they are just horrible and i really hate how restricted the chat is and i hate how they target a younger audience so parents have to end up paying lots of money because little kids and i really do hope Bethesda Softworks Sues kingsisle for everything they have and closing down wizard101 forever and/or making it COMPLETELY free so excuse my laungauge F*** you kingsisle you make me sick

Jun 26, 2011 11:34 am EDT

yes they mostly are scammers and hackers and they have stolen Sound files from games i think wizard101 is a horrible exepensive not worth it game


I am so tired of this game Wizard101. I am a 13 year old whose played this game for 3 years, (2 months afteer it started) And it turned out to be not so money hungry and not so much of a scam. Then later on about a year later, I started buying game cards and all the play, with my own money. Then one time all of my birthday money went to those game cards, then my christmas money, And after I started getting outta the game. I realized I have been truly scammed and ripped off, Just for a little entertainment. I think it should be Illegal too have a subscription to a game truthfully. Because its scamming yooung children who just looks for a little something to do. Then about 2 years later, I've noticed that more and more they started adding into this game, the more you had to pay! Can't a children's game just be free for once? And not having to use any real money to have fun? And especially reoccuring every month or so in fact! I'm so tired of this game, and its creators going after young children, for their money! It's sick!
Also, They started posting sales on the announcement boards all of a sudden?! Like how about let children buy the game once like normal video and computer games, and not keep having to pay!
Lastly, They do way to much with the chatting system which gets on my last nerves. They started out with filter chat, that you could only turn on if your under the age of 13 with a subscription, then turn off if your under the age of 13 with a subscription, and this is what they do to the Filter chat:
1.) Eliminated all sex terms, and swear words which is highly agreeable.
2.) Eliminated all words that was spelt incorectly, and/or words that children likes using and isn't inapropriate, but isn't added. ( No reason to!)
3.) Eliminates places (such as were you live, where your from, what country your in, ect.)
which is Highly agreeable.
4.) Eliminates all numbers, or words that could be used for numbers in a row (understandable)
5.) Eliminates all Capital letters, because the children found a way to talk around filter chat using capital letters. (NOT CONSIDERABLE!)

And then you have to pay with a credit card, If you wanna get rid of these factors of chat, and you gotta be 18+ for them. Don't you think parent's could just tell them if they want their children to have Open chat or Filter chat and not having to pay?! I certaintly Agree.

So what It comes down to. Is this so called "family game" Everyone enjoys. Is a COMPLETE SCAM! One day all of the players of Wizard101 needs to show these people We can't keep getting Scammed, Scammed, and more SCAMMED, There are starving people out there! There are people's family who can't afford this little entertainment, Because I don't know? Maybe there are Medical Costs to cover for a sick loved one in the house hold? There's a family whose parent/gaurdian lost a job and worries how they might make it through for a week?
I truly think one day all of the players of Wizard101 needs to Boycott this game! To show we can't afford just a little entertainment, So they can go spend it all! Subscriptions to games online should be illegal! And products they try selling for real money through a game should be illegal as well!

May 17, 2011 2:38 am EDT

Wizard101 is a big rip off! They just care about money. Kings Isle is a big greedy company! They make their money by taking advantage of children. They hope kids will get addicted to wanting to be a high level wizard in this game. Kings Isle's goal is to get parents and kids to buy crowns to get items that KI makes " The things you got to have " to be cool on W101. Parents do not let your kids get all addicted to this game! Try to motivate your kids to get into other things like reading, and sports! Wasting all your time playing W101 so you can " Level Up " is a total waste of time and money. Stay away from this game!

May 03, 2011 8:54 pm EDT
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When are people going to take responsibility for their children's actions! I understand you cannot watch a child 24 hours a day but you can raise them in such a way as they do not think it is ok to steal your credit card. Being 10 is not really a valid excuse in this situation either. Most 10 year olds know right from wrong. I certainly would not have stolen my mother's credit card at 10.

I really don't understand how Wizard101 can be held responsible for this. Take better care of your credit card. Better yet teach your child right from wrong and then there will be no need


Wizards is always messing with people, they need to stop
It used to be a good game now they have just become money hungry.
I paid last year with a card and this year instead of just returning the membership account to a non-membership account the billed the card again without permission and I told the bank this was unauthorized and they took the money back Kingsisle banned the account which I have had for 2 years. They would not give it back as a non membership account they would only give it back if I paid them for a membership, this is so wrong. They act like they are gods or something. DO NOT DEAL WITH WIZARDS find a different game to play It isn't as good as it was anyway. There are lots of flaws and mess ups in the game and everything good now they just want more money for, one big rip off. Don't waste your time and money dealing with these people.

Mar 08, 2011 1:04 am EST
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Yes, I have had a problem with there services to, I am not trying to be rude but their customer support SUCKS! They have been so mean to people that i know. Even me, I have spent over 800$ on their site and they can't pay me the least bit of respect. They were so mean with me i found a flaw in there in-game trasactions and it interfeared with my game play and they would not replace the 25$ that i spent. They are very annoying to deal with i am thinking about reporting leagal matters about them. Because, my friend got banned for having "Too Strong" Characters which i think is HORRIBLE to do to someone. She worked very hard on this. Something needs to be done about their cyber bullying of gamers.

Feb 23, 2011 2:55 pm EST

...Also, a charge on your card issues in-game currency that can be spent immediately; if the purchase was made in your home by a family member, there was NO fraud, and Wizard is NOT responsible and currency in-game can be spent immediately, therefore is NOT refundable.

Feb 23, 2011 2:50 pm EST

There is ALL the information you need to protect your child's account and your pocket, available on the Wizard101 site... They now have a feature to SAVE the credit card when input- if this box is checked, all they need is a password to override. Wizard recommends creating a parent account and LINKING them, so only YOU are able to make these purchases, and verify password information. You can then have MUCH more control over their online time, as well as purchases and chat restrictions. Wizard gives you all the tools; if you don't use them, it's not THEIR responsibility to refund your account. Below are some reference sites Wizard provides to help keep these things from happening to begin with:
and via a seperate site:

Please take responsibilty for teaching your children- don't hold Wizard responsible for online purchases made by your children. Most ten year olds are smart enough to figure out how to do these things behind your back, and with access and temptation, don't think they won't! I would have been tempted, if this had been available to me as a child and I was fairly honest, as kids go!


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