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Kindercare Cooperate:

Here is a forwarded message from myself to my attorney, Barbara Jo Sylvester, Tacoma, WA:

Rod D.

3:18 PM (1 hour ago)

to Barbara, Alexandra, All18Pars72, Jennifer, Katie
Barbara Jo,

Today, my sister and I were in N. Seattle. I emailed Katie several days ago asking if I could pick up Loren at Northgate Kindercare around noon since we were in the area and my residential time begins today--normally at 6p.m. Katie agreed and said she would let Kindercare know.

I signed in at 12p.m. on the Parent Sign In/Pick Up Sheet, and noticed there was no one in the manager's office. I went to Loren's classroom door and knocked on the door. Loren noticed me. One of his teachers noticed me waiting at the closed door and I could hear her tell Alex, the center supervisor, "Loren's dad is here." Then Alex replied, "I know. He's not supposed to be here or visit. I'm just going to ignore him." The teacher again reported to Alex that Loren's dad was here, and Alex repeated, "I know. I'm just going to ignore him."

Alex then came up to the door and opened it and I asked her, "Did you just say, Loren's dad is here and I'm just going to ignore him?" And she replied, "Did you get permission to visit Loren?" I asked her to please answer my question. She then restated her question, not answering mine. I replied, "Yes, I'm here to pick him up." I then asked her again to answer my question. Her reply was, "I'm not going to answer your question. That is ridiculous." Rava, the teacher, saw and heard the exchange from beginning to end. Loren was screaming, "I want my Daddy. I want to see my Daddy! I want to go home with my Daddy!"

Alex then went into her office, obviously calling Katie and got a hold of someone. She then came out of her office, and said it was okay to take him.

I then went into Loren's classroom to pick up Loren and help him get his things and as we were leaving, Rava stopped me and said, "I'm sorry. I couldn't open the door. My supervisor wouldn't let me." I replied, "That's okay."

The way I was treated today by Alexandra Saul Graeve, Northgate Kindercare's Director, was incomprehensibly rude and disrespectful, and Loren was the witness to another drama filled situation in which he also became a victim. He reacted crying and screaming. All the other children heard and witnessed the event.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Seattle, WA

I am forwarding Katie's email below dated Wednesday, August 24, 2016, in which Katie states, ..."especially because communications between Loren's caregivers is supposed to be joint." Does Katie actually believes that EACH and EVERY face to face communication between Loren's caregivers and/or teachers and myself AND herself are supposed to be documented and copies sent?Or does she believe that this ruling was only intended for MY communications between Loren's teachers and daycare providers, not hers? I believe Mr. Turner's ruling on this issue was intended for BOTH parents, though I have doubts Katie has followed this order as I have no documented conversations or emails between Katie and Loren's teachers/supervisors. I ask that Mr. Turner clarify this ruling for us both as there seems to be great confusion. I cannot imagine Mr. Turner intended for all verbal exchanges at Loren's school and daycare to be documented by both parents, Preschool through grade 12, so Katie's interpretation may need to be clarified. I may also note, Katie compares visiting my home to a Preschool/Daycare---vastly different, no comparison.

Though I realize, there would have been no issue in me picking up my son today had Katie sent an email to Kindercare and cc'd me, what happened today was wrong, extremely offensive, and very emotional for Loren.

Clearly, the message Katie has made to the management and employees at Kindercare is "Loren's dad is not supposed to visit Loren." Where in our Parenting Plan does it state I cannot observe my child's learning/daycare without her authorization? My question is, without a court order, can Kindercare prohibit a parent from observing his or her child with proper sign in?

Regardless of where we decide on January 25th where Loren attends Preschool in the near future, I wish to also discuss this section of our Parenting Plan with Mr. Turner on January 25th, so today's horrible incident is never repeated again.

Though I already know, Katie's response to this email will be..."Rodney, you are just creating conflict, " I repeat, NO parent should ever be treated that way I was treated at Northgate Kindercare today and no child should be a witness to the event which happened today.

As we left, Ms. Saul, said, "Bye LoLo."

Thank you,
Rod Dupille

Kindercare Corporate: If I have forwarded this message to the incorrect management team for Wa---North Seattle, please direct me of the correct email address. This incident happened today, 1/13/17.
Thank you, Rod Dupille

Jan 13, 2017

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