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Just days after I sent Kijij my credit card number to pay for a top ad.I started getting strange companies billing my card. Logowner.COM and . Funny thing is, they are based out of the UK and so is Kijiji, I can't be 100% sure on the link, but be careful.

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  • Pa
      15th of Mar, 2011
    Kijiji - Scam $5000 Lost
    United States

    Well i was trying to buy a new truck of kijiji because i needed one to keep my job in construction since i had to start working out of town. i am 21 years old with a 2 year old daughter and a wife who i try and support on bassically no money, and that is why i have been living at my perent inlaws house for the past 2 years and thats a long time with the inlaws. So i went and got a loan for $5000 to by a good truck that i would not have to fix evey six months. thats when i found one on kijiji, i got in contact with the seller about it and they said that the wanted to go through ebays buyer protection program, so i did. we sent the money away and then got an email later saying that they had taken the money out but needed another $2000 for insurence to the truck, now i figured out this was a scam and went to the RCMP and told them, they said that there was nothing that they could do about this. so now i am down $5000 and no job to pay of the loan. what do i do?

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  • Di
      5th of Nov, 2011
    Kijiji - They are reading every ad and decide - which and where to post and which and where - not
    United States

    Every time I have a litter of kittens and post on kijiji - they give a little time to post it and then delete them all and every time I try to post them - delete again... I post in more than 1 city because we deliver within range of 3 hour drive around, I do not post in other states or provences... So it's obvious I am not a scam. But photos we make are nice, look like professional - and I wonder, they don't like my pretty kittens to be sold around in several cities? When people finally get a kitten from us, they complain they were looking for months on kijiji for a really nice baby like that - and I answer, I try really hard for months to post my ad so they can find such a baby... What is free ad web like kijiji is really there for, if not buyers not sellers can find each other? Ah, by the way, there are really a lot of scams, why they keep them instead of good reputable ads?

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  • Py
      19th of Mar, 2012

    They both appear to be the same company. They have the same contact details on whois.
    Fax: +1.4259744730
    PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St - F1
    Bellevue, WA 98007
    I thought Kiijijii was Canadian? We don't have it in the UK. Anyway I don't know if those details will help, but at least there's a phone number.

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  • Mc
      24th of Apr, 2013
    Kijiji - Non delivery of prepaid goods
    Marktplaats B.V. ([protected]

    Ordered thru Kijiji and paid through PayPal on 24-3-2013, $11.00 for Super Sticky Pads, and on the 26-3-2013, $22.00 for Ergomatic Moving/Lifting Straps. Have since received no confirmation of purchase not deliver of goods. Attempted to contact merchant at [protected] only to be advised that the address was rejected. Have since check on internet and find this Maarktplaats B.V. and [protected]@ebay are subject of numerous consumer complaints.
    While I can now accept that I may well be the victim of a scam, I seriously wonder why you, Kijiji continue to permit this company to promote its goods through your site.

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  • Ka
      18th of Jan, 2014
    Kijiji - Fraud - Michael Goniche
    Micheal Goniche
    Nova Scotia

    Just thought I'd do the community the favour by letting you all know of an ethical person doing business here on Kijiji/ windsor .
    He recently contacted me for my beats headphones and traded me these FAKE Nike Kobe shoes, I myself do not have much knowledge on the authentic ness of such products but took his word, I wanted to give them to my little brother for his birthday . Come to find out they are FAKE. Goes to show how some people are so conniving and have no warmth in their hearts. Ever since he will not contact me back & I am stuck with a worthless pair of shoes. I have done a lot of transactions on Kijiji & I really like the windsor community, but it's just heart breaking, when you find out people's main purpose is to rip you off.
    Anyways if this person tries to do business with you DO NOT DO IT.
    Just trying to help the community out.
    Also if you know Michael Goniche, please give him props for purposely misleading people and not being ethical.

    This ad was posted with the Kijiji mobile app.

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  • Ho
      13th of Jun, 2016

    Beware clients who sell and buy products with Kijiji. The owners have gone greedy by making customers pay to bump up the ads by deleting and blocking the email account. The moment they know you are updating your AD by reposting, they will delete your AD and send you a ridiculous email. The email also contains threatening information to sue the customer by tracking their IP address.

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