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The following is an email that I sent to the company. As of today I received no response so I called to find out what is going on. The Customer Service rep basically told me what I thought she would, that since I didn't buy directly from the company they will not address the issue. Here is the email that I sent:

I am lodging an official complaint with this company.
Approximately 3 months ago I purchased your shampoo and conditioner from Amazon
and used the products for 2 weeks. I noticed that sections of my hair were
getting dry and brittle but was not concerned until I went to my hair dresser
who noticed more damage. Over that 2 week period I did notice that more hair
than normal was collecting in my hair brushes as well. I were hair extensions
so when my hair dresser took them out that month she notice how badly damaged
my hair was. She insisted that I do a conditioning treatment and she will work
to get my hair back to its healthy normal condition. Well it has been 3
months now and my hair got WAY worse before it got better!!! I now barely have
any hair on my sides and the back. On the sides my hair is barely as long as
the middle of my ear. My hair before the product was down past my shoulders.
The hair continued to break and maybe, and I say maybe, now is getting back to
normal and no longer breaking off. THANK GOODNESS I wear hair extensions
because otherwise I would have no hair. My hair dresser is already doing me a
favor by putting more in than she normally does. It is getting to the point
that it is costing me more money than necessary to try to regrow my hair plus I
want my long hair back ( I had to cut it to my shoulders). I have had to invest
in Nioxin, vitamins and other hair products just to keep my hair looking like
it did prior to using your product!! I am tired of this and I want some action
taken from this point on. I am also making a complaint with the Consumer
Protection Agency since there are no warnings on your products that it may
damage people’s hair. I would like a response to this as soon as possible and
will continue to pursue this issue until it is resolved to my standard."

Sep 25, 2014
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  • Lo
      Jan 07, 2015

    I heard it has embalming fluid in it

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  • An
      Jul 31, 2015

    I'm thrilled that I decided to google complaints about Keranique today because I discovered everyone has a problem with them. I find it amusing to look at my shipping slip to find that it says STATEMENT: THIS IS NOT A BILL when that is exactly what it is. Not only was I allergic to their shampoo, but I sent back the product under my own dime in plenty of time for them to received within the 30-days, yet they still tried to charge me $79.95. Thank goodness I used my PayPal credit card and I was informed immediately of the charge and acted quickly to get it removed. When I called them and asked them if they had received my package the little twerp Alex said yes, this morning (April 23). So they had every intent on charging me, no matter when they received the package. I could have refused the package when it was delivered and they were going to charge me. The only way to NOT get charged is to NOT order they $3.95 trial. You can easily get the same results by purchasing the newer shampoos without additives and the women's version of some of the hair loss products for men. It's the same product and you're not getting scammed.

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  • Cb
      Jan 29, 2016

    This product kerinque out me in the hospital with a very serious reaction to it. I went to emergency twice with worst case of hives ever I was given 2 epie shots benedrly shot an even morphine. Two days later I was still week an shakey my hands were shaken my heart still a lil racey it took me a week to come back. And I still had to take benedrly in high doses an predisone cuz I stI'll had the hives .Cbruce

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