my father had a house in missouri that he rented out to a lady and she had a big bill since my mail was going to that address they kcp&l associated me with this woman and the woman moved out i wanted tolive there so i called to get service but they said the lady had a big bill and they are wanting me to pay the bill to get service at another place im trying to rent in kansas they say im associated with this woman that i dont even know now everytime i call kcp&l they say i have to pay this bill well i never live in the house when this woman was there i has not lived in the house for 2 yrs but because it was the family home i had mail going there i dont know what to do because im getting ready to move and i cant get lights because they have associated me with this bill i dont feeli have to be responsible for someone elses bill what should i do

Nov 16, 2016

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