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We had a terrible experience at Kayak Lodge when we arrived at the Lodge on 12/30/2014. Although we had a confirmed reservation through Expedia and had already paid for the suite in advance, when we arrived at the Lodge we were informed that our reservation was cancelled and the suite was given away. Added to this they did not reimburse the money paid for the suite. They did not even help us find alternative accommodation for the mistake that they had committed. The hotel owners and their staff were very rude and uncooperative and left us out on a limb. Not only did we have to spend the next 5 hours to find a place to stay but also for the next couple of days we had to check in and check out at different hotels. We called the police since we did not know what else to do and the police asked us to file a complaint. We have never ever experienced anything like this in all our travels

Jan 16, 2015

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