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My boyfriend purchased a morganite ring for me back in march of last year. It was sent back for repairs more often that I wore it! 1. Sent back because there were loose stones, 2. Two weeks later I lost a stone and they sent it back. When I got it back the stone was half the size of the other stones and not even as tall. They sent it back. 3. Get it back again and the stone is a different shape and too big!! The manager had absolutely no sympathy for the defected ring or that this has been my 4th or 5th time back! Was it because we spent $450 on a ring??? She said I could choose another ring or get the same one. I absolutely loved that ring - so I got a brand new one. I got it right before christmas and january 9th - the ring is missing two stones. I talked to a manager who said I can do an exchange and get a new ring.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Akron, OH When I got there I dealt with the same manager as I did before, again she had absolutely no interest in helping me, pushed me into another ring. It was like I was wasting her time. She made me feel so uncomfortable and was unprofessional. She had no interest and by then I was so irritated by her behavior and treatment I said fine, ill take this one. (a new ring). I am so unhappy with my service there and not happy with the new ring - that is too big!!! It is not my fault that the ring was missing stones, or that there had been so many issues with it. I would have expected that wherever they were sending it to be fixed took appreciation in their jewelry and did it the right way! I do not deserve to be treated that way for the company's defected materials or controlled and uncontrolled problems. I was not rude to them, I did not raise my voice to them, as I knew it was no ones fault, but to turn around and be treated that way is bull, absolutely inappropriate and unprofessional. We have bought all of our jewelry from kays and now will go elsewhere.

Jan 13, 2017
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  •   Jan 14, 2017

    What does the ring look like, and did you have it sized? Do you wear it when you do dishes, work outside in the yard, etc?

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