Kars 4 KidsCar Donation/Scam

I have a nice vehicle to donate and heard the radio jingle... So, helping kids sounds good...right? ... WRONG!
They use the children's voices singing to tug at your heart.
Upon further investigation, I found an all Jewish board behind which takes in 35 MILLION a year and gives ALL the money to JEWISH kids only! Call me crazy but don't children of all backgrounds deserve help. So, the money goes to sending Jewish kids to summer camp and ALSO to Israel trips where they can stay on OCCUPIED land. Land stolen from indigenous Palestinian people, villages once farmed by these innocent Arabs are now, bulldozed and made way for settlements. The settlements pushed further and further into Palestinian territory. Growing the terrorist/human rights violating regime of Israel. AMERICANS, educate yourselves on the lies fed to us... Some of which begin with innocent misleading commercials of kids singing.

Mar 18, 2016

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