Kaplan University rip off American's and Federal Governmentkaplan university is scamming the american public and the federal government

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I have attended Kaplan University Online and I made it a point to watch my student account to make sure that I didn't owe the school anything so I would have my diploma upon graduation. I have federal money borrowed that in total are $38, 000.00 for a two year degree. If someone would have been honest and told me to total amount and cost I would have never went this route. Based on my income and being a single mother my daughter is going to community college for free the grants are paying her tuition, fees, and books costs. I could have done the same thing, but I was thinking that the price was about the same and I could never get a answer on the total cost and what I would need to borrow money at all from any department at Kaplan University. The second issue I have is that my last term was my externship and I received a Pell grant refund check from Kaplan University and I cashed it like all the other Pell grant refund checks for the two years I attended this school. I received a email from Kaplan Student accounts stating that I had a balance I owed Kaplan in the amount of 1741.00 which is the amount of my Pell grant refund. I emailed the financial aid office at Kaplan and I was told that Pell overpaid and they are refunding Pell the 1741.00 and now I owe this money to Kaplan University.( As if the $38, 000.00 they received the two years I attended was not enough). First of all I don't think that I should have to pay for Kaplan's mistake (error), I did nothing wrong and now I have to pay for there accounting error! I emailed the student relations department and my education adviser, financial aid department . The only department that replied was the financial aid department stating that the Pell grant refund that was sent to me was a overpayment and Kaplan paid Pell back and now I owe Kaplan the money. ( I told them this in my email, but I was looking for someone to help me ). I was told to call student accounts who only want you to pay the said money owed, that is all they are there for is to set up a payment plan and collect money not to talk about how you should have to pay for Kaplan's error. I emailed the Student relations department again asking for a student relations manager contact information either by email or phone and have not yet received a response. So now I am stuck not able to receive my diploma and I don't have the money to pay and my payments are already due . If I had my diploma I could start looking for a job as a RHIT coding but I would need that to get the job so now I can not pay my $400.00 per month payment. Its a terrible circle to be caught up in, I did consolidation myself on the website and I applied for a deferment and I have until 02/2016 and I applied for this in Oct, 2015 and my graduation date was 10/06/2015, with no Diploma and student payment due the next month, what a joke! I have seen so many people just trying to get ahead and this has completely destroyed the future of so many, its terrible and I hope people think twice before attending Kaplan University or any other for profit online university, what they are doing to the American citizens and the Federal Government is criminal.

Oct 31, 2015
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  • Ma
      Jun 06, 2016

    The same thing happened to me and i had to pay it back. I don't think that the student should be responsible for there mistakes either. I was told that it is my responsibility to keep track of my financial aid. I had called them when I received the check and they told me it was correct then two months later I got a call saying I owed money and the pell dispersed extra money that I wasn't owed. I find it hard to believe that pell made that kind of mistake. Now close to the end of my degree they are saying I owe money this semester. It isn't a large amount but, they say I exhausted my pell funds for this academic year. They suspended my classes for $125.00 until I paid now I have a total of $250.00. They are very well trained to lie and deceive right up to management.

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  • Fr
      Jul 23, 2016

    I had the same thing happen to me

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