Kaiser Permanente / improper followup

Vancouver, WA, United States

Husband was admitted to local hospital with acute Heart Attack. Treated there by Doctor who also worked for Kaiser. Husband was released with the Doctor not sure whether he still required medication for water on the lungs so Doctor decided No. Lo and behold Pneumonia ensued. Called Kaiser for followup appt and even tho a heart attack was the base of the problem No doctors available so he saw a PA. Yes pneumonia so take antibiotics and you'll improve. It didn't happen so my husband is back in ICU with the same Kaiser Cardiologist who should have made follow through steps to avoid this happening.

Hospital wanted my husband to do Cardiac Rehab straight after but with Kaiser must have a referral from their Doctor before processing the claim. Straight after with Kaiser means a 6 week wait to see a cardiologist and then keep your fingers crossed we can do the rehab.

Kaiser very disappointing in their lack of important care steps to get their members healthy and in fact it seems to keep them alive.

Mar 18, 2013

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