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What is up with Kaiser's appointments. My mother in law has Kaiser health insurance through her job. She is currently suffering with depression and anxiety last month March 2011 she scheduled an appointment she was scheduled for a month after her booking it. She just went two day's ago and even when she explained to whoever scheduled her appointment, that she was suffering from depression and anxiety, they made her appointment with a THERAPIST!!..So the therapist could not prescribe her anything or help her at all, the only think the THERAPIST said to her was that she needs to see a psychologist and they gave her an appointment until JUNE 2011!!! what in the world. This other time she was suffering from back problems to the extend of her not being able to go to work... and Kaiser gave her an appointment that was scheduled 4 weeks after she called. Then they took an X-ray of her back and told her she would get the results in 2 weeks. MAN KAISER TAKES FOR EVER TO GIVE YOU APPOINTMENTS!!! I cant believe government insurance like medical and medicare takes less time to give you appointments . I have medical for low income families and I call my Dr. one day and I see him the next.

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  • Mo
      Apr 15, 2011

    B of A...are you a Glen Beck fan? Just wondering. Claudia, most psychologist cannot prescribe meds either.

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