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Martinez, CA, United States
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Phone: 925-372-1310

I have been a Kaiser patient my whole life and I have never had a worse group of people to work with. Whenever I call about prescriptions or to make an oppitment it takes about an hour, 20 phone calls, and being transferred 15 times. I got a phone call today from a front desk worker for my primary care doctor. They called and left a message asking for me to call them back. I called 10 times. No answer. So I call the advice services and they go ahead a leave the doctor a message saying I called a bunch and just want to have the conversation via email. Then I got another phone call and message (mind you I'm at work this whole time) from the same lady saying that she missed me again, and that I need to call back asap. After a whopping total of 15 phone calls I finally leave a message asking if they just call and say I need to call back and then they just don't answer on propose? Because I had called 15 times over HOURS and I still have not talked to anyone. I also told her in the voicemail that if its not important, she needs to stop calling me. Now this is not the only time I've had trouble with this kaiser. Whatever you do, DO NOT EXPECT TO HAVE GOOD SERVICE HERE! I have NEVER had to deal with so many incompetent people who obviously can't do there job. I will be ending my business with kaiser asap because they are absolutely no help. What. So. Ever.

Jun 25, 2015

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