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I have been charged 1200€ deposit and they actually took money from my credit card on 14.04.2017 i bought extra insurance to cover excess for 40€. The car was returned on 19.04.2017 and inspected. K10 was happy with condition of the car so there was no charge or problems. I have been told that monet will be refunded after 7 days and today os 28.04.2017 and i did not get the money back. It's 1200€ ! I have called k10 and i have been adviced about additional procedure that theu have to check records if the car have not been involved in any accidents. Impossible as car was not damaged and it is a first time i have been told about it.
I am very worried about my deposit!
If anyone had similar situation and could reply i would appreciate it a lot.
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Apr 28, 2017
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  • Ai
      Aug 29, 2017

    Hi FIlip,
    Thanks fro your complain. Unfortunately, we also had issues with the K10 in Ibiza. We got our PHONE STOLEN by them in Ibiza.. It is a terrible company and I want to sue them and destroy their reputation, ideally to close them down. Since there are so many people affected in one or another way I think we should unite and open one case on behalf of all, this should have more power than individual cases/emails/calls. They told us stright to the face that they don't care about anything, it made me even more annoyed, companies like that cannot exist!!!

    All the guys who have issues with K10, please write me and let's act together.

    Thank you!

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