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Fraud and cheating

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This company has a call center based in California, where they call people and tell them that they would like to use their home as an advertising home. They send a 'Marketing Director' i.e. salesperson, to their home to give an approx. 4 hour presentation.

Their sales pitch is that they have 'advertising dollars' they will give them as 'discounts' if they purchase on the spot. They train the 'marketing directors' to start high and negotiate down by offering discounts in return for things like putting a sign in their yard, or writing a letter of recommendation, etc. They offer many options, NONE of them are legitimate.

They also will offer 'free item' such as new garage doors, new exterior lights, design work i.e. scallops in gables, new glass screen doors, an address plaque, shutters, the list goes on. These items are included in the price and are NOT free!

This is a complete scam. I was a 'MD' and they stole many of thousands of dollars from me as an employee. When confronted, they terminated my employment. They hire new 'MD's' every week, send them to CA for training, and most only last, at the most, 1 month.

I would be happy to share more details with you, if you would like. If you are considering working for them, I can explain how they rip you off. If you are considering buying from them, I think I've explained pretty well how they rip you off, but if you would like further detail, I'm happy to do that.

This company is good at getting reports like this removed and claiming they have No 'UNRESOLVED' BBB complaints. Key word there is Unresolved! They will pretty much do what you want if you make a complaint on BBB, to a certain extent. Otherwise, I don't know how they always get them either removed or settled.

I met someone, after my termination with the company, that purchased from them and they had a problem right away. They had to make multiple requests for the problem to be corrected. It wasn't until they filed a BBB complaint (at my suggestion) that they fixed the problem.

Go somewhere else for your siding and your windows!
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D  1st of Dec, 2008 by    -4 Votes
Unfortunately, some salespeople who are unproductive become angry and look for ways to blame, or even attack, others for their lack of performance. I know several people who are either successful now, or were previously successful while associated with K-Designers. K-Designers is one of the most reputable companies in the remodeling industry and contrary to Mr. Nepall's statements they do market around previous customers homes. Homeowners have the opportunity to participate in a marketing program on a voluntary basis - not everyone does. Also, if products are offered at no added cost, there is no added cost.

"If it's on the internet it's got to be true!"

When it comes to postings on the internet the only thing that's absolutely true is THERE IS NO ACCOUNTABILITY. ANYONE, CAN SAY ANYTHING, ABOUT WHOMEVER THEY WISH, AT ANY TIME, -- AND NEVER BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

Mr. Nepall's statements are his opinions, biased as they are. It's important to take into account that Mr. Nepall ostensibly had a personal profit motive when he went to work at K-Designers - clearly in his case it didn't work out as he expected.

One way many well run companies in the construction industry keep costs down by paying salespeople based upon their productivity. This allows companies to hold costs down by rewarding peolple when they bring business in and ultimately provide the customer with a better value at a lower cost. So in reality the very thing that Mr. Nepall states is a reason to not do business with K-Designers is actually a good reason to buy from K-Designers -- they have cost containment plocies that keep wasteful costs down which adds value for their customers.

Here are the facts: K-Designers has been in business for over 30 years, has over 110, 000 satisfied customers and hundreds of satisfied past and present Marketing Directors. Sorry it didn't work out for you Mr. Nepal. Grinding an axe against a good company with good employees, staff and associates for personal reasons is the wrong way to go about resolving a personal grevience.
N  10th of Dec, 2008 by    +1 Votes
I also worked for this unscrupulous company as a telemarketer.

You were asked to pressure the old and unknowing.
"My marketing director will be in you area and has picked your home to showcase our windows"
"We have made this affordable for many folks like yourself who thought they could never ever afford it, single homeowners, widowers and people on fixed incomes".

You were paid on how many of these appointments you could set.
The only problem is they would often overbook and therefor your validity rate which would determine your bonus was constantly just off the mark.
If you were to call and verify to see why this person you set an appointment with cancelled, It was grounds for termination.
Once I called and checked and the customer told me they called and tried to reschedule but could not accommodate the time that was offered, therefor It was a $100.00 difference in my paycheck. That was enough for me.

The first poster was correct in that they parade new telemarketers and marketing directors through every week. There must be from 10 to 20 every week so you do the math. If they have this kind of turnover there must be 40 to 50 a month "ostensibly profit motivated angrily discontent salespeople" roaming with stories of K-Designers.

I don't have ill feelings because it was a trip working for these people and I chalked it up to experience.

I advise folks to check out movies like Boiler Room, Tin Men and Glen Gary Glen Ross prior to signing their houses away.
N  13th of Dec, 2008 by     Best Advice +5 Votes
I attempted to work for K Designers earlier this year. I failed. However my failure was not due to my ability to sell, it was due to the fact that after I arrived for my “training” I discovered just how unethical this company truly is. To this day I do not doubt the quality of the products being sold, however the manners in which they are presented are spot on to what the first poster said. I memorized, and to date still have it memorized, as it’s so corny it makes it impossible to forget, the little marketing spiel that was to be presented in segments during the four hour presentation that you’re to present.

For people wanting to work there-really think twice about making the commitment. Will you/can you make a lot of money with this company, sure you can, however you will be run ragged, you’re only paid for what you sell, so when you’re on the road the one week a month, you’re paying for all those expenses out of your pocket. Now the expenses are a write off as you are a “private contractor” with K-Designers however if you don’t sell anything that week those expenses just took away from your bottom line. K-Designers will sell you on the idea that when you sell product while on the road they will give you “spiff” money to help cut down on those expenses but really they’re just paying you your commissions in another manner. The hours are rough, start at 2:00 PM-earlier some days depending if you have meetings at your branch office-you’ll have mid-day and evening meetings with homeowners and hopefully they show up, expect to wrap up you day no earlier than 10PM. Your work weeks are six days, seven if there is travel involved, and you’re only paid for what you sell. They’re throw up this semi ridiculous compensation/commission schedule, but rest assured if there is a way from them to screw you out of it-they will.

Your week of training in CA is a joke-you’re put up in a POS hotel, bused to and from KD every day, responsible for evening meals (you have a limited free selection at the Vagabond Inn for breakfast, lunch is provided, and dinner you’re on your own). Now the van will take you to a grocery store twice a week so you can pick up meals for your dinner-however if you get a room without a working refrigerator its somewhat pointless to do and you’re better off eating off the dollar value meal at McDonald’s across the parking lot. You will have on average of three hours of homework each night, in addition to writing and rewriting your “marketing presentation”. Any KD Employee will tell you that you’re doing all this work so that upon your return to your home office you’re ready to start selling. Not the true-it’s a military style system in which you’re broken down and built back up under the insane Judson Method. Now again I’m not saying that their method hasn’t worked or won’t work for you, you better be prepared to lose your soul in the process.

The selling methods are spot on to what the first poster mentioned. You’re conditioned and preconditioned to do whatever you can to get inside, make your four hour pitch, sell the product and sell the financing as well. Something that most managers will forget to tell you as well, not only are you responsible for sell the windows, siding, door’s, you’re also responsible for selling the financing for this project. Failure is not an option. If the individual who you’re meeting with isn’t the homeowner or there is a cosigner on the note, you have to have them present as well before you can close the sale. All trainees get the chance to see how appointments are set-another joke, my breaking point was when a little old lady, in the area that I would have been covering was called, said no eight times, and the telemarketer still set up an appointment. He confused the poor lady to the point where he had her talking in circles. Now image ma and pa kettle in Kansas, eating dinner one night, you show up with your gay little brief case, pa kettle tells you repeatedly to get off his step, you leave and come back in an hour as you’re programmed to do, again approach the house this time pa kettle pulls a shotgun on your ###. Is it worth it?

One of the best experiences of my four days at KD Brainwashing/Training was watching our class shrink from 15 people to seven, I was the eighth to leave, and much like everything else KD preaches I was pressure sold trying to get me to stay. Never mind the fact that I had a pregnant wife at home and had my mind made up by Wednesday, I stayed until Thursday under the promise/understanding that things are rough at first but with the money I would be making it would be foolish for me to quit before I actually started. That little speech got another day out of me. For all of those who want to be a independent marketing director in which you will have no compensation for work that does not produce a sale, work 65 hours a week, compromise your ethics and integrity, then by all means KD is the place for you. If you’d rather work 40 hours at 50k with a company car then this isn’t your gig.
A  27th of Jan, 2009 by    +2 Votes
As a consumer, we were shocked when KD forged our signatures to obtain payment from the financing they provided. The job was left undone, but they got paid. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ?? What a joke!!! While I agree with the poster saying anyone can say anything about anyone on the internet, I highly doubt many people have the time or desire to bash people or companies randomly.
A  27th of Feb, 2009 by    +4 Votes
I just started as a MD for K-Designers. I wish I had read this post first. I am seeing that 3 of the 4 comments (the ones that are negative towards K-Designers) are what I am experiencing. Last week I was in Sacramento. This week I had training at my home office. Today was the Finance Training. They hit me with a surprise that the other MDs did not mention. Much of the financing has a charge back - the financing company charges a fee for providing the financing. Guess who pays for that? It comes off the MDs commission. The trainer said not to worry about that, it would increase your volume and then you would make your money on the volume bonus. The branch manager told us to right up the initial offer 6 to 10% to cover the financing charge back. Another manager told me he writes the initial cost down to keep it below $20, 000. How do you reconcile that? Right now I feel that they were deceitful in their dealings with me and not telling us about the financing charge backs until now. If they are deceitful now, what should I expect in the future? I think I am done tomorrow.
A  5th of Apr, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I have been in sales and sales management for over 20 years. I recently lost my job due to the economy. I took a position at K-Designers for the past four months. I was their top producing "MD" during this time. Every home sales that closed is paid around 10 days after the job is completed and the payment is received from the customer. So what happens is you go and sell like crazy and a month later you realize the $3000 commission is actually $300 and you have been running all over the state on your dime. They find every way not to pay you (usually it is they ran over on matterials or "you measured wrong" or their accounting office made a mistake).
80-90% of the appointments are bogus. They said no over the phone but they send you anyway. I oftend travelled over 100 mile to get a door slammmed in my face or they don't qualify in the first place (home is new or they live in a fifth wheel trailer, true story)!
They have a good product but an unethical way to promote it, based on lies they ask you to tell. They DO NOT market around the homes they sell. I know I asked for my before and after pictures and they would not produce them so we could show the finished work.
They tell EVERY home owner they will be the only home in the zip code to get the "special promotion" but they sell the same lie to every customer.
It is really too bad they stoop to such low tactics because they do good work and the product is well made. But the customers are not the ones being ripped off, it is the sales staff. The office I worked out of had 100% turnover in the four months I worked there and most were top producers that figured out really quick the promise of big commissions was a lie. Be careful and find a more repitable company to work for.
This company will NEVER appear on my resume.
N  23rd of Apr, 2009 by    +1 Votes
Thank you so much for these postings. I almost took a job with them and I was going to quit my other job today. Again thank you. I have a new house and a pregnant wife. You guys just saved us.
N  7th of May, 2009 by    +4 Votes
K-Designers has survived as long as it has in a pre-google world due to the ability of strong sales tactics to overcome a reputation. A company's reputation was whatever the sales rep or the sales manager said it was. Private organizations like the Better Business Beuro enjoyed a monopoly of information on business behavior. The BBB served their customers (their members) by hiding the detail of their members’ consumer complaints and fostered the quiet settlement of problems. The BBB's false reputation as a government agency effectively absorbed most consumer complaints and hid them from the public and law enforcement. Now the post-google world is a wiki-economy that is transparent and even small businesses are held accountable to a real reputation. No ethical company could possibly attract the high negatives that a google search brings on K-Designers. More amazing is the complete absence of authentic positives to balance it out. Notice that all the positive comments you find are astro-turf support fabricated by K-Designer branch managers and sales managers. This is a company with no future. It belongs to an age captured by that 1987 Danny Devito movie "Tin Men." Before anybody buys from K-Designers or works for K-Designers they have to see this movie, because it either inspired Larry Judson or was inspired by him, because Danny Devito plays a young Larry Judson in action.
A  7th of May, 2009 by    +4 Votes
Yes, I worked for them a short time also here in Clackamas Oregon. All of the sleeze ball tactics are correct. They like to rip off old and ignorant people. They also rip off the sales people. It was so sleezy that it took many showers to get rid of the feeling. I went on at least 10 sales calls with my managers and they could not close a single one of those crappy appointments and they got to hand pick the good ones for themselves which were all local of coarse. Is all I can say is . . .RUN . . .. Run very fast from this company. You will be burned either way!
N  12th of May, 2009 by    +2 Votes
I worked for them in 2002 I took the trip to Sacremento from Seattle and came back ready to sell sell sell!! I was told how amazing and easy this product was to sell but after training for 2 weeks I saw 1 deal closed by the branch manager on a Saturday that he had pitched month earlier that he lowered his price over $2k to get the deal. I think he did it only because he wanted to show me how good he was...ha
After going to appontment after apointment in my local area they decided to send me 200 miles away where I went to numerous single wide trailers and fixed income elderly folks homes that more wanted to talk to me than buy anything. The one sale we did get when I was partnered with another newbie was a $9K job on a house that was bought for $28k the year before...I thought to myself this is not right!!! So after burning about $500 in gas in one month putting a ton of miles on my car and not seeing any results I never wanted to ever see a K designers sign in anybody front lawn and when I do I just laugh...
A  16th of May, 2009 by    +2 Votes
I have to agree with the many negative comments that I have read. I recently "retired" as an "independent contractor" from K-Designers after a total of four weeks with their organization. I was told that if I was "average" I could make upwards of $120, 000. I thought it was worth a shot. What I found was that even as an "independent contractor", I felt the cult like grip of control all the way from Sacramento, Ca. "Dont try to do anything else or you will fail." And, "Why would you want to renew your career licenses?" You dont need to do any of these things because you wont have time is the real answer. These people monopolize your entire life and you chase the dream on your own nickle!

I did my best through all three interviews to get some concept of what was to be expected, how much travel there would be, and especially how long it would take to roll over on the commissions and start making money. I must admit that almost every important aspect of this job was kept secret. I listened as the branch manager bragged about the amount of money he made and how he had risen to branch manager in just over two years. I never saw him after my interviews because he left and went to work for someone else. I should have seen the writing on the wall then.

The training is now done in house via the internet and some really bad internet cams. I thought the training was an absolute waste of time but the branch management assured us that it was just something that we all had to do and that the branch training would get us up to speed. It all sucked. It was all over the place. There was no training outline, schedules, prepared lesson plans or anything of the sort. We were thrown in with people from classes ahead of us and they all shot from the hip. It was an abortion. There was no role playing, minimal training on paperwork and financing, the managers contradicted each other on subjects, etc, etc, etc. We had to come in by 9:30 or 10:00 am EVERY morning regardless of how late we were working the night before. Then you sat around with a finger in your but while all the "managers" sat in closed door meetings kissing the ### of the people from Sacramento, I presume. Independent Contractor? If the state attourny's office took a look at this, it is my opinion that they would have trouble defending the IC status. You will be where they tell you, you must come in on your own time every day, you have to have all the paperwork done to their standards (or you spend your own time going back 150 miles to get it corrected on your nickle), you are supposed to work six days a week with no weekends off, on and on. I sure as hell felt more like an unpaid employee. Besides, I felt it was unethical at best.
N  20th of May, 2009 by    +2 Votes
This is why I am applying for "the job" of the dude that inteviews everybody, they have to be making something good to lure people to their doom, huh?.
I was on my way for the second Interview, when since I forgot the address, I called my wife to see if she could look it up on google... guess what came up? I still went got to the interview, knowing all this, after asking the right questions and after a noticable exasperated interviewer, I just told him where he put the "gig", and left.

I mean really! they are in the "super nice Real Estate construction & design" and their office looks like an auto body shop.

I should've connected the dots on the first interview, well, thanks guys for the info.
A  21st of May, 2009 by    +2 Votes
i agree with all the above i am working there at k-designers it is true. I was going to hit bonus !the require you work 24 hrs they sent me home causing me to miss all bonuses insteadof a $600 paychck I took home 175.
They also pick and choice . If you are not in there click the managers for team are 21 yrs old. They set appointments for there friends. I didnt care about that it was being told I have to have a lead in one hour or I was to go home. no one else was told this requiorement. Then the leads they gave me are suppose to be gold there 5-10 yrs old and most numbers are disconeccted. I got a lead in half hour they were short on times so set on 3 day called a nanual then they saisd it wasnt a next day apptment so have to get another or go home which will make me lose bonus again.They state persistance I sit in my cubicle I made my required 2 a day and some days more. there friend that is who set 2 leads the whole week never was told he isnt being productive and he flirts with all the girls but again Im about to hit bonuses and they are trying to make me fail cause im older.
I asked why that I was the only one in call center now with this requirement they said they wont tell me. Theaychecks also never gave me a slip to show all my valids that we are supoose to get with pay check they state they lost they know i keep a log so far 6 appointment have vanished. I was hired to work a certain amount of hours they deside who to send home cause they have to many employees not enough phones. M y bigest thing also i scheduled a friend both parties where there they said it was a 1 leger i turned in investigation no phone call was made to customer my friends were waiting for call It never happened i still didnt get paid for it. who do i contact about its not right to only make requirtements for one person how can they get away with this ? its discrimination.
A  23rd of May, 2009 by    +2 Votes
I've got to go along with all the other negative posters...I too was a month long survivor of this horrible company. I have been in sales for years and have never, ever witnessed such tactics. I would cringe every time I said the words: "Well, let me call California and see if I can get some more advertising dollars for ya.."...Holy Crap, what a crock. I averaged 15 hours a day working for this company. In 2 weeks of selling, I had two legitimate appointments. One morning, my manager called with my first lead. It was 234 miles away and I was supposed to be local that week. I reluctantly agreed to take the lead. So...after finally finding this address way out in the middled of nowhere...I pulled up to a dilipidated old trailer home with approximately 15 to 20 wasp nests on the front porch. An old man came out of trailer...(which sported some very old bath towels as curtains) and absolutely was dumbfounded to see me as he insisted that he never made an appointment. This was the last straw for me. I called my manager immediately upon returning to my car and told him to take this ridiculous job and shove it up his ###. Stay away from K-Designers. Stay completely away. They will dominate your life.
A  26th of May, 2009 by    +2 Votes
I work for attorney Allen Gibas of Minneapolis, MN, who is representing someone who was ripped off by K Dsgnrs. (To verify this is a real attorney, see his web site at www(dot)gibaslaw(dot)com.) To help our client, we need to talk to others who have had experience as customers or employees of this company. Would you please contact Allen via the web site--email allen(at)gibaslaw(dot)com-- or call 612-821-0528, ext. 11. Allen will talk to you about any risks you feel you might be taking if you decide to assist. Thank you.
N  28th of May, 2009 by    +2 Votes
I just recently quit working for K-Designers and all I can say is...what a relief! They feed you full of B.S. just to get you hired! They say 8-10 over nights a month, what a JOKE!! As a single parent I told them that I could do the 8-10 nights, but no more than that and they said I probably wouldn't even be gone that long...HA! Just put it this way, the only time I was home from the time I started was the day I quit!!! You leave on a Tuesday and return late on a Saturday, and as far as the money goes...that's just another line of crap! They don't pay you a fraction of what you think they are...there is always fees from the banks or corporate found more labor involved and they dock you for that...it's an endless line of lies...If you like being away from your family and putting thousands of miles on your car every month, and making less than a manager at McDonald's...GO FOR IT...otherwise if you are considering a position with this company...FORGET IT!! IT'S A CROCK OF ###!!
A  29th of May, 2009 by    +2 Votes
I worked in the finance / local office for 5 years. I know first hand of all the disrespectful things that go on with K-Designers. Including homeowners, sales and installers. Every posting on here is correct except for the one supporting them. I quit when I was asked to forge a signature. The demands required for all postions are unreasonable (except branch manager) and I will talk to whoever wants information. I will be contacting Trestle.
A  22nd of Jun, 2009 by    +3 Votes
My name is Kirt. I am putting a case together against K-Designers. They have screwed many people over and I have a list of followers at this point from homeowners to employees. It is not about the money anymore but about the principal of the dishonesty. Call me at 303-885-0068 or email me at kirtmcghee@msn.com. I have the plan of action all mapped out. i would love to have as many people as possible.
A  2nd of Jul, 2009 by    +1 Votes
Dear Future Salesmen, Please listen:

I agree with all the above. Yes, when you asked questions, the branch or sales manager would make you feel guilty that you asked any question about the comments on google. During my training as an "M.D, " or Marketing Director, at K-Designers, the branch manager would only tell you about the positive. While in the first week of training, the trainer from Sacramento, kept saying, if any M.D./Salesmen makes a mistake, K-Designers would deduct commissions from your pay check? I asked many times, but the Branch Manager would quickly say, We will discuss this later, but never did untill the first check arrived. Their were many deductions!

K-Designers, even in SLC, UT is dishonest. They require you to travel and work 6 days a week and the sales person is responsible for paying: gas, all food, miles on your car, hotel, and when your first check arrives 7 weeks later and you see the deductions they subtracted off your commissions. You become so irrated, but again, the branch or sales manager will tell you, I'LL check this out, and two weeks later, he tells you, I'm sorry, but I can't do anything about it. "Sorry, " next month you will make more money!

The next month came and "AGAIN, " so i quit. It was very hard on my family, I was gone from 8:00 am to 11:30 pm every day except Sunday. I dontate my time at my church, but had to ask to be released, because I had no time to do my calling. I would talk privately to the Sales Manager and sometimes with the Branch Manager that I needed to spend more time with my family! Of course, they would say: "Family is the most important of all, but yet their requirements of time was opposite of what they preached. After making these statements, the manager would tell you to take more time off, but he made you feel so guilty, and you were not loyal to K-Designers and hoiw you would make less next month.

I urge all salesmen who are searching for employment, to search the internet about K-Designers. Usually the salesmen who are desperate to find employment are caught up in the vision of K-Designers from the Branch Manager. Yes, the turnover is quite high. The Branch Manager spends 65% of his time interviewing for new salesmen. In the beginning I would ask the manager, why he was interviewing so many salesmen. He would respond, telling me they were expanding to hire more salesmen. Of course I believed it!

Beware and save yourself all the time and money and keep searching for a real job!

In my 21 years I have never been so deceived, or taken advantage of in my entire career. It is difficult to quit because you have spent so much time and money, you keep going.
D  24th of Jul, 2009 by    -5 Votes

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