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I signed up with since the monthly fee was reasonable. On the page where you key in your payment information a box pops up and hides the total you are being billed for. You must hit submit at this point and then you realize you got charged for a 3 year period instead of 1 month.

I then requested a refund and they refused to refund all my money. I called them and the english was terrible (outsource). They charged me a $20 fee, refused to refund $48 for search engine application and took them 4 days to finally get me the correct information to even process my refund.

It's a scam. I would never use this company again.

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  • Ti
      16th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes (more like is a horrible company. They provide crappy service, horrible customer service that lies to you, and like our poor friend up there, are money grubbing scam artists.

    My gaming group's website is unfortunately hosted with A few weeks ago our site went down. We called em up to find out what was wrong and they gave us the standard "we're working on it" response. Then they decided to tell us that all of our data was lost. Now they've decided to tell us that it was because of a hard drive failure. Have you ever heard of such a bull shiz excuse!? What webhost in their right mind doesn't have redundant systems. Unless that entire server gets blown to hell, the data is not lost. AND even IF that server is blown away, there should be back ups of all their servers that they can refer to and spin up at any one time. So despite what they said, I highly doubt that it was because of a "hard drive failure."

    There have been many vulnerabilities in the hosting industry as of late. Major notable ones are the BIND exploit, as well as the XSS vulnerability with rubyonrails. My best guess is that these issues were not handled as promptly as they should have been. Most quality webhosts, including Media Temple, Startlogic, and others, had their implementations patched within 24 hours of the vulnerability being discovered. Due to the lack of brains that seems to have, I highly suspect that they neglected to patch anything until the servers were already hacked. In my opinion, I think it was the BIND exploit, as it was used to gain root access on servers.

    SO with all that being said, DO NOT USE JUST(dont)HOST.COM!!! I highly recommend the previously mentioned hosts Media Temple and Startlogic. Media Temple is an industry leading cluster host. Unlike, they can guarantee 99.9% up time or whatever it says on their site. Their client list alone is testament enough to their quality of service. No that list is not made up. Check it out for yourself. They even host the worlds largest tech blog, Yes their price is a little steep but the quality that they provide you is unmatched. Startlogic is a budget site that I use to host my meaninless websites. its cheap and you get what you pay for.

    The different between and is when you pay you actually get service in return! Ive used both and and can easily say that is far better. The speed alone is worth the money. When working on web pages i want to seem y changes imideately. I can push the file tothe server and before you can even get to your browser window, the file is most likely uploaded (depending on whether you have a fast internet connection). is ok in that area, the speed isnt as great as it could be but hey, its cheap and its still better than no website at all!

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