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I signed up with Just Energy thinking that I would save some cash. Their pitch is very misleading. My bill went higher and higher every month. They told me that they increased it to offset the yearly cost but yet when I left their company they were still able to ding me the difference of the yearly cost. My bill for half a month was $872.95! Why are these people allowed to be in business? Do they even have any happy customers? I would like to hear from a happy customer. All I've been reading the negative about the company. Is there anything good to say about them? I say not! They sure know how to rip the average joe off! The best advice I could give is to NOT sign with them. BUYER BEWARE THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF BIG TIME AND YOU WILL NOT SAVE ANY MONEY!

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  • Pa
      May 04, 2011

    When I signed up wtih Alberta Energy, the salesman said a senior could discontinue the service without penalty. Not so. I now have a bill for over $200 which they keep writing and phoning me about. When they switched to Energy Star they made a complete mess up of the billing. I always paid through my bank and the overcharges and credits floating around were unbelievable. Seeing such inefficiency, I lost patience and went directly with Enmax and Direct Energy. I was also told I was paying more through Alberta Energy.

    I'm on a government pension so every penny counts. But it looks as if their penalty will take care of any gains I make by paying a cheaper rate through the other suppliers. It's a case of buyer beware.

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  • Pr
      May 27, 2011

    I encountered a very pushy salesman from 'Just Energy' at my door this afternoon who clearly did not understand I wasn't interested and wouldn't take no for an answer. I was in a robe, enjoying my day off with the front door open. Big mistake! He kept demanding to see my utility bills, even after I told him all my billing comes to my email. He told me to print them then and he'd wait so he could 'show me what was wrong with it' (a: I don't have a printer, b: that defeats the purpose of PAPERLESS BILLING, and c: my bills are my own confidential material)

    Needless to say, I was not comfortable with his condescending attitude and pushy tactics. My roommate stepped in and told him to just go away. Watch out for people trying to bully you into something they are very vague about explaining.

    I love how as soon as I slammed the door and Googled Just Energy, most of the first page of results were complaints

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  • Sp
      Jun 22, 2011

    yea im in the same boat, they dont send bills then they get collections to call everymonth!I cancelled my contract and now they want 700dollars, why isent anything done about this?Its probley because the govt is in on it with all these companies

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  • Sa
      Aug 22, 2014

    I am posting this to alert anyone considering subscribing to just energy. Listen to this before you dump your current utilities provider.
    I switched over to just energy for electricity and gas because a family member was a commission agent with them. I just wanted to try them, now I can say I made a huge error.

    For months there were no bills yet my account was sent for collection with a large sum to pay. I made an arrangement to clear that bill and finally when I sold the house they continued to charge me even when the new owner has another provider. I called customer relations, who agreed to close the account and reduce the bill. The next thing I hear now is the harassment from their collector.

    My advise is check well before dumping your utilities provider. You might be better off after all. I never had this problem with any other company.

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  • Sc
      Dec 28, 2014

    I cancelled my account in October of 2013 when I sold my house two weeks ago i received a phone call from a so called collection agency threatening to put me into collection if I didn't pay $177 right away. When I asked for a reference number they just became verbally abusive with me. So I called Just Energy several times every time I got the run around, I was given a number to call so I did the message said leave name number and relative information and they would get back to me within four hours well it's been two weeks, if I owe this money I will gladly pay but I need some sort of confirmation on this, any decent company would give a person a chance to clear this up . My phone number has not changed in over five years so your attempts to contact me have been at best very poor. My name is Ron Scott your records should show you my number do the right thing lets clear this up if there is anything to clear up.

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  • Ti
      Apr 28, 2015

    We are selling our house and called just energy to find out if there are any charges. They are asking 400 each services we have with them (gas and heat). This is just so expensive. I agree with some of the comments here that they have aggressive people working for the company and demanding to see your billing statements. I will never sign up with them again when we move to our new place. I wished I would have searched more about the company before signing up with them. Another tip: do not sign up for contracts, you are not really saving money as they say and their billings are not accurate as it seem to show on their statement they are just estimates!!!

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