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Just Brakes / Rip off

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I went here because Brake Check is a ripoff! While there, 2 people told me that they will try to *** over. They took my keys and had me sign the contract and had my car up on the rack before they even quoted me a price. All I need were my front brakes done. When I asked them the price, they pulled out a calculator and gave me a total of over $300 AFTER I signed for a $99.98 job. When I asked for my car they told me no because work had already begun and I signed a contract. I told them that the contract was null and void because they quoted me a job for all brakes when I only needed the front 2. The niceness soon flew out the window and we got into a confrontation. The manager told them to just give me my car and let me go. I got my car and left!

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  • Ch
      2nd of Jul, 2009

    I had my 2006 Honda Pilot serviced at an authorized Honda dealership and was told that my brake pads needed replacement and was quoted $325. I opted not to have it replaced by them as I remembered hearing over the radio Just Brakes' advertisement about their $99 brake replacement deal. So I went ahead and had my brake pads replaced at Just Brakes. I was told it will take 4 hours to finish so I had my wife pick me up and went home. After an hour, I got a call from them telling me that some other parts need to be replaced and that it would cost me another $500, and if i did not have it replaced they will not be responsible for any accident that might happen due to the defective part, and there is no telling when will it happen. They even told me that it is possible that right after I drive out of their shop I could be in an accident because of it. I argued that I was just at the Honda service center and they did not tell me of any defects aside from my pads needing replacement. Just brakes told me Honda missed it. This is a clear case of bait and switch. I wouldn't be surprised if majority of those who had the $99 deal from JUST BRAKES ended up paying more than double. May this serve as a warning to those who are planning to have the $99 deal SCAM of JUST BRAKES.

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  • Mi
      18th of Sep, 2009

    Scamers liers will put you in danger.

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  • Sm
      19th of Nov, 2009

    I dropped of my car at Just Brakes in N Richland Hills TX for a brake job.

    I received a call back and was told that my car needed $1000.00 worth of

    repairs and that BY LAW he could not release my car. I demanded my car back

    and told him that was a lie. He said it would be ready in an hour. A coworker dropped me off and my car was still in the air on the rack tires off.

    I was told everyone was on a break and I would just have to wait. I waited

    and waited. Finally my car was put back together and the man slammed my keys on the counter and walked off. I was afraid that he may have made my

    car dangerous. I took it to a local mechanic and got what I needed all along just a brake job.

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  • Fl
      19th of Nov, 2009

    I dropped of my car at Just Brakes in N Richland Hills TX for a brake job. I received a call back and was told that my car needed $1000.00 worth of repairs and that BY LAW he could not release my car. I demanded my car back and told him that was a lie. He said it would be ready in an hour. A coworker dropped me off and my car was still in the air on the rack tires off. I was told everyone was on a break and I would just have to wait. I waited and waited. Finally my car was put back together and the man slammed my keys on the counter and walked off. I was afraid that he may have made my car dangerous. I took it to a local mechanic and got what I needed all along just a brake job.

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  • To
      24th of Dec, 2009

    Just Brakes in San Antonio, TX at 9136 Grissom Rd San Antonio, TX 210) 521-6850. If you have any complaint please report them to BBB or Before addressing my complaint, "Just Brakes" are nothing but a bunch of scam artist whom prey on inexperience customer about brake products. And on top of that I will be informing my friends and family about this experience at "Just Brakes" operation.

    On Sept 6, 2008 I dropped off my Mitsubishi, Diamante LS 2002 for brake inspection, and the estimate was $39.95 for bleed adjustment, then I call to see if the vehicle was completed the reply was "NO" so I ask them why, then Michael the manager of Just Brake told me he need more work on the vehicle and ask me to come. Within 15mins I arrive at Just Brake to see what the extension of the problem. Michael the manager telling me I need to get all four pads to be replaced for $278, but according to Just Brake ads was only $99. Because of my trustworthy to these scam artist, I agree to have it service. On Sept 8, 2008 which is 3 days later I call to see if I can pick up my car and here Mr. Michael telling me there are more problem on my car so I ask him what is the issue now then he reply I need to replace all 4 Calipers for $1, 481. I told him not to replace or do anything until I get there; by the time I was there they pull out both front and rear tires and in the process of working on it. I told him just replace 4 pads for $278 but Michael telling me that I needed to replace all Calipers and pads for $1, 481. This artist put me in a corner where I can't do anything with my car, because both tires are taking off and convince me that I can't drive the vehicle. When I left the shop I did sign the agreement for repair, afterward I call my brother whom a mechanic engineer for 14yrs and advice me not to have the service perform. On the same day Sept 8, around 2:20pm I call back to Just Brake ask to abandon the service, but Mike the person who picks up the phone sound like he was busy and telling me he will call me back. I waited 2hrs later then call him back and he tell me the vehicle is already perform on and is almost finish. This is a strategy of how a scam artist at work, I apologize for any inappropriate terminology that may occur in this letter but is the only way to express my regret experience with these greed at "Just Brake"
    There is no settlement nor am I intended to claiming anything, I am just making sure other customer who comes across with these scam artist will read my letter and aware of their operational. To Just Brake owner and their Scam artist employees, a dishonest business will be judge by the customer and your fait of your business.

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  • Ve
      28th of Dec, 2009

    Just brakes promises a complete set of brakes for $99. When they get you in the door, they make up all kinds of other needs to get you to pay more. The parts they replaced on my sons car should have lasted the life of his car unless he was in a wreck which he wasn't. I spoke with their regional office and they stood by the fact that he did indeed need these parts. I told them I felt screwed and they did nothing about it. I would never go there again and I don't want anyone else to make the same mistake.

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  • Pa
      28th of May, 2010

    So my breaks were grinding. Took it to jb and they wanted to charge me almost 1000 dollars for rotors and break pads!!! Anyone needing break work better not go to jb. If u do you WILL get ripped off. I am so pissed they tried to charge me that much. From reading other reviews I see I'm not the first they try to rip off. I wish the bbb would launch an investigation against them- and fine them for their cheating ripp off ways!!. Well nothing I can do except warn you to not do business with them . Save your money.

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  • Me
      28th of Jun, 2010

    I heard the squeal indicator on one of my brake pads while breaking and realized my brake pads where getting thin. For those of you who don't know, brake pad manufacturers put a small piece of metal next to their pads, which will cause the brakes to squeal as it touches the brake rotor when the pad has worn to a depth where it needs to be replaced. I know this because I have changed the brakes on my wife's car and my own car at least 4 times, and happen to be a mechanical engineer.

    I entered Just Brakes, for their 99.88 replacement of my pads, because I didn't have the time to do it myself before going on a long road trip. I know that you can purchase 4 new sets ofbrake pads for around $60 dollars and $40 dollars in labor sounds very reasonable. Even if they wanted to charge me $100 in labor I would have been willing to pay but NOT EVEN CLOSE. After Just Brakes "inspection", which should be called "pull apart your brake assemblies and point to stuff while spewing out BS about what needs to be fixed", their suggested amount to fix my "problems" was $1, 200!!!

    List of Things they tried to claim need to be fixed:

    1. Front rotors below minimum OEM thickness and must be thrown away. $160 apiece. Recommended minimum thickness for Ford OEM rotors 1.12" which includes any where that might occur with a new pad change. Measured thickness at Just Brakes 1.117". That's 3 thousandths of an inch!! They REFUSED to put new pads on my vehicle, without changing the rotors because the DOT will not allow them to if the rotors are below the manufacturer's recommended thickness. This is complete horse manure! PLEASE find me a set it stone DOT document that states this. Another reputable dealer put new pads on the next day! By the way a new rotor will cost you no more than $60 at autozone, if you own a full size pickup. Much less if you own a car.

    2. My brake fluid has "sediment" in it an needs to be fushed. $147. And by the way this needs to be done once a year or your brake system might fail. WHAT?!? I can buy newbrake fluid for $7 and siphone out the old fluid with a turkey baster. By the way, if your brake fluid contains WATER, and you are doing heavy braking, like towing a trailer down a mountain, the water might boil when coming in contact with a hot brake cylinder and cause brake issues. Never in my life have I heard of "sediment" causing a problem and by the way, how do you suggest "sediment" got in my closed hydrolic loop?!? More horse manure.

    3. My caliper assembly is sticking and needs to be replaced on the two back wheels. $247 a piece. After his BS about minimum rotor thickness and sediment I stopped listening to his explanation.

    4. Brake fluid has seeped out of my back rear braking assembly and "contaminated" my parking brake assembly. $300 to replace assembly.

    5. etc, etc, etc,

    TOTAL: $1200.

    When asked which of these "services" I wanted to have performed. I simply stated "I want you to replace my pads" after which they answered. "The DOT will not allow us to replace your pads if yourotors are below the minimum thickness, Your minimum bill is $462. At which time I said, fine, I'll do it myself, Please put my brakes back together. Then I left.

    The next day, I went to a 5 Star rated, honest mechanic and had my brakes inspected. He said you need new pads on all four tires, but the rest of your brake system is fine. I had him replace them all and I gladly paid him $325.

    DO NOT FALL VICTIM TO JUST BRAKES RIP OFF TACTICS!!! GO ANYWHERE ELSE!! $99.88 is just a tactic to get you in the door so they can try and confuse and scare you into parting with your money. BEWARE!! BEWARE!! BEWARE!!

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  • Da
      5th of Aug, 2010

    I was the victim of a classic bait and switch at Just Brakes.

    I went in to have a four wheel brake job for 99.88. I was sold two other services so as to do the job completely and properly and avoid future problems. Price $266 and change.

    Instead I got a two Wheel brake job for $255 and change.They knew when they took the job they did not have and would not get the parts for the rear brakes.and yet they proceeded without my authority. And all the more the job was not done completely and properly to avoid future problems.

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  • Cm
      6th of Jan, 2011

    Little over a year ago I took our van to Just Brakes as it was in a need of having the pads and shoes replaced. Of course the calipers needed to be replaced as well. Not knowing any better I ended up paying almost $400.

    Yesterday my wife took the van to Just Brakes as she wanted to make sure the brakes were fine before our trip up to the mountains. She was all happy having had the brakes fixed before our trip, this time to the tune of $600. When I finally found the paper work for last year we found out that of course the calipers needed to be replaced yet again.

    When she showed up with the van, the work that was done by that very same shop did not show up on their computer. To make things worse she provided them will all kinds of information about the brakes and their behavior, which gives Just Brakes the green-light run up your bill even more.

    The bottom line is that we feel we were taken to the cleaners. The calipers having to be replaced in August of 2009 and then again in Dec of 2010. Yeah, right!!!

    I went to confront the manager about the issue of the calipers, and he seemed to at first taken aback with the fact that the same repair had been made a little over a year earlier. He recovered very quickly and very adament about the repairs were needed.

    The bottom line is: Don't make the same mistake as us and take your car to Just Brakes. There is not such thing as a $99 brake job as the replacement of the calipers are not included in that price.

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  • Da
      13th of Oct, 2011

    Kinda makes ya want to get even, doesn't it?

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  • Da
      13th of Oct, 2011

    Good for you!!! I did basically the same thing and then took my car to Pep Boys down the street. They told me there was NOTHING wrong with my brakes!!! total charge $0.00 dollars!!! NOTHING. Just brakes is a total rip off!

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  • Ju
      29th of Aug, 2014

    Thank you for the feedback. We apologize for the delay in responding to your concern. Just Brakes
    was not made aware of this website until just now. We are also under new management. At Just Brakes we strive for 100% customer satisfaction and appreciate feedback that will help us achieve that goal. We
    are sorry to hear that you were not satisfied and would like to hear more from you. Please contact our corporate office at 1-800-445-7105 to be connected with the local Market Director. We look forward to serving you.

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