Jeulia / asked for order to be canceled and it shipped; now no refund

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I ordered a ring on February 5 and finally on February 22 was told that it was still processing. I requested a cancellation of my order on February 22; on February 27 I received shipping notification. I emailed and called in once I received the ring since their sizing guide is completely messed up (another complaint) and it told me to order a size that is WAY TO SMALL. I was provided an address to return the ring to but no response to my question about receiving my credit due. I finally received a response via phone call and also in a chat message that if I returned the ring I would receive my credit. Keep in mind their sizing guide lead me to order a size 4 which isn't normally refunded against but since I had requested a cancel of the order 5 days before shipment I was informed that I would receive a refund.

I informed them of the shipping tracking and also emailed them on the day it delivered...1 week later and I am contacting them to find out about my refund. This morning I received an email stating that since it was a spacial size (4) I would not qualify for the refund.

This is WRONG! I sent them the chat room communication (since I screen-shoted the portion that stated I would receive a refund) and informed them that during 2 communications (phone and chat)with their company I was told I WOULD receive my refund and to please process...still waiting!!


Mar 28, 2017

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