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Jetstar Airways / cabin crew

1 Singapore

Dear Sir / madam,
I am writing to you to inform you of the performance of some of your staff on a recent flight.
I have flown much in recent years and have some experience of industry standards and I am firmly of the opinion your staff let you down on this occasion.
The flight I refer to was flight 3K697 from Singapore to Hong Kong on Friday 10th August 2018 scheduled to leave at 10:00.
The complaint concerns the cabin crew, lead by a lady called Fiona, and their lack of attention to the needs and expectations of the passengers.
The flight scheduled to take off at 10:00 was unfortunately delayed for 1 hour due to air traffic control problems, which we were all well informed and updated by the friendly captain Mr Woods. During this hour all passengers were seated and the captain came out of his cockpit and spoke to the cabin crew, this resulted in everyone being given a cup of water, a nice touch while we waited I thought. That took the cabin crew around 15 minutes to complete, for the remainder of the hour the two front crew and one other from the rear of the plane stayed behind a closed curtain and were heard giggling like schoolgirls whilst playing on their cell phones. I saw this as I was in the front row and could see behind this curtain periodically.
When we commenced the push off and taxi it took several minutes before they appeared and took their seats and opened the curtain, one was still on her phone whilst doing this.
Following take off there was a meal service which was fine - as soon as the meals were dispensed they returned behind the closed curtain for around 40 minutes, before coming out and collecting rubbish. Again once this was complete they disappeared for around 90 minutes when they passed through offering duty free, this was very brief and some 15 minutes later they were back behind the closed curtain. There they remained, with one brief appearance when the seatbelt sign was put on for rough weather for around 15 minutes, for the rest of the flight.
The point where I feel they let down your organization is in the general welfare of the passengers. For the vast majority of this 4 hour flight there were no visible cabin crew.
Passengers were to all intents and purposes left to their own devices, with the occasional passenger nervously approaching the curtain to get a drink or similar.
I would imagine you would have higher standards than that and might expect your cabin crew to express at least a cursory interest in the welfare of your fare paying passengers.
I noticed CCTV cameras at the front of the cabin which may assist you in your evaluation of my comments should you need them.
I must say that my flight was fine and I had no personal discomfort, it is simply I felt strongly that your staff on this occasion have let you down badly and continual performances like this can only harm the public's opinion of the service you provide.
As a footnote I would add the cabin crew on a flight I was on Thursday 9th August Denpasar to Singapore flight 3K242 were exemplary and put to shame those under the command of Miss Fiona.
Submitted for your consideration

Kind regards

Eamonn Halliday

Aug 10, 2018

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