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Jetline Travel / Non-trustworthy, ignorant, couldn't-care-less liars!

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Jetline Travel

I'm going to make this as short as possible, if possible book elsewhere!

Their Customer Service is non-existent, send them a (complaint) Fax or e-mail and you will NOT receive a reply, call them [protected] - cheaper than their 0870 numbers) and all you will get is "... give me your telephone number and we'll call you back", they will NOT call you back! I called four times a day for almost a week, got the same response (i.e. call you back), they are a bunch of lazy immigrants (oh, and it seems everybody who works there is either a Manager or a Director, you know the type of place, where they even call the muppets Managers!).

If you want a cheap holiday, get your accommodation from Jetline (if you're really desperate) and book your own EasyJet flights (Jetline increase their total package price if they book your flights, check for yourselves on their site, an 800 holiday can be up to 200 cheaper if you book your own flights).

Also, make sure your booking is 110% accurate, if people in your party decide last minute they can't go (hospital appointment), and you need to change a name on the flights/accommodation, get that big credit card out 'cause your really really going to need it!

All-in-all 80% of the people I spoke to were non-trustworthy, ignorant, couldn't-care-less liars! If you've already booked and reading this, you're already bitten!

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  • Li
      19th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    yes Jetline are a really bad company to deal with mt family an i could not go to Turkey on the 15 May du to the volcano Ash and they still have not returned my money £1800 in total and the also want to take £400 cancellation fee they are real gangesters am seeking legal advise may be need to go to court to get my money back should really reoprt this to watch dog these people are way out of line. So nice pepole out there please take my advise please stay away from this company. They are really nice when booking a holiday but just you try and get your money back if anything happens

  • Be
      23rd of Sep, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Our family & friends have booked with Jetline since 2002 and I've always recommended them since being introduced to them via a work colleague who went to Corfu with them.

    Contrary to some reviews, we always seem to have had a good service and quite a good holiday (nearly) every time - though not through their fault I think (our transfer company failed to pick us up 2 years ago).
    Our friends even went on a Queen Mary cruise which they booked much cheaper than anywhere else, and we always go to Sharm or Taba with our friends.

    We've never had any issues and pricewise I must say they are almost unbeatable. Our confirmation took a long while to come through this year, other than that we had a great time. I suppose everybody has different experiences - I would still recommend them as they are fully ABTA & ATOL Bonded and have Supplier Cover Insurance etc and they have been around for longer than many other companies.

    I always deal with the same clerk though (not sure if I can give his name) he has been with the company for many years, a cockey fellow! I simply won't deal with anyone else from the same company who tries to undertake booking my holiday as I don't feel happy to do so- only once did I book it with someone from Jetline who had an unusual name (Italian or something- though everything was still as promised I must say). I felt inclined to give my view as my experience seems to have differed so much from the general concensus!

  • Mr
      28th of May, 2013
    0 Votes

    I have just booked a Summer break with them and am not impressed. They suggested another hotel whilst I was on the phone and I quickly looked at it online and agreed to go ahead. They then said that they would call me back in 15 minutes with the ref number. They called back and I requested to change the hotel, which they were fine with, suggesting various options. But it wasn't until they kept on saying each other hotel would be an additional cost that I got a little confused. It turns out their was a 50% cancellation fee, but they omitted to tell me this. They are not the easiest of people to deal with and understand, although they say that they are calling from London, it is clearly an Indian call centre. I don't have an issue with that but I do with honesty or lack of it. I even got to thec stage of asking them to break down the charges so I could understand why each holiday was working out more expensive, even though on their website, they were cheaper. They couldn't break down the cost and a Manager was never available to speak with and they couldn't say when would be avalable. After writing a complaint, I got a call but they were not willing to answer my complaint, so I have left the booking the same and will hope the Holiday is alright. I would not recommend Jetline Travel, JT Holiday Group or Deal of the Day, which are all names that they go by. You can book the holidays cheaper yourself with and airlines.

  • Da
      11th of Jun, 2013
    0 Votes

    Upon booking my holiday with Jetline, I then bumped into a lot of bad press, they have.
    My holiday was booked, a fee was agreed and, then extras on top, booking fee, baggage, transfers etc, etc, which sent it up a bit but still very, very cheap.
    I was worried coz it was £694 which I could ill afford to lose but, I was puzzled when only £370 was taken out of my account, but a few days later, the other £324 was taken as well, I have phoned Monarch and they have confirmed the payment.
    Jetline staff were courtious and polite, even if he was an Indian man called " Keith" or summat, hahahahah.
    So stop scare mongering people if your being charge too much. You should know it wasn't gonna be the same as on the screen.!!!...and, NO !!!, I don't work for Jetline, hahaha . I'll let you all know what my holiday is like on the 2nd October in Praia da Rocha, once again, thanks Jetline... anyone feel free to email me, I'm just an ordinary

  • Sa
      17th of Aug, 2013
    -1 Votes

    dose any one have any contact details that work for jtholidaygroup as their are things missing of my booking and can not get through to anyone who will help unless I pay extra even though I have already paid for the missing extras what a nightmare im having hope my holiday goes smoother

  • Pe
      8th of Mar, 2014
    0 Votes

    I would never book a holiday we these people again. It has all been very worrying and has caused sleepless nights. The holiday was booked for four people in February for a holiday in April and we paid in full for the price advertised on the website. An hour after paying we had a call from JT Travel saying they could'nt now offer the same price for the flights and we would all have to pay a further £59 each, which we foolishly did. We have since checked with Rynair, who the flights are with and it is only £64.00 return with On The Beach. We are now into March, six weeks before we go and they have now called to say the company they booked the rooms with who are Euro Rooms have gone into liquidation and we need to pay a further £59.00 each to keep the rooms. Is this a scam to get more money out of us? I think it may be and I will be conducting the travel agents ombudsman on Monday. People beware and I hope these complaints are read before you book a holiday with them.

  • Mu
      27th of Mar, 2014
    +1 Votes

    My review will be short ...NEVER EVER USE JETLINE HOLIDAYS. Everything negative that has been said above is true, and the staff are arrogant and incompetent and that includes the Senior Supervisors. I take 3-4 holidays a year all around the World and have never encountered such an unprofessional company. How are they allowed to get away with it. ABTA here I come.

  • Tr
      3rd of Apr, 2014
    -1 Votes

    I'm having terrible trouble with Jetline Cruises right now. Their Customer Care is non existent. I need to escalate a complaint very quickly or get to speak with a Senior Manager. Can any one help? Thanks

  • Mu
      4th of Apr, 2014
    0 Votes

    Try emailing this guy he does at least call you back. He denies everything and says his staff are wonderful (all lies) but he does call you back.

  • Mu
      4th of Apr, 2014
    0 Votes

    Following on from last email Adams phone number is 0203 697 5261 but as he is a "customer care manager" he only seems to work 9 - 5:30 then his phone is not answered. Good luck.

  • Le
      17th of Apr, 2014
    0 Votes

    dont use these ###..cheats

  • Sc
      9th of Jun, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I am the latest in a long line by the looks of things. booked a cruise/land holiday in Feb. instigated all communications once deposit was paid - no information volunteered by jetline repeated requests for confirmation of booking ignored (they try to say otherwise and said they had sent e-mails confirming details) only sent ones in answer to mine which stated confirmation would be sent after administration checked paperwork. Adamant that e-mails were sent in March suggested they check their service failures said only domestic users get these - absolute rubbish - I am a business and I get these notifications of failed e-mail delivery. The holiday we booked consisted of cabin upgrades, single occupancies etc. I requested a breakdown of this information so everyone involved could pay correct amounts. The booking confirmation? that has finally turned up 5 June gives a total amount split 3 ways. Their customer service dept. say that information can only be provided at time of booking and that an investigation would have to be raised as to how the issues have arose. Got a very obnoxious call from a Customer Service Manager today. All I can say is if you are reading this 'My Dear' you will know who you are. Was in full verbal flight from when she got connected to me, was abusive, rude, ignorant in denial that there has been irregularities with the booking and that they had checked all the recorded telephone calls etc. (hope she recorded hers today as I am requesting transcript (as is a consumers right under the data prot. act) of all conversations communications etc. so ABTA, CREDIT CARD COMPANY, OFFICE OF FAIR TRADING, HERE I COME. As for 'My Dear' Customer Service Manager - Wrong job 'My Dear' Customer Service Manager you should not be let loose amongst the public let alone be working in a customer services environment let alone in a managerial position. You should consider re-training for something more suitable for your nasty, noxious demeanor 'My Dear'
    I had never heard about Jetline Cruise before and only by responding to one of the weekly Top 20 from Travelzoo have I had the misfortune to become their latest victim - So yes everyone out their beware of this company and its practices because even now I still do not know what I had purchased other than a flight, train travel with accommodation, a cruise with a 'king converting'? cabin - no mention of the balcony, outside deck upgrade etc.

  • Ad
      22nd of Jul, 2014
    0 Votes

    Many thanks to you all - I was close to booking a Cunard Cruise from Cape Town but I think I will leave it for now!!

    Admiral of the Fleet

  • Ka
      2nd of Jan, 2015
    0 Votes

    I thought I booked a holiday to Ireland for 4 people on the 28/12/14, was told confirmation will be sent as they were the last seats on the flight. As of today we had heard nothing, called and was told that they had no information about the booking and that I should check our bank account to see if the money had been taken. Also told that they never received a call from my telephone number on the 28th for a booking - hopefully no money has been taken as they do not know what they are doing - you have to repeat yourself at least 3 times for what you want - never ever have I experience something like this when trying to book something over the telephone - DO NOT USE - if I had read the feedback earlier I would not have even called, what a waste of my time and telephone calls - but will not try to call Adam to complain about the service I have not had this will be the umpteem telephone call.

  • Ra
      20th of Mar, 2015
    0 Votes

    I have been dealing with Jetline for 4 months now. They are yet to resolve my complaint. I paid for a break away with hotel and return flights. What I got was a total nightmare from start to finish! A month before I was in contact with them regarding name changes as they spelled all the names wrong! I sent 2 emails with the names and spelled them over the phone and still got them wrong. When we arrived in our hotel, they had given us the wrong check in times and they always spelled our names wrong so how was I to give proof of my name. Then to top it all off, we were trying to check in for our return flight which we had paid for and surprise surprise they did not change our names for our returning flight! How can a company be so incapable of doing that! If you need to change your name for flights going out I'm sure you need it for returning. That wasn't even the best bit!! They had our flights coming home from a different airport with was 80km away from the city we were staying in. It would have cost over €1000 to change all there mistakes so it worked out cheaper to book new flights but that meant we had to stay in the airport for the night as we were given no choice. This was a trip away for my mams 60th Birthday and she got one to remember! They ruined that and that is something that money can not change. Now they feel that they have the right to not listen to my complaint as it has been going on for 4 months. Deal with it within 28 days. WHAT A JOKE! Groupon should not advertise them anymore if they can not do a deal right!!

  • Sa
      15th of Apr, 2015
    0 Votes

    I called these guys on my birthday to book a holiday. As others have said, they bumped up the price which I was expecting, but the price worked out over double what was advertised. I was also told they could no longer get the flight as advertised and that the flight they have found instead they would do at half price as a good will gesture. We were told it would be an additional £88 and we had until May to pay this. We then got our holiday documents through, showing an outstanding balance of £196. When I called "Aaron" (which clearly isn't his real name) he denied ever saying this and fobbed me of to customer services. I explained the situation and requested a call back, nothing. Two days later my boyfriend called and asked for the call to be listened to as "Aaron" was still denying saying this would be half price. They phoned back and told my boyfriend that they had listened to the call and we were never told £88. This is a complete lie! I was very angry at this and asked which call they listened to, as we had three separate calls with "Aaron" who had to keep calling us back. Again no response. We now have three weeks to pay an additional near on £200, which we cannot afford especially after them doubling the price of the holiday. They use the fact they have strong Indian accents to mask what they are really saying and add stuff on knowing you cant understand what they are saying. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY THEY ARE SCAMMERS AND LIARS and once they haver your money they couldn't care less about any issues. We have not had a holiday for five years and have saved and worked very hard to go on holiday this year, we are now understandably dubious about the holiday itself and wouldn't be surprised if this is a complete disaster. If "Aaron" is reading this, I hope you sleep well at night knowing you rip people off and lie for a living.

  • Or
      16th of Oct, 2015
    0 Votes

    I bought a Groupon to go to Amsterdam next January and haven't had a single problem so far. The dates I wanted were all booked up and I couldn't go on the other available dates due to exams so at a charge of only 29 euro each extra for myself and my boyfriend we got a different hotel and far better flights, and when they called me back today for me to pay the extra they hadn't changed the price at all. The woman I was speaking to was lovely as well so I can't complain. Just waiting for all my details to arrive and that's that. But after reading everything here I think I'll contact the hotel and the airline just to make sure.

  • Jo
      10th of Feb, 2018
    +1 Votes

    I will keep it simple. DO NOT BOOK ANY HOLIDAY WITH THIS COMPANY. They do not listen, they take your money, and then manage to cheat you of more. Their practices may be legal, but their service and customer care is rubbish. Would not recommend them to travel to hell on my death bed.

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