Jenkins Restorationsworst experience ever

Jenkins restoration — not fit for business
Make it stop! We are in the midst of repairs done by jenkins due to water damage in our home. They were recommended by our insurance company who has been our only advocate to date. We are thousands of dollars in the hole as a result of their damage. Since the day jenkins arrived to provide an estimate and we subsequently gave our consent for them to do the work:
1. We've never seen the project manager again.
2. We've had to prompt him to communicate about the most basic of items... To include emails and call their management without response as well.
3. They damaged two major pieces of furniture.
4. They damaged the new hardwood that they installed the day prior.
5.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Fairfax, VA They left a massive cleanup effort in the basement from the hardwood installation above.
6. They were smoking in our home.
7. They installed new vanities on top of tile that is to be torn out.
8. They installed new faucets that leaked, didn't work, and the sink drain didn't hold water.
9. They left sawdust and debris under the vanities.
10. They came in the house with wet/salty boots on and then up carpeted steps.
11. They schedule people to be here during a time that we advised we would not be here.

All of these issues have caused lost wages, heirloom furniture damage, further delays, and many additional issues beyond the water damage repairs they were retained to fix. I would use another restoration company without any hesitation if you value your home, your belongings, and your sanity. Exploring all manner of recourse to make this stop.

Jan 18, 2015

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