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South Africa

My name is Rikus, and i work for Furniture warehouse, we do third party financing trough you guys and my problem is the following

It has now happened for the 3 time in less than 4 months that we will apply for a financing quotation for one of our customers and due to various reasons the customer decides not to take the finance deal with Hi-Finance, and in each of these cases a email from me was sent to your application department stating that the customer is canceling any applications, but a time later we get a call from very angry customer stating that JDG is deducting money from there accounts.
Now in the past i brought this under the attention of the incomparable staff members working in THIRD PARTY ORIGINATION and after a huge battle they would refund the customer and cancel the somehow existing finance profile.
On the latest customer this has now happened to i sent all the info to every single email adress i have for JDG people i have dealt with, and to no surprise, out of the 8 peoplei have sent emails to pleading for help or just to point me in the right direction a total of 0 took the time to send me a email back.
Today i spent almost 80min on the phone being transferred from one person to another, not one person was interested in helping me and i was met with a general BAD attitude from the majority of the people i spoke to...

I am at my wits end, i have pleaded with everyone to assist me but JDG DOES NOT CARE and i have had enough

if there is anybody working for JDG who will help please contact me on the detail below, if not i will be escalating the matter as i have now done all i can.

Rikus Schutte
Furniture warehouse Boksburg

Jan 11, 2017

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