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We bought a LED tv from your Hi Fi Corporation store in Somserset West a couple of years back. The warranty ends on 25 Jan 2017 but this tv has blown its LED bulb twice in this time. We feel entitled to a new TV as this is still under warranty and every time it gets fixed it only lasts 2 months and then broken again.

I copy details here under: Hisense Service Repair Request Order [protected]

Message from husband to Hi Sense and Hi Fi Corp sent 22 Jan 2017:

Just to inform you that I will not accept another repair on this TV for you already repaired it once around August (that is after I was told the TV is not fixable for when the LED does not work its to expensive to fix it). So I was surprise that we received it back fixed after waiting a month for it?!! Now its broken again with the same problem.
The warranty is at the end on the 25 Jan. I will not accept a repair that will last only 2-3 months and then Im stuck with a brocken TV. The personele at Hisense factory told me that there was a problem with these models and they use to blow the LED frequently. So with all above mentioned I want a replacement new TV.

Please advise urgently!!!

Jan 25, 2017

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