JDG Financial Services / JD Group / discrepancies on my credit account, mr ts thushini id no:[protected]

i hereby lodge my utter dissatisaction about my account with Joshua Doore, my account is always debited each month until recently where your store will debit my account later in the month after the 25th of each month as agreed by ourselves, you are now sending me wrong statement reflecting that am in arrears with this account, i have been servicing this account via debit order for the last two years with no dishonour now that the account is about to be completed you come up with these shenanigans which are not only undermining me as a client but have racist tendency, am very much annoyed by your latest behaviour i feel am not being respected as a client may be because am a black south african however am going to take this matter further with Credit ombudsman and my lawyers about your treatment, i have never skip a month of payment from my side, you even fail to send me my account details in time via email, sfiso.[protected] which you people have, correct this gravy mistake and please contact me immediately [protected].am pissed and dissapointed in your service do not want to deal with your company anymore in future.Terry Thushini

Nov 25, 2017

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