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I bought this car on the Idea that I would improve my Credit. That's what they say in there add, Good cars for people with bad Credit. Yet it should be-We'll sell you a car just to see how much abuse you can take. I happened to get a better deal than most, considering all the consumers that have already complained, my car has only broke down once and I replaced the radiator Myself. You see, First thing I noticed was the front end had markings on the frame of a part that was from a junkyard. That is when I realized something else when my fan belt broke. I thought I bought a six cylinder yet the belt I bought did not fit and it was actually a four cylinder.I except full responsibility for this, since I never counted the spark plugs.Anyway, my real problems started from the first time I was a day late(over a year of on-time payments).The reason was, I was laid off because of work slowing, yet I started a side job.This side job I was working on wouldn't be finished till Sunday and I would be able to pay them on Monday instead of Friday, my regular day for direct payment from my bank account, witch I canceled the day I was let go.I called CNAC and let them know I would be getting a check on Monday.On Saturday half the people that I used as references called me and stated that CNAC was looking for me and I missed my car payment.Six family and friends for one day late!This was after I called and let them know my circumstances.This happened everytime I was a day Late regardless if I call in or not.I've begged to stop calling other people and they state -you signed that a day late we can take your car back and call these people anytime this happened.Harassment is a light word for the way these people work.I've been dealing with this for three years and just recently past the halfway mark for the amount I have to pay for this car.I paid $11, 000 for a this car, $180.00 every two weeks that's worth maybe $2, 000 now and I still owe 5, 500.Trying to get your credit status upgraded by this company is not only a Joke, its Humiliating, and the lack of respect, Degrading you to all the people you know(you have to list 12 peoples names addresses and numbers to CNAC just to get through the Financing part of buying the car, (thats all the people I know by the way).Never working with you, I'm convinced they make money somehow by Repossessing these vehicles. I still make these payments out of spite just to not let them ruin my credit completely. This Purchase has to be the worst mistake of my Financial Life.They could careless who they hurt or step on in your family to get they're money.I'm just barely holding on in this economy and to have this added stress of your worst nightmare of someone to owe money too.OK I have to tell you this One last situation-It was a Friday my car payment is due. I get another call from CNAC, this day is the due day, not a Late day, yet I've already been called five times to make my car payment(this happens every time on my due date).It happens to be 7:30 pm and I answer the phone happy that I have a Check in hand and let them know I will bring cash to the office in the morning. This seems to outrage the manager john that I would even consider waiting until tomorrow. He told me I still had time to Go to K-mart which has Check cashing and after cashing the check for a 5% fee, go to Western Union and Electronically send him the payment. I said this would probably cost me $30.00 to pay my payment in this manner. He said if I don't pay it tonoght I could lose my truck before I got up the next morning.These are the tactics that they continually throw at you if you are going to be a day late, not to mention the numerous times they say with Contempt "you can't find anyone to loan you the money!".These people are ruthless and I could go on all Day about similar situations. Someone Please Help...

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  • Li
      Aug 12, 2011

    I agree with you in everything. I used to work for cnac and unfortunately, the people they usually hire to run their businesses come from rent to own stores. That being said, the majority of them cannot make a difference when it comes to customers and/or product. These people want to run the business they way the "think" it should be run, not following policies and procedures already established by cnac (The company has it standards and if followed, customers will be treated with respect and decency) please, get in contact with cnac corporate office and make a complaint. Here is the information: customer service
    Jd byrider customer complaint form ...You can find the information at under cnac
    Good luck!

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  • Ca
      May 06, 2014

    I purshased my truck in decimber and i have had nothing but problems with it. I have taken it to them at least every two weeks. They continue to tell me that nothing is wrong with it even tho four people have driven it and witnessed the same problem. They told me that it was the transmission after i repeadedly told them that it was. They told me that they were going to put in a new or rebuilt trans but i found out that they just repaired a part. So the problem continues. Last week they said they would send it to the dealership to have it checked that if i rented a car they would reimburse me (Which they did not do the first time they had my car for 5 days) well with making a $360 car payment a month and all the other bills how can i afford that. I was yelled at by the store manager who informed me that he in charge of the store sales and financing and that he in charge of everything . I have had it.

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  • Me
      Jul 02, 2015

    So I normally will not do something of this nature and put a comment on a public forum but seeing as I have tried to address the problem with both my local office and corporate (I sat on hold for about an hour for corporate). I have had a car from JD Byrider in Janesville WI since December. I have had several issues with the car itself not to mention the financing company CNAC. Lets start with the direct deposit problems. I had signed up for CNAC to be able to automatically take my payments twice a month as that is how I get paid. I spoke to a representative on time as I was running low and knew I would not be able to make my full payment. I was assured that it was not a big deal and they would work with me (yeah right). So they took the $100 I said I could make plus the original payment out of my account. Not only causing my bank fees which fyi they will not cover even if its their fault but to default on a different loan payment which started my uphill battle. So then I had to discontinue letting them automatically pulling the payment from my account or my bank would be charging me the whole fee instead of just $50 dollars of it. So meanwhile I had mechanically issues with the car. It wouldn't start because the theft system got triggered almost daily where I had to sit and wait for 20 mins until it reset itself. It would just die at intersections for no apparent reason. Not to mention the awful rubbing noises that the brakes made every time I stopped. I called the mechanic each time I had an issue. I was told the first time that I would have to pay to get the car towed to shop as it would not start and come out of pocket for that. Thankfully I got a great tow truck driver who knew instantly what was wrong and how to fix it. But that cost me $75 dollars. Then my turn signals would not work, again I was told that I would have to schedule an appointment to drop off the car and leave it there so they could look at it. I went to Auto Zone where the did a diagnostic check (for free) and said that it was faulty wiring and as long as I did not touch my hazard button, my turn signals would work. I called JD Byrider again. I was again told that I would have to schedule an appointment but that would not be covered under my warranty. (ARE WE SEEING A TREND???) I have since then replaced a headlight, a taillight, two turn signal bulbs and my license plate light twice!!!. All not covered by the wonderful warranty.Now here comes the seriously amazing part, I call the mechanic at JD Byrider again because now my check engine light is on. I was told to go to Auto Zone. I explained that I had and they told me there is something wrong with the wiring. Now mind you I know very little about cares so I don't know what that means exactly. I know that it isn't safe. The mechanic then tells me that again it is probably not going to be covered under this fabulous warranty. Now so I ask him well what about the noise the breaks make when I stop? Guess what??? Brakes aren't covered under this fabulous warranty either. Now mind you I have had this car less than 4 months at this point. I did eventually give up on dealing with their mechanic as he seemed to know less than what he even cared about. Now comes to this month, I have had some financial difficulties that Id rather not get into but I will tell you have spoken to someone at CNAC the whole time! Not only did they harass my friends and family after I had already spoken to them but then they called my boss!!! Told him I was delinquent on debt and was there any way he could get a hold of me to fix it. Really? I just spoke with you less than an hour before that. Then I receive a repo order in the mail about a week ago. I call CNAC right away as I am very confused. I made a payment on 5/30 and spoke to them about the payment I was unable to make on 6/17. I was told by my representative that it was not a big deal and as long as I continued to speak with them and try to make some payments the car would not be repoed. Well today I go out to the parking lot at my job and guess what? The car is gone!!! My payment was due today and I had ever intention of going and making it as soon as I left work. So I call CNAC and they transfer me to this guy named GREG who I assume is a manager, only because he said it not because he actually acted with any professional behavior at all. When I was explaining or trying to see why this happened, I was greeted with a snotty attitude. When I asked why the car was taken He stated because they are not in the business of letting people drive around in THEIR cars for free. I stated that I did understand that but was confused as to why I was told not to worry about the repo order and that the rep went so far to even state that it was a mistake, he responded with "I am not going to stay on the phone all day arguing with you, are you gonna make a payment or not?" Whoa so professional. So I said "how much do I have to pay to get my car back". Now mind you I have missed 1 payment and payed a $100 dollars on the other payment so essentially at this point I around $416 in back payments with the one I was going to make but now have no way to go pay it. He refused to answer that question and said we would "discuss it" when I came in. So I said well honestly I don't have the full $416 so I guess I will just have to get the stuff out of my car. I was then told that I could not do that until they went through it and that would take at least 48 hours. I am now furious. My son's prescriptions were in the car. So now I have to wait until the earliest Saturday to get my son his medicine???? Then this guy hung up on me. I then turn around and call the corporate office because surely this isn't how a successful business and run, and I sit on hold for about an hour. Then they hang up on me!!! I will be contacting a lawyer and finding out what my legal options are at this point as they have made it obvious they no longer want my business or my money.

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  • Pi
      Feb 27, 2016

    Can't agree more. One day late even though payments are due on saturday or sunday and they everyone on your reference list
    Funny thing is they neglect to mention this when selling you a vehicle
    Also i've had nothing but major problems from day one
    To date i've spent over $800 out of pocket for items that should have been checked and covered
    I travel a lot for work this vehicle had left more than once out of state and after hours for the amazing service department the answer i received when calling was "too bad you should have waited until you could contact our service department "
    This is not acceptable service
    I would never recommend purchasing a vehicle from jd buyrider ever
    Completely disgusted in virginia

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  • Pi
      Oct 21, 2016

    I have had a car from them for over two years never missed a payment. I called them up on a Thursday to let them know I cannot make my payment til Tuesday because my work took work away on Friday's so I have one less work day. The first thing I was asked was can I borrow the money from someone really is that even a good practice toward the consumer. We got thru that the lady told me to call back on day payment due which was the next day to let them know that I will pay on Tuesday I called them promptly first thing in morning told person I had called yesterday and was told to call back today to verify I would not have payment till Tuesday the representative then proceeds to say well since they took a work day away how do you expect to pay your next payment 2weeks from now so I told her it is truly none of her business as long as bill is payed. I was then told they have the right to ask what they want that's one wrong answer. Little do they realize I am a business owner myself so avoid buying car from them no how good you are on your payments or just struggling because something didn't work out right they don't care. There needs to be less bad in a business that is supposed to help and understand people there act like they have never had a setback of any sort and are better than us who are buying their crappy used...

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  • Le
      Jan 16, 2017

    They like to lie and say that you are approved and then they turn around and then they do a budget and they over charge things on your budget and tell you that you don't make enough even though you have a cosigner and they have great credit. So I would never recommended this car lot to anyone.

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  • Da
      Oct 30, 2017

    @Lewis Jones4664 Be happy that you were turned down! This place is nothing that you want to deal with! They're rude and disgusting. They have absolutely no business sense and absolutely no tact at all. This company as a whole is bogus and you being turned down was a blessing. I wish I had payed attention to the signs that I had...

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  • Ed
      Apr 07, 2017

    CNAC and JB Byrider is all the same company they are not different companies I have called the corp number for CNAC and to my surprise lol lady answered JB Byrider.. At this point I am heated. They stated to me 1400.00 down payment which they received in cash. Thinking this was towards payments towards the truck lmmfao just found out yesterday that it did not told me it went to the DMV. Another lie out their mouth. I called DMV twice today just to confirm what the first person told me. In my state its 4.15% sale and use tax plus tag title etc etc amount of 608.00 not 1400.00 I asked to see receipts on how much was actual paid all i got was a lot of mouth and they all tried to talk over me and act like I was a damn fool. I clearly told them I believe every last review up here simple fact is the story is the same. Now however I never missed a payment I am always on time until I lost my debit card couple days before payment and they said the same ### to me borrow it and give them my bank account and route number ctfu umm i have a direct deposit card from my company and don't have those numbers they want to argue with me and tell me what my card has. I was only being nice just in case my new card did not arrive on time. I wish I never go involved with these people. If I hear of anybody looking for a car I tell them point blank do not deal with these people now I am stuck until 2020 smmfh

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  • Mi
      Feb 10, 2018

    @Edna Taylor Until 2020, try again. I've had tis car since 2013 and should have been paid off July 2017. They said no your expected pay off date is Oct.24, 2017. Well Oct.24 comes and goes and they said that I still owed interest and they will not give me my title until I pay. It is now Feb. 2018 and I am STILL paying.

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  • Ol
      Jun 16, 2018

    This company is really got the court system plugged me and my girlfriend went to jd byrider ov Euclid oh this company is very unprofessinal they have that problem ov lying to the courts me and my girlfriend bout a used car with 106, 000 mils on the dashboard one day before our payment was dew after we paid 450 + 400+ 400 deferred down payment as I test drove the car I noticed that the front breaks were squeaking and rubbing I told the sales rep that someone should look at the breaks they told me to drive the car if the problem persists to bring it into the mechanic shop they would fix it I took the car back on the 4th ov July ov 16 they said I had to have appointment so I had a doctors appointment so I had reschedule I had a 1, 000$ deductible the company said they would repo my car with my local police station I know that this company would lie I took this company to small claims court I had all of my important documents I was treated like I child that made a mistake I’m am in my late 30, s I fill thatJD BY RIDER should be shut down they are known for getting away for ripping consumers off then coming back to insult the intelligence ov someone that was s very smart they would tell a lie real quick I’m very surprised that the court system even allows this company to get away with this typ ov error my thing is where is the class action lawsuits on to about this typ ov treatment if I was these people that suffers fro this dealer my advice to go threw and take this company to the superem court thus is only the way that the company will ever be stopped I took them to court about a yr ago start boycotting this typ ov error in our city’s they can’t stop freedom ov speech and I know to whomever reads this that’s a official ov this typ ov misconduct that they would get the company shut down but I’m understanding that these sleeze balls our use to this that’s why we can’t begin to understand now I’m just 2 ov what’s going on butt there’s a huge amount ov customers that lost because ov this company but I have a blind left eye so if they did it to me what makes me think that there’s justice with company’s stop giving to sleeze balls ov this error if we stop giving business to these rats they’ll stop the doing this to average honest people let me we are cause as soon as I find me a lawyer to help me take this company to junk yard then so be it I’m gonna fight until I win u heard me I’m In the process now ov taking these rats to the supervenes court so follow threw don’t let this rats scare u they gonna fold before it gets to hott frfr so my apologies to all that went threw a traumatizing error I’m processing my report for the FTC as we speak God Bless All

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  • Ou
      Jul 06, 2018

    We bought our car from JDByrider in 2014. We had no problem with them or CNAC until recently. We just bought another vehicle from another dealership to replace the second car that we had. Due to illness, we were not able to keep up on payments for both vehicles. However, when we called CNAC to ask that they take the vehicle back, we were informed that it would show as a repossession on our record (DUH!) and that they were willing to work with us by lowering our payments temporarily. We agreed and attempted to sell the car for what was owed on it. After several weeks of making payments on a car that we could not afford, we decided that we had no other choice but to let the car be repossessed. We even took the car to the lot and left it for them to repossess. My husband called to make sure that they received the vehicle and we were told to come get the vehicle that they did not want it back. However, they did expect payment for it still! We did go get the car and let it sit in our drive while out of town. Upon our return, we began using the car again. It was involved in an accident and the claims adjuster from our Insurance company came out and declared it totaled! This is where it gets really bad. First, we informed CNAC that the vehicle was totaled and the insurance company would be contacting them for the info that they needed to send them a check. They asked for pictures of the vehicle to prove that it was damaged. For Pete's sake! Our insurance sent an adjuster out to verify this information and they had no reason to doubt his report! We were sent a POA paper to have signed and notarized so that the insurance company could take possession of the vehicle. We were told that we could get it notarized at the office. We took the paper in, signed the paper and the lady at the desk took it and stated "I know what to do with this." Now, we should have been a little more vigilant in this action but we assumed that CNAC was smart enough to send it to the proper individual to get paid for their car! They were not!!! My husband and I both received a text today (we signed the paper on Monday) reminding us of a payment due. When we contacted the insurance company, we were told that they had everything that they needed to pay CNAC EXCEPT the POA!!! So, I called CNAC and was told that we should just go ahead and make a payment of $99 to keep this from showing up on our credit as a late payment. I was also told that insurance companies take time to make the payments but that they had mailed (snail mail) the POA to the insurance company already. I informed them that this was not the manner of delivery that the insurance company asked for and would they please send me a copy of the POA so that I could send it to the insurance company myself? They sent me the copy and low and behold...It was NOT NOTARIZED!!! There was no date, or notarization on the POA at all, just our signatures!!! Unbelievable!!!
    We were informed by CNAC that their insurance company did not require notarization...but they are not dealing with THEIR insurance company. So, the account manager that we were dealing with went ahead and notarized the paper, back dating it to Monday and emailed me a copy of the paper. I sent it to the auto auction that needed it and the insurance company is cutting them a check today for the amount to pay off the car! See how easy that was????? It is complete and utter incompetence on their part! They better not even think about hitting out credit with a late payment after this ridiculous mess! I will be making sure that it does not happen that way!!

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  • Cy
      Jun 05, 2019

    DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY--They have lied and lied. Everyone is so right about the payments--one day late and ur's plus all references phone will ring off the hook. I do not know where the company finds local to corporate personnel but they need to be fired. NO RESPECT or kindness will be displayed. I have had this car since November 2015 and I still owe $8500. on a 2011 escape. Now i am arguing with JDBrider to give me a vechicle to get home and back while the car is fixed. I am 67 y/o female that just had surgery with no family or friends within my area. Told Car is unsafe to drive with inspection--oh best part JDByrider fixed the bearings in the front wheel and they are shot again???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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