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I paid $1000 for my book to be published by iuniverse. I spoke with an agent by the name eddie wright who told me I can take my time on whenever I am ready to start the book, he said even if it takes me more than 5years I can still come back and continue anywhere I stopped and if I decide not to write the book again, I will have my deposit refunded back at any time. I have never sent a manuscript to them or even a book title. Now, I am ready to start working on my book when they told me eddie wright is no longer in the office and I am attached to Denise Benefiel who told me they cannot publish a cookbook in colored formats. in my cookbook I have all full colors and full image of my catering. since they cannot publish a real cookbook with real photos instead of the black and white images. I asked them to refund my money back as stated but denise told me its more than 6 months and I will not be getting any refund back. this is not what I was told when I made my $1000 down payment. I need my refund back as promised. please help me

Jan 16, 2015

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