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. In the popular Soap opera EMMERDALE which is on at teatime there is a clear and disturbing agenda to promote rampant homosexuality. There are a ridiculous unatural proportion of ''gay people'' in this Village! GUYS AND WOMAN in bed together kissing etc. I find this really disturbing, getting peddled week after week. It is horrible!! I am more concerned about children seeing this. This is totally wrong, very inapropraite certainly not what ordinary folks wants to see, and I feel for children being subjected to perversion every night in a soap opera set in the Dales.
Country life is obviously seen as a moral even beautiful thing straight people do not want to see this homosexual ''action'' WAKEN UP ITV! WE are sick of your filth and perversion!

Jan 20, 2015
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      Jul 28, 2013
    Itv Emmerdale - Episode
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    1 would like to complain about an Episode of Emmerdale last friday where it showed the death of Gennie caused by a car accident and then being suffocated by Cameron. Is it really necessary to show such detail especially when children could have been watching as the programme was aired at 7 pm which is well before the watershed. I felt physically sick watching this and feel that Emmerdale which used to be a very nice gentle soap which i really enjoyed has now become quite violent and portrays nastiness. I feel they are doing this to boost ratings. I am definately going to stop watching this soap

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