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My engagement ring nightmare!! Avoid. Avoid. Avoid. No matter how much you like the design or the price of what they are selling, i would strongly recommend not buying from them under any circumstance.

Ring quality:
- after two hours of wearing the ring, a diamond had fallen out. After a week, three diamonds had fallen out.
- after a week of wearing the ring, the entire band snapped, as in broke in half. She was intending to wear this ring for the rest of her life and it snapped all the way through after 1 week (Despite her being careful and taking the ring off during exercise, sleep, cooking, etc.). It snapped while she was picking flowers for her bouquet.
- they advertise as selling i-1 and s-1 quality diamonds, multiple jewelers laughed when they say how terrible the diamonds were. They are nowhere near that quality.
It gets worse: we have taken the ring in to other local jewelers and here are a few things they have said:
1. "i don't know where i could even find diamonds that low of quality to fill the missing diamonds." he then put my ring next to a similar style that he had and the dull yellow-brown hue of my ring was easily apparent. The difference in diamond clarity was shocking.
2. The ring is not a circle, its a uneven oval shape.
3. Another jeweler, "this is terrible craftsmanship, i'm surprised more diamonds haven’t fallen out.”
4. "i've been in this business for almost 15 years and this may be the lowest quality diamond ring i have seen. I'm sorry, but you got screwed on this one."
These quotes came from visits to the following jeweler's in utah (Sierra west, custom ring design, jared's, hur designers, shane co., and kay)

Customer service:
If you haven't decided to go somewhere else yet, here"s the worst part: my customer service experience. If i were to fully write out my customer service experience i would end up an old bitter man before i finished. I am over two weeks into trying to get to a reasonable resolution here and i have had zero progress. I have been on the phone with them every day. By the way, i am a customer service manager so i am very familiar with what good and bad customer service looks like. And this is the worst experience i personally have had.

Here are the options they are giving me:
1: exchange this ring for a new one that is the exact same. My fiance is planning to wear this ring the rest of her life, and it didn't even last one week. Why would i want the exact same ring?
2. Exchange it for another ring on the website and pay the difference. There are no other rings on the site that are reasonably close to the 11 mm pavé style ring we purchased. And why would i want another crap ring from them?

All i want is my money back. All i want is to walk away and never talk to or hear from again. Just give me a refund and let me go. They keep saying that i am past the 30-day return policy. Even if it was within 30 days, they wouldn't give me a refund because the ring was worn and the tag was removed, so stop bringing up the freaking 30-day policy!! This isn't an issue where we don't like the look or the style of the ring. This is an issue of you sold a piece of crap that broke a week after putting it on and i have zero confidence in anything you send me now. The only moral thing for them to do is give me a refund, but they are morally bankrupt and i'm just screwed.

Update: never gave me a refund, but amex did through their consumer protection policies.

Dec 08, 2016

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