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ItsHot.com Complaints & Reviews

The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
ItsHot.comDiamond ring

The code of the item that I bought is 420001 and the order code is F-784001-AH. The ring that I received is different from the one that is shown in the video of the item at itshot.com. in the video you can see that the center of the ring is higher than the center of the ring that I got. The diamonds are smaller too. In the pictures on the website the prongs on the small diamonds are white gold even though the ring is yellow gold, but in my ring that is yellow gold, the prongs on the small diamonds are yellow gold not white gold. One of the diamonds is not well set. It is set not straight. One of its edges is higher than others and it will screch your finger if you move your finger on this diamond, it also stuck on my clothes when I move my hand. This bothers me and let you think that this diamond will fell off after some times. The guy that helped me with the order, Arthur Bennett, promised me that I will receive a SI diamond ring but my appraisal says that my ring has SI-I clarity diamonds. I told him that it was very important to me to receive SI quality diamonds like he promised to me but this didn't happen. The ring that is shown in my appraisal is not the exact same ring that I received. It is same model but not the same ring. This is why I will not give 5 stars Itshot.com but I will not give 1 star either because I like this ring alot. It is thick. As far as I can tell the stones are real diamonds, they are shiny. No diamonds has fell off until now. i have almost two months that I am wearing it.

Diamond ring
Diamond ring
Diamond ring
Diamond ring
Diamond ring

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    The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

    • ItsHot.com's response · Aug 12, 2021

      Thank you for the thorough review we forwarded it to management. Couple of notes: the ring is the same model as pictured, the "white gold" around diamonds is actually rhodium that is put over yellow that is supposed to give better shine to diamonds, but since quite a few customers asked us not to do it as the diamonds shine nicely about it and they prefer the all yellow look, we stopped doing on new production. But if you would like us to put white rhodium to be as per picture we sure can do it for you at no cost. The diamond you pointed out should also be fine, if it will become lose we will replace it for you for free or again you are welcome to either bring the ring to us or mail it and we will reset it if you wish. The diamonds though are the same size, I would like to point out that in the image you are comparing your ring to our enlarged online picture, your image is TWICE smaller (you are showing all 11 outside diamonds in the ring in your image, while showing exactly half: 5.5 diamonds in our image), so you are comparing full view of ring to half view of ring in our image, obviously in our image diamonds will look larger. I am attaching a picture with your own image but our pictured ring in proper dimensions added on the bottom comparative to your ring, and you can see that diamonds are exactly the same size. As always: we provide full 100% money back guarantee, so any item can be returned for any reason as long as it is in original condition, and even if you would like us to make any updates/repairs after the 30 days, we will definitely do them for you.
      Mike R.


    • Fa
      Fabio123 Aug 12, 2021

      This is the photo that shows the difference in the center area.


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    • Fa
      Fabio123 Aug 12, 2021

      Thank you for the quick reply! Don't get me wrong. I love this ring and I am happy that I bought it. It is my favorite jewellry among all my jewellery and you have the lowest prices that I have seen. The photo that I uploaded that you refer was uploaded to show that the prongs was not white but yellow. there is another image that I have try the rings to be in the sime size when I have put 2 photos together. I am writing this because I hope that you will fix this and my perfect Jewellery store will exist. I am not completely satisfied because:

      1 The guy that helped me with my order promised me that I will get SI clarity diamonds but according to my appraisal my ringa has SI-I clarity diamonds.

      2 The center area of the ring is higher in yours images of the ring than the ring that I got. This is very obvious, you can see this at the photos that I uploaded.

      3 The photo in my appraisal is not the ring that I got but is another ring that is the same model. So this means that the appraisal doesn't prove that my ring has the specifics that are told at appraisal. It proves that another ring that is the same model with mine has those specifications.

      Please fix these issues so I will not have to think where should I do my next purchase.

      Thank you!


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    May 14, 2019

    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    ItsHot.com — 10k gold franco chain 3.5mm 28”

    Got ripped off. Charged me $1485. For a 10k gold Franco chain 28" 3.5mm. Only weighing 35 grams. When they go...

    ItsHot.comdiamond ring

    My engagement ring nightmare!! Avoid. Avoid. Avoid. No matter how much you like the design or the price of what they are selling, i would strongly recommend not buying from them under any circumstance.

    Ring quality:
    - after two hours of wearing the ring, a diamond had fallen out. After a week, three diamonds had fallen out.
    - after a week of wearing the ring, the entire band snapped, as in broke in half. She was intending to wear this ring for the rest of her life and it snapped all the way through after 1 week (Despite her being careful and taking the ring off during exercise, sleep, cooking, etc.). It snapped while she was picking flowers for her bouquet.
    - they advertise as selling i-1 and s-1 quality diamonds, multiple jewelers laughed when they say how terrible the diamonds were. They are nowhere near that quality.
    It gets worse: we have taken the ring in to other local jewelers and here are a few things they have said:
    1. "i don't know where i could even find diamonds that low of quality to fill the missing diamonds." he then put my ring next to a similar style that he had and the dull yellow-brown hue of my ring was easily apparent. The difference in diamond clarity was shocking.
    2. The ring is not a circle, its a uneven oval shape.
    3. Another jeweler, "this is terrible craftsmanship, i'm surprised more diamonds haven’t fallen out.”
    4. "i've been in this business for almost 15 years and this may be the lowest quality diamond ring i have seen. I'm sorry, but you got screwed on this one."
    These quotes came from visits to the following jeweler's in utah (Sierra west, custom ring design, jared's, hur designers, shane co., and kay)

    Customer service:
    If you haven't decided to go somewhere else yet, here"s the worst part: my customer service experience. If i were to fully write out my customer service experience i would end up an old bitter man before i finished. I am over two weeks into trying to get to a reasonable resolution here and i have had zero progress. I have been on the phone with them every day. By the way, i am a customer service manager so i am very familiar with what good and bad customer service looks like. And this is the worst experience i personally have had.

    Here are the options they are giving me:
    1: exchange this ring for a new one that is the exact same. My fiance is planning to wear this ring the rest of her life, and it didn't even last one week. Why would i want the exact same ring?
    2. Exchange it for another ring on the website and pay the difference. There are no other rings on the site that are reasonably close to the 11 mm pavé style ring we purchased. And why would i want another crap ring from them?

    All i want is my money back. All i want is to walk away and never talk to or hear from itshot.com again. Just give me a refund and let me go. They keep saying that i am past the 30-day return policy. Even if it was within 30 days, they wouldn't give me a refund because the ring was worn and the tag was removed, so stop bringing up the freaking 30-day policy!! This isn't an issue where we don't like the look or the style of the ring. This is an issue of you sold a piece of crap that broke a week after putting it on and i have zero confidence in anything you send me now. The only moral thing for them to do is give me a refund, but they are morally bankrupt and i'm just screwed.

    Update: itshot.com never gave me a refund, but amex did through their consumer protection policies.

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      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      ItsHot.comdiamonds fall out of ring

      We purchased a ring from its hot due to its cheap prices. However when we got the ring we realized why the prices were so cheap. The diamonds began falling out of the ring after only two weeks of wearing it ( not even wearing it at night and other activities that might not be good for the ring ). We contacted "customer service" and they said to send the ring back and they'd be happy to fix it. After spending $30 of my own money to ship it back we got the ring and only after 2 days diamonds feel out again. You would think spending $1000 on a ring we would at least have a ring with diamonds in it. Needless to say the company will not refund our money nor pay for shipping the ring back once again to have it fixed. This company is not worth the discount. The ring is unwearable and $1000 down the drain.

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        The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

        • ItsHot.com's response · Oct 23, 2013

          My name is Mike R and I will respond to this review on behalf of ItsHot.com.
          First of all we always take care of our customers and if something like this would have happened the second time shipping would be paid by us. We process thousands of orders and sold literally tens of thousands of items to date. As the jewelry is hand made once in a while a design can have a problem (as with anything, when you purchase a car you get a 5 year warranty to cover you in case something goes wrong), that is why we provide a 1 year full warranty on our items so all repairs will be free. Most items never require repairs (otherwise we'd be long gone out of business) but once a while as with anything it can happen and repairs will be done for free in such a case.
          That said the above complaint does NOT look like one of our customers: we did a search in our database for any problems with rings ranging from $900 to $1, 100 in the last 3 months (the above review indicated that $1, 000 was spent on the ring in problem) and we did not have any customers contacting us with any problems about their orders, hence this review is not written by a true customer.
          Regarding comment from jamesisajeweler: his comment is a lie. This person is a fake jeweler, does not even have a real business, our clients did not contact him and he is a fraud. His comments are not true (we did contact him).

          Mike R

        • ItsHot.com's response · Dec 08, 2013

          We are running a completely open business. We have been in business since 2005 (real business with a physical location which you can visit and view/purchase merchandise in person, unlike some who claim to be "jewelers").
          We have processed and shipped tens of thousands of orders and try to take care of every single customer. Unfortunately with some it is not possible, and out of tens of thousands of orders processed you will find a few complains online, which we also took or taking care of. And we do not appreciate lying comments from any "jewelers" who never had a jewelry business.
          We are Inc 5000 company and although we are not members of BBB we are rated by BBB (currently as of Dec 8th 2013 A+ rating) . So again, we have nothing to hide, our business is completely open and we always strive to provide great service. We are confident in our business, prices and items we sell and that is why we are one of the very few businesses who offer real 24/7 live customer support, one year warranty on all jewelry we sell, 30 days money back guarantee and absolutely no restocking fees, so our customers can have a complete piece of mind when purchasing from us.

          Mike R

        • ItsHot.com's response · Jan 08, 2014

          Most of your comments don't make any sense, but we will respond. Yes, as indicated above you should research any business who you intend doing business with.

          With all your comments and research as you can see yourself you are only able to find about 5 online complaints, most of which were worked out with customers to turn them into satisfied customers and they came back to purchase more from us.

          With us being in business for 8 years now (real jewelry business, with actual physical location that you can visit) and a very successful business, having processed tens of thousands of orders (we are completely open about our business and are INC 5000 company, rated by many agencies including BBB) having 5 online complaints is a very good track record, but even most of those customers as you can see we worked through the problems and took care of them turning them into satisfied and repeat customers.

          ANY successful business with thousands of customers will have a few online complaints, including Zales and any other business. Even Mercedes and BMW will have some complaints if you research them, although them make great cars. It is how the business handles those, defines its service level and how satisfied the customers are.

          As stated in previous responses we are a real business and we do listen to our customers and although as you can see from above research with thousands and thousands of orders processed we have an excellent customer satisfaction record we are still constantly improving. For example: we've added 24/7 live customer support (you can contact us any time day or night to ask a product question or solve any problem). We used to have restocking fees, we listened to our customers who were not happy with those and the restocking fees were removed, so now you can make a purchase and if you are unsatisfied FOR ANY reason you can return your item(s) as long as they are in brand new, original condition.

          Again, although we are not members of BBB we are rated by them as an A+ business and we have an actual physical location in NYC which you can visit, view items we sell in person and make a purchase right there.

          So no matter if you are purchasing from our NYC physical location or purchasing online with our 24/7 customer support, 100% money back guarantee (absolutely no restocking fees), one year warranty and free fully insured shipping within USA you have absolutely no risk by purchasing from us.

          Mike R

        • jamesisajeweler Jan 19, 2014

          My FACTUAL COMMENTS are NOT supposed to make any sense to you Mike Ross! You're a SHADY JEWELRY BUSINESS! Now I want you to post this "ALLEGED" REPORT you have on my business and I so the readers here can review it!

          When you post your FRAUDULENT, SHADY, DEFAMATORY REPORT about my business and I on this site, I shall and will SHUT YOU DOWN COMPLETELY! I GUARANTEE YOU OF THIS FACT! Now go right ahead and post what you "ALLEGE" you have on my business and I.

          ATTENTION READERS: Mike Ross sent me this INBOX MESSAGE below that I am going to COMPEL him to prove to you, as well as myself. I received this INBOX MESSAGE from him below:

          Mike-R 5th of Jan, 2014

          Report includes that he was not able to locate a jewelry business in your name nor the location where you indicated customers who are not happy with our service came. You do not file business taxes, which means you are a fraud and moreover since you do make some sales and do not report them you should be further investigated and reported to IRS as well.

          Mike Ross

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        • jamesisajeweler Jan 04, 2014

          UPDATE TO THIS POST: Everyone I want you all to be VERY CAREFUL of the POSITIVE COMMENTS concerning the jewelry IT'SHOT.COM is selling! I have come to find out that they're asking people who've NEVER purchased their POOR QUALITY JEWELRY to post POSITIVE COMMENTS about them. So that the POSITIVE COMMENTS will out number their NEGATIVE ONLINE COMMENTS!

          When an ETHICAL JEWELRY STORE does RESPONSIBLE, RESPECTABLE business, they don't have to continuously DEFEND the QUALITY OF THEIR JEWELRY to the customers who bought it! So to you Mike Ross? We could care less about what you have to say here, the INTERNET JEWELRY BUYING CONSUMERS HAVE SPOKEN about ITS'HOT.COM and their comments are NEGATIVE!

          To EVERYONE reading my FACTUAL COMMENTS here I ask that you visit the links below to see what i'm talking about, and PLEASE read ALL of the comments where IT'SHOT.COM is DEFENDING the QUALITY of their POORLY MADE JEWELRY mixed in with their POSITIVE COMMENTS too:



          /link removed/






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        • jamesisajeweler Jan 04, 2014

          Mike Ross STOP trying to defend that SHADY JEWELRY BUSINESS you currently work for, that has far too many ONLINE COMPLAINTS to count! It'shot.com is a MICROWAVE MESS and the proof is online. There's nothing you can say that will ever defeat that FACT!

          Again EVERYONE I REQUEST that you google: It'shot.com COMPLAINTS

          You will clearly see that Mike Ross is a LIAR and his comments above are WORTHLESS at best! DO NOT SPEND YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY WITH IT'SHOT.COM or else you too will be filing your very own COMPLAINT on this site against them!

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        • jamesisajeweler Nov 20, 2013

          UPDATE TO THE COMPLAINANT'S POST HERE: On October 23, 2013 I received the INBOX MESSAGE below from this Mike Ross character above, that I find COMICAL and PATHETIC all in one. To you Mike Ross I am A REAL ATLANTA JEWELER and I can VERIFY THIS FACT UPON ANYONE'S REQUEST ON THIS SITE! I don't owe your FRAUDULENT ### any explanation for the COMPLAINTS i've heard from online customers who've spent their money with your SHADY STORE.

          Mike Ross continue DENYING this COMPLAINANT ever spent any money with your SHADY BUSINESS but they know they did, and I do believe the COMPLAINANT of this post and not you. As I told you in my response back to your WORTHLESS INBOX MESSAGE to me, do what you need to do when it comes to me. And I will certainly show you that i'm far from the COMPLAINANT of this post.

          You don't scare me in any way and if you don't believe me TRY ME so I will be waiting!


          EVERYONE HERE'S THE "WORTHLESS INBOX MESSAGE" Mike Ross sent to me below on October 23, 2013 that I could honestly give a rat or cat's ### about! Mike Ross you need to spend far more time making QUALITY JEWELRY as I do, than WASTING YOUR TIME DEFENDING THE TRASHCAN JEWELRY YOU'RE SELLING TO THE ONLINE JEWELRY BUYING PUBLIC!

          Mike-R23rd of Oct, 2013
          My name is Mike Ross and I am contacting you on behalf of ItsHot.com regarding your post ItsHot.com — diamonds fall out of ring
          We did research on you: you are not a real jeweler nor have you had "many of ItsHot.com customers come to you wanted to buy your jewelry because they had bad experience with us". If you review is not removed we will be pursuing legal action as it is a lie and is damaging to our reputation and causes us real financial losses.
          Tim Sheetz
          ItsHot.com Legal Team

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        • jamesisajeweler Oct 05, 2013

          Being an Atlanta jeweler as well as a reputable online jeweler, and jewelry consultant. I hate that you had this bad experience with this company. I don't do business with ITSHOT DOT COM but I have heard many complaints about them, their jewelry, as well as their customer service.
          I've had many online customers come to me wanting to buy jewelry from me, after their very bad experience with ITSHOT DOT COM. Because they see that i'm not going to treat them the way this company treated them.

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        ItsHot.com — failed to deliver what was paid for and won't respond

        After looking for several months for a special piece of jewelry for a significant milestone anniversary for...

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        The complaint has been investigated and
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        ItsHot.com — selling fake gold jewelry

        I purchased a gold necklace from ItsHot.com. It was advertised as Solid 14kt gold. The jewelry I received...

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