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internet telephony/telephone company italkbb gave me run around by not providing standard customer service record (csr) to the recipient company and also not providing italkbb's correct address during the process, thereby preventing the porting of telephone number for three months, despite of 450 minutes on the phone with italkbb and recipient company (many times with conference call among all three parties (two company and myself)). (both company had phone and computer record of the numerous phone calls that I had with them.) I provided you an email(attached) sent by italkbb regarding my customer service record. I forwarded this email to the recipient company,, on Dec 20, 2015 and the porting process was still denied by italkbb. The porting process started in October, 2015 and experienced denial by italkbb at least 3 times. After I called the 9th time to italkbb on 1/4 and 1/6, italkbb sent me an email saying the problem that I experienced was due to the wrong address that italkbb provided in their "csr" previously. (I can provide detail email copy if needed). I seriously doubt italkbb's claim. italkbb can not made the same "mistakes" 8 consecutive times over three month. italkbb just want to me to keep paying to them. If you google similar experience that I had with italkbb, you will find plenty of such example. This is an unethical company.


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      Jan 14, 2017

    Exact same tactics they used on my account too. Blocked transferring for weeks by giving unexplained reasons. I finally terminated the account losing my number. Be aware you may never be able to get your number back once they have you locked in. Highly recommend avoid this vendor.

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