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Irvine Company / Scam

1 United States Review updated:

This might seem as an ordinary story to others, but it definitely represents much more to us, it is injustice committed by the wealthy and powerful against innocent law abiding citizens. We have lost our confidence in almost all elected officials and in most of the government departments; however, we want our voice to reach all those who are sitting somewhere in their offices, under the false pretence of representing their constituents especially those representing the state of California. We are almost certain that exposing those who are responsible for our pain and suffering would not prompt any official to confront those wealthy individuals who have harmed us, because that would jeopardize their special relationship and potential future donations, but we are committed to reveal what happen to us whether someone is concerned or not about our well being. This is about retaliation and discrimination; retaliation by a big name CEO who employs his network of agents and attorneys to harass and intimidate those who are much less wealthy than he is, those who dare confront him in any way, such as practicing their right as granted by the Law; and why wouldn’t he? When he owns almost an entire county in California, it is easy, as long as he has such huge wealth he can buy anything, from attorneys, to federal government employees to elected officials. This way he can rest assured that his name would remain untarnished. Since we are certain our civil rights have been violated, we are going to put down facts, names and dates as it happened. We live in Santa Maria Apartments in Irvine, Orange County California since December 2004. It is owned by Mr. Donald Bren; CEO, real estate developer, investor, owner and chairman of the board of The Irvine Company; oh, sorry, correction, he does prefer to be called The Philanthropist Mr. Donald Bren, who has been ranked high on Business Week magazine’s list of “The 50 Most Generous Philanthropists”. We’ve been retaliated against and harassed by Mr. Bren’s agent and attorneys just for practicing our lawful rights. Imagine that Mr. Philanthropist, as he preferred to be called, has retaliated against a senior citizen mother and her daughter who are both in a bad physical condition due to a car accident, by Revoking their lease renewal offer, cancelling their current lease and transferring it to month-to-month, just to squeeze out of them about $300.00 a month in retaliatory rent increase. Immediately after the act of retaliation we contacted The Fair Housing Council of Orange County, they agreed it was a clear case of retaliation which is definitely a violation of the Fair Housing Act, and advised us to send a letter to the landlord/manager, and told us to call them back if we didn't receive any answer. We did send a letter to Ms. Christine Haneishi, our community manager who initiated the retaliation as the Landlord's representative. When we received no answer we contacted once again the Fair Housing (They have instructed us to do so), we informed them with what happened, so they promised to call us back, but they never did. On April 2, 2008 we filed a Civil lawsuit Pro Per in California Superior Court, Central Justice Center in Santa Ana, Orange County. We are not going as far as saying every employee in the court is a bigot, racist, or would stoop so low to please that Corporate tycoon and his entourage of lawyers; on the contrary, most of those who work there are efficient, hard workers who take the time to help in any way they could, there may be only a handful of those who would go against any ethics and morality just to harm others. Unfortunately, our case was assigned to a very few of those bigots, namely; a deputy Clerk and her supervisor, who for almost a year now have tried every possible method of violating the law, from hiding our complaint to the presiding judge which was mailed to his room and under his name, and returned it back to us by one of the supervisors marked CANCEL; How could anyone cancel a complaint? Then the Deputy Clerk cancelled the Entry of Default which was signed and filed by the Clerk of the Court/CEO Alan Carlson, does she have all that power and authority to cancel her superior’s decision? As a result an alternate Judge followed the deputy clerk and dismissed our case (December 8, 2008). Since we don't trust any employee in this court, we didn’t complain to the court executive officer Alan Carlson. It is truly shameful and disappointing to have a few low-ranking court employees gambling with people's lives just because they think they are superior in terms of race, also to assist in every way those who represent Mr. Bren. During that time attorney Linda Burden who represents Mr. Bren, used every low, unethical and dishonest tactics in the book to harass us, from defending the landlord’s agent act of retaliation, to making several false accusations and threats of eviction and suffering of consequences. She kept coming up with fresh accusations and warnings, at one point she didn’t realize the hole she just dug for herself regarding a certified letter. We don’t think Ms. Burden had lost her ability to read a simple address on an envelope, but we believe that it is either she tampered with this certified letter’s envelope, or an employee(s) at the Post office had collaborated with her. She couldn’t see how her little scheme was falling apart; this is why we filed a request for investigation with The United States Postal Service Consumer Advocate office in Washington D.C. Then in mid 2008we contacted once again The Fair Housing Council of Orange County, and requested their help as they are required to help us by the law; either by conducting an investigation, mediating or by representing us in court. After inquiring about our ethnicity and promised to have someone contact us, we never heard from them again; could it be because they are not willing to assist people from different ethnic groups? If that so, it means we have been discriminated against by those who are supposed to fight discrimination and retaliation? It wasn’t until very recently when we have learned about how The Fair Housing Council of Orange County including its President had been marred by corruption. We refused contacting our local Congressman John Campbell, the reason is simple; to live in a corrupted county like Orange County, California, one must understand that it is a huge closely-knit network of corporates, its CEOs’ survive and thrive by controlling most of the county through donating to politicians and surrounding themselves with attorneys to keep their watchful eyes on who might revolt or might represent a problem for them in the future. We don’t know Congressman Campbell, however, all facts suggest we better not contact him; the following reasons are enough: 1. Both Mr. Bren and Congressman Campbell are Republican who live in Orange County, California. 2. Congressman Campbell’s office is located in a building owned by Mr. Donald Bren. 3. Congressman Campbell’s office is a very few yards away from the law offices of our landlord’s attorneys. So, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what his answer would be if. For the record, we are neither Republicans nor Democrats, we are Independents. Mr. Campbell’s office is located in: 610 Newport Center Drive, Suite 330 Newport Beach, CA 92660. Mr. Donald Bren’s attorneys’ office is located in: Smith & Susson, LLP 660 Newport Center Drive, Suite 100, Newport Beach, CA 92660. We did contact California Attorney General, his office didn't help, we contacted the US Commission on Civil Rights, we even contacted the Justice Department Civil Rights Division, they too didn't answer, and we also contacted Senator Feinstein; whom we wish if she didn’t answer instead of that cliché letter we received from her. We are certain that those elected officials are trying to distance themselves from this problem in order not to offend our billionaire landlord. The problem with those elected officials is; when they hear or read different names like ours their minds instantly make a simple process assuming that since we are not called Janet, John, Cynthia or Robert etc... We must be stupid ###s, who are not educated enough to understand how life goes on in the free world, who could hardly understand, some words such as: Democracy, Law, right or wrong, or anything that could come close to normal intelligent human beings. Take for instance Senator Dianne Feinstein, when we mailed her our complaint we were quite aware of the fact that her authority has limits, we do understand quite well that as a Senator Ms. Feinstein can’t intervene or give any advice in a matter within the jurisdiction of the court, this is why we didn’t ask her to comment, intervene in any way with the court’s issue or decision, all we did was informing her of what happened to us from retaliation at the hands of Billionaire and CEO Donald Bren, to the Fair Housing’s reluctance to assist us in any way, to the court corruption. Our request was: “Where to complain against those court employees?” Instead of suggesting the right place; we were lectured about the separation of powers doctrine, assigned by the Constitution to the branches of government and the integrity of our system of justice. This is about misconduct and corruption in the court, so as a Senator she should have at least gave us the benefit of the doubt and directed us to the right place to complain, after all, this has to do with unacceptable mismanagement at its best, but we believe the court employees are off limits and have a license to commit any violation against whoever they dislike as long as no body has the power to question their actions. The response would have been completely different if we were reporting about a terrorist whom the court employees hid his/her file to help set him/her free. It seems that if any issue doesn’t include any terrorism act it doesn’t catch the eyes of the officials, so the keyword is TERRORISM, tough luck for us, there is no terrorist involved in our issue, at least we two are definitely not terrorists, the terrorists are those who are terrorizing law-abiding citizens, by harassment, manipulation and dishonesty, in addition to hiding behind their protective shield of wealth which could easily buy lost, weak souls and their illusory materialistic happiness as well, in addition to some others who are given authority whether in federal or private sector, in some cases this authority is used to satisfy and appease the devil within themselves; those are the real terrorists. Since our problem doesn’t mean anything to Senator Feinstein she didn’t even care about how unjustly we’ve been treated by The Fair Housing, which in itself is a violation of the Fair Housing Act, she also didn’t care if Mr. Bren is hiding behind his team of lawyers to suffocate and pressure those who dare practice their legal rights. Why should she concern herself with such unimportant matters? Because if they were important issues, someone in her office should have called to see how could they help? If it is not possible in one way they should have tried figuring out another, but why should they, as long as in their minds, our names denote stupidity and most probably low level of education. Our all-time favorite is California Attorney General Edmund Brown, we contacted his office twice, the two responses should be the subject of a very successful highly-rated sitcom. Keep in mind we are talking about court complaint. First, they suggested contacting the Orange County Internal Auditing Department, the other suggestion wasn’t less hilarious; they advised us to contact the Department of Human Resources in San Francisco. Doesn’t that prove our point? Since our names are less common the assumption is, we are not going to differentiate between a court of law and a supermarket. Isn’t that exactly a racial stereotyping and racial discrimination at its best? What those elected officials don’t know is; we are highly educated, well-informed knowledgeable citizens who came to this country several decades ago from a country known to the world as the cradle of civilization, it laid down the foundation of the legal system for the entire world to follow, that was thousands of years before America was discovered. Unfortunately, at present this country’s name is synonymous with corruption, backwardness, negligence, and is controlled by those who believed to be powerful and influential, they shamelessly dominate every aspect of life there. How did it reach this point? The reason is very simple, bad management, favoritism, and greed. Since we wholeheartedly love The United States, it is the only place we call home; we are extremely worried that what we are witnessing rings a resonant bell to the beginning of a very bad sign. It is hard to believe that just because we practiced our lawful rights Mr. Donald Bren has unleashed his power through his attorneys, Ms. Linda Burden and Mr. Scott Smith to hurt, harm and chase away an injured senior citizen mother and her physically ill daughter, just to prove that he is rich, and has the upper hand to behave however he desires. Oh, we don’t want to offend Mr. Bren in any way by leaving out his beloved title PHILANTHROPIST, we could have been awarded that title too, if we have harmed innocent citizens by violating the law as he did with us. It doesn’t matter if we constantly live in fear of eviction, it also doesn’t matter if we have been exemplary tenants who pay the rent sometimes even before the month starts, it doesn’t matter if we had to completely stop seeking treatment to be able to pay the retaliatory rent increase; no, no all that is meaningless, what does matter is Mr. Philanthropist, CEO sees his wealth grow, so he could pay his attorneys to keep up the good work of harassing, threatening and warning those who would dare complain. We should be grateful that Mr. Bren has allowed us through his retaliation to contribute, even if it is by a very small portion, to his Philanthropic cause by using our nearly $4, 000.00 in retaliatory rent increase in a year, after all, it is for a good cause, our health comes last. What Mr. Bren, his agent and his attorneys don’t know about us is that when it comes to our rights, we are persistent, strong human beings who fear nothing but God, we know our duties quite well and strive to fulfill them, in return we expect our rights to be fully respected. By all means, we are not done exposing those who have harmed us, and caused us such mental and physical anguish; as a matter of fact we have just started, and as God is our witness, we promise that we won’t rest or settle until this issue is exposed and laid wide open before whoever is interested or not, even if it reaches the Supreme Court, whether it is Mr. Bren, The Irvine Company’s agent Ms. Christine Haneishi, Attorney Linda Burden, attorney Scott Smith, The Fair Housing of Orange County or The Central Justice Center in Santa Ana, they all have participated in violating our civil rights and contributed equally in our physical, mental, financial and emotional anguish and suffering. We do have proofs for every single violation done against us.

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  15th of Apr, 2009
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You should read what Linda Burden did to me - she denied in a personal letter (signed by her) that toxic mold reports did not exist, when in fact they did - we found them in a lab in VA. She illegally tried to cover up discoverable evidence.

Something is not mentally right with that attorney and firm.

She has a documented track record showing evidence which Linda Burden Attorney believes the United States Constitution does not apply to her.

However, I had the last laugh - my web site reports have showed over the past 2 years the following government servers viewed my site;,, all states servers one by one, along with-,,,, the illegal tactics of Smith and Susson. I'm sure they were under investigation.

Your posting is of great help to others. This is all we have against corrupt people like that. I personally know many other victims she has heartlessly abused to such extremes they are forever devastated and don't believe in the American justice any longer.

HOWEVER, everyone is writing 100's of letters to the government and "USCourts" regarding Smith and Susson - Linda Burden.

People like that eventually end up like Ponzi - with what we submitted over the years Linda Burden and all could be spending their retirement in prision

  10th of Aug, 2009
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Please Tom, and others who wish to pursue this matter further legally. You must be telling the truth, however. Do not waste my time if you are NOT truthful; it makes you just as bad as the accused.

  5th of Nov, 2009
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Bren is generous only by RIPPING off the middle class. I am preparing to fight them in court and know because of his POWER, it will be difficult. I am a hard working nurse and will be spending my savings but it's the principle. Hopefully they will pay one day!
We all need to work together.

  24th of Mar, 2010
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All I want to say as a Irvine co Employee, wich have to make my living like Others, isnot a day any body not complain about Irvine co. most my days have to just lessen to the resident how mouch they hate living in IAC. wish every one good luck and I am sure if one dayIrvine co gets to the court thousend, thousend pepole will come forword against them.

  21st of Jun, 2010
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  21st of Jun, 2010
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The Irvine Company is sure used to getting what it wants; any way it can get it.

I am a tenant at one of their "fabulous" apartments which has a 1 car garage. Outside parking is unmarked and open to visitors and second cars. Recently, I have been getting harassing phone calls and letters from Connie Chen, the assistant manager regarding a second vehicle that is sometimes parked in the unmarked spaces. I received a 3-day notice to covenant or quit in reference to this complaint which reads:


Dear tenants:

As of today, we have noticed that both of your registered vehicles are still being parked outside and that your garage is not being utilized for the parking of one of your vehicles. Since this is the 3rd time we are notifying of this breach in your contract, we are sending you a "Three-day Notice to Perform Covenant or Quit" in hopes that this issue will be resolved with in the next 3 days, You can also expect to recieve a copy by mail in the next few days.

We regret that this is a necessary step we must take at this time, but we truly would appreciate your cooperation with this matter. If you have any questions regarding this notice, please do not hesitate to contact me at our leasing office at xxx-xxx-xxxx

Thank you again for your immediate attention to this matter.

Connie Chen


Now, the 3-day notice reads:


Exhibit "A" Landlord's rules and regulations:
6. Parking Rules/Garages: If garage space is assigned to a Resident. the space(s) within the garage shall be used only for the parking of vehicles. A garage may not be used for the operation of a business or as an extension of the living area of the Premises. A Resident may, however, store small items owned by Resident in Resident's garage so long as there is space available for parking of Resident's vehicle(s).

YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that within three (3) days after service of this notice on you, you are required to rearrange and clean out your garage so there is space available to park your vehicle or quit said premises and deliver the possession of the same, or [intentionally left blank] Apartments will institue legal proceedings for an unlawful detainer against you to recover possession of said premises, to delcare said Lease forfeited and to recove treble rents and damages.


They reference Exhibit 6-A which clearly relates to not using my garage for storage or business (which has had 3 garage inspections this year alone). As you can see, the notice is telling me to clear out my garage within 3-days.

I brought this up to Connie Chen which insists that Exhibit 6-A forces me to park in my garage at all times. The second vehicle in reference is a visitors. When I confronted Connie about the notice and had her actually read it, she told me that she would go ahead and remove it from my file. I then told her that I would make an effort to have the vehicle in the garage.

Later that day, I get a letter at my door telling me that as a "favor, " she removed the 3-day covenant and that I would get another 3-day notice if she sees the vehicle parked in the unmarked spaces again.

Today, I get another notice at my door telling me that there would be yet another garage inspection and that a vehicle must be in the garage or else we will be violating Exhibit 6-A.

The biggest problem I have is her lack of cordiality and her first option of aggression.

It is obvious to her that she is going outside the bounds of the lease (she has even told me that she would interpret the lease in any way that benefits Irvine Company) to get what they want.

This isn't the first time where this rule bending has occurred. On my last tenancy, I get a bill for an appliance 1 month after I moved out and about 2 weeks after the new tenant moves in (which was an Irvine Company employee). When I confronted them about it and asked for documentation, they didn't have any. The next two days, I get a call from management with backdated documents (This was known to me because the file contained the actual receipt which had a later date).

Renter beware

  10th of Mar, 2011
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If u want to fight the Irvine 949 734-1812

  20th of Apr, 2013
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I have just received a phone call that I was getting a 3 day notice to the matter of 6-A. We have two vehicles and one can be parked in the garage. My concern is we are constantly in and out of the complex running the kids to functions, school, coaching, or supermarket, etc.. This is everyday. We do not park in the lined areas but on the curb right outside of our apartment. There isn't an issue of needing the space. I feel that we have been singled out, lied too, and since I lost my job, it's time to go. I've been late with my rent but I've always payed it. The office has made mistakes and when I've been given my late notice, rent was $100.00 cheaper. Gee, why do you think it was late! I finally went to them and explained the situation. They had no clue! There are other matters as well and I have proven the point which has made this one individual, stutter, confused, and dumb founded. Now this is a problem with the garage and according to the lease, she is correct, but this is a public road which is inside the complex that we park on. The complex is not gated. I can park my car inside but I coach and have to move the car to get to the equipment on the shelves. I asked this individual if she had checked any other garages
since this was not normal inspection. She said yes, but when I spoke to others, this did not occur. I know for a fact that there are others here that do not park in the garage for one reason or another. I do have a handicap sticker that I do not use since my surgery, my hips still bother me but I don't use it because there are others who truly need the spot.
I like where I live, we don't both the neighbors, just this one individual in the office.
What's a RENTER suppose to DO?

  29th of Jun, 2013
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The Irvine Company is very powerful and they throw their arrogance and weight around. How about picketing their rental offices and corporate offices? Just an idea!

  30th of May, 2014
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I signed a lease with Tia A. Jones that came form New York June 28, 2013. It is a low-income bond so I cannot replace her name on the lease or take her name off the lease. She almost had us evicted three times and then fled because she can never afford rent. The lease is almost up but the office said that we both have to sign this "Notice of Intent to Vacate" or else the apartment will still be our responsibility. The lease ends June 27 2014 and after that they will continue charging me rent as month to month which is an increase of $1000, until that notice is signed by Tia.The office do not know that I have been paying for the entire apartment and the lady had fled more than half a year ago. What do I do? Is there really no way out of this??? Please help me! I'm only a 21 year old college student on my own with no family. I can't afford to pay another $1000 increase on rent! If there are any class action lawsuit, please let me join!
When I moved in, there was a tiny crack at the top of my shower. I didn't know what it was until it grew and grew and eventually my friends saw it and told me I had been living with mold. The maintenance crew took a whole week to finally do something altogether in only one hour or less!

  31st of Jul, 2014
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I have had several issues regarding the Irvine company. I could go on and on for days regarding ### head Donald Ben and his cronies. I tell it like it is...The Irvine Company... simply a "MOB"/ a very crafty, unethical, corrupt organization. I say we "UNITE" and in numbers we can bring the giant to justice. A class action suit needs to be organized, a computer guru needs to create a forum, get people to complain in numbers, spread the word via social platforms, and if we all take it up the food chain bring the Irvine Company (Mr. Bren) to justice. If there is current activism, organization, or online community trying to bring Irvine corruption to justice let me know...very interested.

  11th of Sep, 2014
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To all tenet's past and or present I will be submitting a petition against the Irvine company, asking that they be audited by the IRS, and or investigated for civil rights violations, and or asking for a class action lawsuit for housing violations, and discrimination violations, health and safety violations, and also for Violations Of Federal Radon Laws- but not limited to. We will ask request /demand of Congress, That the HUD Office of Inspector General to conduct an immediate investigation into all of our complaints / allegations by the American Radon Policy Coalition against Hud's head Office and the Irvine Company that their Departments is violating Federal radon laws, Tenets rights, but limited to. Tenants it’s likely that you’re an assured short hold tenant because we rent privately and our landlord lives elsewhere. If this is the case, we have the right to be safe in our home. One of our rights is to live in our home peacefully and it’s unlawful for the landlord to harass us or try to evict us illegally.
Harassment can include anything done by a landlord, or someone linked to them, which stops us from living safely and quietly in our home. Don’t assume that the harassment has to be obvious or intentional before we can do anything. It can involve both subtle and direct acts such as: Abusing us because of your sex, race or sexuality; Stopping us from getting services such as hot water or heating; Constant visits from our landlord, late at night or without warning; Offering us money to leave or threatening us; Allowing the property to get into such a state of disrepair that it is dangerous to stay; Forcing us to sign agreements that reduce our rights. Landlords have to follow strict rules to legally evict us. The rules depend on what type of private tenancy we have. Illegal eviction is when the landlord tries to evict you without following the correct legal procedures. This could include: Locks being changed when you are out; being physically thrown out; Stopping you from getting into your home. We also have protection under law because it is an offence to harass or illegally evict you. If our landlord asking us to leave and one’ don’t want to it’s really important we may want to seek further advice from a service such as a local Housing Aid Centre or our local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB). However If we’re being harassed or threatened with illegal eviction there are practical steps that one may consider and or could take, such as: Keeping a diary, notes and photographs detailing all events that take place; Reporting events to the council, police, HUD, an advice center or a solicitor; Asking the landlord to put all communications in writing; to the landlord saying that if the harassment continues you may be forced to take legal action. Keep a copy of our letter’s; Have somebody else with you for support and as a witness whenever you have dealings with your landlord; Getting together with other people who live in the same housing units and working with them if they’re being threatened or harassed too.
Remember this is not intended for legal advice, and or not be used as legal advice. We / I-are seeking legal help and support to fight back what has been taken from us, peace of mind and Justice.
Please forward us your e-mail address if you want to be apart of this move against The Irvine Company (Ma-TIC). Please do not respond and waste our time if your not serious. We plan to hold a meeting very soon.
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Tired of being Bullied by- Tic's. AKA (The Irvine Companies) the blood sucker's
Our contact email – is ( )
We are very serious about this movement against the Irvine Companies.. Meaning all of their contacts, attorney's, Judges, we need to file federal lawsuits. They Have A Racist, dishonest, Harassing Employees, but not limited to, such as Wendy Fitzhugh, Barbara Benton, and Mr.DonalD Bren himself. We all have tons of evidence to go Federal court for a class action lawsuit. Bren can Buy Orange county judges but not Federal judges... We can do this class action Lawsuit!!! (WCDTCAL) Less stop these Bullies now...
Please reply ASAP. September 11, 2014

  2nd of Nov, 2014
+3 Votes

truth is i am tired of complaining and finding the right pathway to claim or sue against irvine company because it's like a losing battle. But if anyone to file class action lawsuit.. i will join the force. my rent is expired on 10/29 and irvine company charged 500 dollar for "premium" fees to extend month to month (in this case i extended only 10 days due to the new place I will move in will not be ready right away). So.. on the top of the high premium which i never signed any agreements to it, the second part is the water bill that irvine company assessed on the last month water usage. On the last or final water bill that Irvine company sent me (directed by the water company to irvine company), it was claimed that I owed past month due. THAT WAS NOT TRUE. I paid the previous month water bill directly to the water company bill pay and i have proof of payment. That just is not fair. Where is justice? So, .. it's not about the amount. it is not about less or more expensive, it is about citizen's rights that Irvine Company and Irvine Company Apartment has violated.
Thus... I am down to join any class action lawsuit against Irvine Company if you all tenants care about your rights.

  15th of Dec, 2014
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I currently reside at an Irvine company residence who has been dealing with severe mold in my apartment and my neighbors apartment for the past 6 months and linda burden is my opponent. for the heck of it, I thought I would google her name and OH MY LORD, I ran into this site, what this lady does and how they hide the truth and lie through their teeth is truly unheralded, however, I will fight till I drop. if u r reading this linda which I know you are, you haven't seen the last of me. Mrs Burden, you keep telling me that the mold I have is simply not the same mold Irvine company cleaned up, you are in lala land and I will pursue you legally no matter what it takes, how much it costs and how many courts I have to pursue. I also hold a 10 page report from a mold cleaning company and their views of Irvine company mold cleaning service. garbage at its best

  29th of Jan, 2015
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We will gladly join a class action complaint against the Irvine Company. The whole lot, including Ron Guzman of corporate resolution, are all a group of double talking, unethical liars. They are trying desperately to fill their empty apartments as well as trying to line their greedy pockets with more undeserved money. Irvine company is a FRAUD, and should be exposed.
Ana Vargas, you are as transparent as glass. Your eyes merely see dollars. You too will see that you are just another pawn aiding Irvine in their machiavelian schemes.
Megan, at the front leasing office of Torrey Villa, you are far too good for this company. They do not deserve you. Give these cheats your notice (or not). Follow your dreams, you will succeed wherever you go!

  21st of Feb, 2015
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Rent was raised 8.5%, only offered a six month lease, $500 more if month to month.

Shocking and outrageous!

It gets worse, then they closed the office, laid off the staff and the office is in the complex next door.

The greed is staggering and they will not negotiate and will lie right to your face.

Don't even consider an Irvine Company apartment unless you have extra thousands to give up in the future.

  21st of Apr, 2015
Best Best Advice +8 Votes

Does someone have a website where interested persons could join a class action? Also to share their experiences and brainstorm? Irvine Company is very afraid of social media campaigns against them. Witness the friends of Woodbridge Center who made a website protesting Irvine company plans to turn the Woodbridge Center into more rental housing. It worked and Irvine company changed it's mind. They hate bad publicity. Who do we know in the media? Can we start a social media campaign or is there one already existing? What is the site address of Facebook page please?

  18th of Aug, 2016
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As of today, the construction at the Las Palmas apartments is still a joke...our complex, one of the unfortunate that was torn apart when the first construction crew was fired, is a death trap. the gaping holes, stairwells that are held together by 2x4's and duct tape is a nightmare. Not a day goes by I see or hear of someone falling or getting hurt because of the shambles the units are left in. Yes, Irvine Co. is giving us a slight discount but that does not help with the flat tires and scratched vehicles (from the construction crews)...and this is just the issues wish the construction.
The other issues like Section 8 tenants, Chinese birthing, ghetto residents, shopping carts, graffiti in the hallway, condoms and vomit in the parking lots and fights in the parking lots and now, an infestation of cockroaches!! When I complain, (oh, BTW...I have to go to another complex to do anything business related) all I get is lip service, and then told "You can always leave"...what a friggin rat hole...and I pay $2200.00 a month!!
Sign me up for the class action suit...

  23rd of Oct, 2017
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@Kurt2k So sorry about your story, read mine,

I live in Las Palmas apartment and i got a letter from Irvine Company that we are not renewing your lease on Oct 19 2017, my lease end on Dec 14 2017... remember im paying rent not living for free and i have the rights to ask for maintenance as much as i need for my apartment im sure that is the reason i got this letter.
i called the office why i got this letter?
The Anacapa Apartment Manager replied because you treated on of our maintenance guy which i didnt do it. the dates he provided that i confronted the Maintenance employ Aug 10 2017 and Aug 22 2017, i was working till 6:00. which i have proof... its funny.
Good thing here in our great country NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW NOT EVEN THE PRESIDENT...
i have an option to go to the court which i diffidently will go and bring the people like maintenance employ and manger to justice.

  31st of Oct, 2016
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Practical piece, I learned a lot from the facts, Does anyone know where my business might be able to locate a sample OH Complaint in Forcible Entry & Detainer for Past-Due Rent & Other Money copy to fill in ?

  23rd of Dec, 2016
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I had lost my contract and became temporarily unable to pay rent. My apartment managers were very understanding and seemed to do everything within their limited power to help me out however, Irvine Company was quick and ruthless in evicting, suing, garnishing my wages then over a year later sending an additional amount directly to collections without attempting to contact or notify me that an amount was due. Never again, Irvine Company. For shame.

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