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I received my second phone call on a sataurday morning at 730 am .The caller asked why I haven't paid a speeding ticket that I received in 1992.
My first complaint is why would a collection agency phone at that time of the morning on a weekend
Secondily the man on the phone was abrupt and aggresive and I told him that the ticket was paid he called me a liar.
Thirdily I am positive I paid the ticket, but who keeps records for 18 or 19 years

I will keep trying to find someway or someone who can check them out. As I think they are trying to collect on a paid ticket.I have talked to the ontario provincial police about them and my ticket.The opp's told me if I had not paid, that my driving privileges in Ontario would have been suspended(but they are not)

Who governs this collection agency ### and how do we know they are honest and above board.

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  • Al
      Aug 07, 2009
    iQor - hounding me for unfair bank chargese
    bankof scottland sauchehall street
    Scotland, Strathclyde
    United Kingdom

    I am posting this complaint re the bank of scottlands evil ploy in atacking the infirm I suffer from mental health problems and have been hit with unfair bank chargese my money maters helperchristina yungat drumchapal money maters is dealing with bank of scottlands harrassment all the bank s oney comese from illgoten gain stealing money from my benifet for several months the bak took 35pounds from me each time the bank needed money they take money from the mentaly ill and seam to get away with it this morning I receved a letter from one of there hench mennamediqor recovery servicesltd. Pobox.82.83winckley square. Preston pr13el the debt recovery agents havethreatend me withsending debt colectors to my home and geting the 363.11pence in fullmy illness makese me vurnable and I fear for my safety can anayone help me get back my benifet from this evil bank allan

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