iQor Holdings / processing my clearance for my certificate of employment

Santa Rosa Laguna, Philippines, Philippines

I worked at iQor for just only two months. I finished the training together with my co-worker. But when I reached the production, we have our team leader which always extend our working hours without any additional pay for our salary. He always extend 2 hours for just a meeting regarding with our account. And we thought that it's overtime or paid but it's not included. I left the company due to the medical condition, the stress that I got from the team leader. Some of our team leave the company without giving any resignation letter. And their reason was because of our team leader for being toxic. Well, I decided to submit my resignation letter and she accepted it. We processed the immediate resignation. But when it comes to clearance she mentioned that I still need to wait for her text message to be able to process the clearance because she still need to wait for those people who needed to sign my resignation letter. I agreed, but it took more than 15 days to inform me to process the clearance. She just waited to finish the month of December so that she can get her bonus or incentives. Because we believe that if she have any agent who left the company or who submit resignation letter, she can't get her incentives. She also did this to my co worker.
I just wanted you to know that this is not good for your company. The employee can report this to DOLE. And it may affect your company. I hope that you will work for this or going to do some actions. The name of the team leader is Jeffery mortera at iQor santa Rosa and the account is metro by T-Mobile. From December 17 2018 that I submitted my resignation letter, until now (February 11, 2019) my Certificate of employment was still on process because of my team leader.

Feb 10, 2019

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