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The quote and the information listed on their web page is not trustworthy. After submitting the payment I never received any labels, therefore contacted customer service multiple times and was told that it can take up to 10 business days to reprocess the order (I forgot to mention that I choose air cargo, which was listed the fastest shipment, and it was the most expensive one too) until Kimber Ross (director of air cargo shipment) sent me an email stating that it will take another 48h to reprocess the order and that I have to drop it off to the airport and that they cannot deliver it to the door so the receiver also has to pick it up from an airport. I called Kimber and asked her how long it will take to reprocess the order and which airport it could be as I don’t have any airport nearby and I cannot drive to another state. She said that she is still working on my order and it would be an airport that they will choose after booking with cargo and that I have to agree to it either I like it or not or pay additional $150 for scheduling a pick up. She was very rude and hanged up the phone. I called 2nd time and I asked to speak with the supervisor who was Stacie Ross (btw they have same last name). I was very surprised when the conversation started on high tone and actually ended up with screams and words “DO YOU UNDRSTAND ME? WE MAKE THE RULES” and I was hearing the 2nd voice (Kimber's voice) yelling behind. I never expected such a terrible customer service. I cannot even list the inappropriate words and language used by that crazy, hysterical and mentally unstable woman. Stacey Ross and Kimber Ross are the worst managers ever who have bad manners and attitude. They are very unethical, rude and unprofessional. Do not recommend using their services as you will pay twice the price and your item will be lost somewhere on the way. There are so many companies on the market that can provide a cheaper price and excellent customer support.

Feb 23, 2017
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  • Ny
      15th of Aug, 2017

    Totally agree. Have just had the same issue with these two.
    Paid for delivery that said it would take 7-10 business days to get from Dallas to Sydney Australia. I also rang and confirmed with Stacie that it would be the case although I was told it could take an extra week depending on flights. After I paid for the box, no label came and when I eventually got a hold of them I had Stacie yelling that I would get the labels when they weren't that busy. I eventually received the labels and took the parcel to a fedex shop myself. After 3 weeks and still no parcel I contacted this rude pair Stacie and Kimber and was told they were waiting for flights to book the cargo on. It ended up sitting in their facility in Clearwater for over 3 weeks. After many emails where I was constantly told it was the airlines fault they told me that they can hold the parcels for as long as they want at their facility and the times are just an estimate. I ended up getting my parcel 7 weeks later only after chasing customs and brokers in Australia.
    They even offer a refund of 10% of the parcel but you don't get that either.
    Do yourself a favour and don't go with these unprofessional, rude and unstable pair.

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  • Av
      15th of Apr, 2019

    I had chosen this IPS parcel service to ship some of my items (3 packages containing mostly books and clothes) from the US to Budapest. They shipped two of the packages and kept one with them. After following up enough number of times for a status update, they asked me for details such as content of the packages, HS codes, etc. I had already given them the information regarding the contents and asked questions on other details since I wasn't aware what's a HS code. This person named Stacie Ross started responding rudely and didn't even provide the details I asked for.

    Later on when I tried to chat online with someone else, it seems that this company probably has just one employee and the same Stacie responds on chat saying that they will just dispose of my packages and will not provide the service. After that she disconnected the chat and ever since these people haven't responded to my emails.

    So basically my packages and my money is lost. If this is not open stealing, then I don't know what is. I'm not sure what they will do with the clothes, but I guess they're going to sell off my books in the market and make money from it. Any Americans out there, how do you suggest I can file a police case against this firm when I don't stay in the US myself?

    I can't believe I didn't do a basic background check on a unheard-of company. It seems they have a pattern on how to scam people - collect the goods and hold them as ransom till people pay up more. If this company was in India or in Europe, I'm sure there are ways to get back your stuff and the money. But this is America. They will scam and there's no way you can make them pay legally.

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