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These people are crooks. I came across some website on the Internet that rated web hosting company's and IPage got high marks. What a crock. There web site states anytime money back guarantee. I signed up for there $3.50 a month web hosting package only to be charged annually and then subsequently another $399. I called to immediately cancel and was given the run around. They told me that they will start the refund process, whatever the hell that means. Afterwards I googled IPage customer complaints and read all the horror stories. I am on the way to my bank to dispute charge and change my credit card number. What a bunch of crooked. In all my 42 years of being alive and getting customer refunds, I have never heard anyone tell me in a very vague and ambiguous way that there is a refund process. Either you refund the money or you don't. They could even tell me the amount of the refund because they aren't refunding anything, they just tell you a bunch of made up ### in an attempt to steal your money. Someone should take the owner of this company out in the parking lot and shoot him in his mother ###ing face. They are all crooks. Stay away.

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