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I brought an Intex 18 foot pool last year. I had 2 holes to patch. Not a big deal. Love the pool. My issue is that the filters are to last 2 weeks. Since last week I have went thru about 8. I even take them out and clean them. I am very maticulas with taking care of my pool. Even all the chemicals I buy and put in is crazy. I saved all the filters this year. My pool has been open for about a week or so. I really would like to know why this is happening? I would really like some reimbursement or compensation. Please feel free to Sen someone to my home to see what is going on. This is just costing me to much money to keep changing filters. Also I buy all intex floaties that do not last at all. I just brought another one and it already had holes in it after we blew them up. I have purchased 6 of them that you sit in and also loungers. I would think these would also last longer. I can send pictures of you would like but the money spent already is very high.

My name is Tina Klemmer
Or you have my email.

I hope we can rectify this problem.

Thank you.

May 28, 2018

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