Intex Pools / above ground pool

AZ, United States

I bought a 16 ft. above ground pool about 2 years ago for my son. I got the upgraded one with the metal supports etc. it is a tan/gray color. I paid about $600 for it. The first seaon it held up well although the pump was pretty weak. But by the second season it already had a leak in it and the vinyl was so broken down that the kids were literally getting bloody toes from the abrasive nature of the vinyl bottom. Plus, the ladder started wobbling no matter how much we tightened and adjusted it. Then the rope holding the supports in place frayed and broke and one of the supports bent. I am a single mom and financially struggling.I can't afford another pool.I live in Phoenix and it is already in the 90's here.The kids want to swim but I have to tell them sorry. Swimming is their main source of fun in the summer.Now what do I do? I have already written, sent a fax and recently sent another letter to the president of Intex corp. with no response. I guess customers don't matter much to them. I have been a loyal customer for a number of years.This is my 3rd pool, plus I have purchased other items as well. I can no longer recommend this company to my friends either.It seems that once the sale is done they don't care about the customer anymore. It seems big corporations talk a lot about the customers but don't back it up.

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