Interval InternationalLack of room availability / getaway reservation platinum membership / exchanges fees / customer service

I am an owner of a Timeshare and a member of Interval International over 10 years, I was a Gold Member and recently they sold me to moved up to a Platinum Membership. I have tried numerous times to book through Interval International first trying to use 3 gift certificate promotions from Interval International given to us if we renewal early for 3 years altogether we had 3 certificate must be used Jan. – May.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Miami, FL On numerous times I called in and spoke with customer service received poor service “You can't book within 30 days or we don't have anything available at this time call back”. When you call back they offer a getaway for more money. I ask to speak with a manager they said no manager was able to speak to me. I was told to call back something should open up soon, I call back at least once a week “Nothing” I was told from customer service to put a deposit on a resort and if something come available they would contact me, It's been 2 month and no one has contact me. I call today and customer service me to renewal my Platinum Membership and Deposit my week. The customer service is rude and don't care Interval International is “Horrible”.

Feb 03, 2017

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