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I am planning a vacation week for my family. I found Grand Seas resort in Daytona Beach, FL. Before purchasing, I called Interval and Grand Seas directly. I needed to be sure that I could reserve a handicapped room with walk in shower for my father, who is 85 years old. I was told that 1 room was available for my week, which was 6/11-6/18. I was told that the reservation would be sent by Interval to Grand Seas within 24-48 hours. I was told that once Grand Seas had the reservation in the system, I could request the handicapped room. Based upon this information, I purchased 3 rooms. I have called Grand Seas several times. They still do not have the reservations. I have since been told that the reservations are not sent over to the resort until 3 weeks prior to the date. I have been on the phone for the past 2 days trying to get this resolved. I have been lied to by at least 2 Interval representatives. The issue is still not resolved.

  • Updated by Kensteinberg, Jan 16, 2017

    The vacation inventory listed online for vacation getaways is very limited, and does not contain the best resorts in the portfolio. Interval also sends out special offers, claiming that they are free to certain members. These offers are not free at all. By the time you are finished with booking the vacation, you are hundreds of dollars out of pocket.

Jan 16, 2017

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