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Interval International / Beware of interval international!

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Do not do business with interval international time share company!

My friend & i recently booked a trip through his time - share, interval international, to go to the costa maya reef resort in belize, central america scheduled for 8 / 18 - 8 / 25 / 07. We booked this trip over the phone & gave the company representative our credit card information for charging the trip. The night before we were scheduled to leave, we attempted to contact the resort to ensure they were still accepting guests. We had some concerns due to hurricane dean. No one answered the phone. So we spent the next few hours tracking the storm online & at that point it didn't appear that it would affect belize at all. So on saturday morning, we boarded a us airways flight bound for belize. We arrived at belize int'l airport at approx. 10am. We then boarded a tropic air plane for another 15 - minute flight to san pedro.

Once we arrived at fido's dock in san pedro to board a ferry to take us to the resort, we were told by the ferrymaster that costa maya reef resort was closed in anticipation of the hurricane. He gave us the resort owner's name & cell phone number.

I spoke to the owner personally & he informed me that he had contacted interval international 2 days prior (Which would have been thursday) to let them know they would be closing that friday because of the hurricane. Interval had our phone number and e - mail address and no one ever attempted to contact us.

We then had to make other last minute arrangements to stay at another resort on the mainland, which ended up costing us thousands more than we had expected to spend.

Because interval international did not inform us of the situation, both of our lives were put at risk & we are out thousands of dollars because we had to make other arrangements.

When we returned home, we contacted interval international numerous times in an attempt to get our money back. Each time, we were told they would not refund a dime. The last representative i spoke with, "enrique", did admit that the resort contacted them to let them know of the closing in advance, but that it was our responsibility to contact them to get information in the event of a natural disaster. My impression of this company, and their specific handling (Or lack thereof) of my situation left much to be desired. I find their practices & actions to be unprofessional, irresponsible, criminal & incompetent.


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  • Da
      18th of Oct, 2007

    I'm sorry to hear about your experience... nasty! We're so glad that we didn't decide to go with Interval... went through their presentation are were completely turned off at their presentation... HARD sell and lack of concern for our time constraints.

    I blogged about it (and linked to yours as well - wants others to know!)

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  • Ro
      18th of Nov, 2007

    I agree ... every time we contact them the are very unhelpful and only wish to sell you another years subscription. They are a disaster and I am very surprised Marriott have a relationship with them.

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  • My
      28th of Dec, 2007

    Wish I read your comment before we purchased insurance from Interval International. Our trip was shortened by 5 days due to 4 snow storms. We called the insurance and were told not to worry and file the claim within 1 year. We got back from the trip and when I attempted to file the story changed. Because the trip was by car they considered it our choice to delay--it didn't matter that the airports and schools all considered the weather a problem. It would only be considered for claim if the roads were closed due to a STATE OF EMERGENCY!! What a joke. We have been members of Interval International since 1995 and have been satisfied until the past few years. Now I will inform others to stay away from this organization--unless you enjoy being taken advantage!!

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  • Ca
      22nd of Jul, 2008

    I found this section only by accident, but I have been trading my timeshare, and sometimes paying for one, have had no problems since 1992 when I got it, the hotels are gorgeous, we recently stayed at the Marriott Sabel Palms in Orlando, my daughter and son have stayed in Puerto Rico, Florida, I stayed in California, we have never had a problem, my son had booked a hotel on Daytona Beach when the hurricanes hit a couple of years ago, but he watched the weather and contacted them before he left and they booked him into an even better place because the storm had hit the coast badly.

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  • Li
      15th of Aug, 2008

    I agree that II does little to help you get a trade. My experience on line was a complete disaster. I thought I had booked, paid for and had a printed receipt for two weeks that I traded. After about two weeks, I thought I should have received a written confirmtion by mail so decided to phone II to see if they still send out confirmations if you book online. Good thing I did. They told me Westgae (my home timeshare) had not put in the weeks to trade, even though I had reservation numbers from Westgate whcih are needed before you can try and trade online. Therefore, they kicked my booking out of the system and then refunded my money to my charge card. THEY DID ALL OF THIS WITHOUT NOTIFYING ME. If I hadn't checked, I would be standing on the doorstep of my traded timeshare with no room to stay! Sloppy, sloppy practices, poorly-trained staff, really bad attitudes. I got the feeling the company could care less if I ever got on vacation. I would not recommend this company.

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  • La
      18th of Aug, 2008

    I think it you should've taken the initiative to call the company. Everyone expects someone else to be responsible for their actions. If I was headed over seas and couldn't get ahold of my resort, I would definitley have checked it out before I got on a plane to fly thousands of miles from home...knowing that there was severe weather...but that is just common sense. Unfortunately, most people lack that now days.

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  • Wa
      28th of Aug, 2008

    I have a question - I am new to this area. We have owned our timeshare for over 12 -14 years now and have always used our own week at the original location of purchase. But, now I'm ready to start branching out - I'm tired of the Smokey Mountains - as beautiful as they are, I want to go someplace else!!!
    Any advice as to a great place to visit and how NOT to be "taken" by the process. All info will be much appreciated. God Bless, Judy

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  • Ch
      23rd of Sep, 2008

    Maybe we are too new to this but we have found the experience very helpful so far and we are excited to begin our adventure with II. OUr questions have been answered by either II or friends of our who have been with them for years. Sorry to hear differently... Hoping our experience is a good one. The only complaint I have so far is this...we purchased our II membership last May and started getting phone calls to renew already in August! They keep making it sound like this is your last chance to renew at this incredible rate but we have found out differently. They have finally stopped calling but this was a little unnerving.

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  • Ke
      22nd of May, 2009

    II has always been very professional, helpful and performed exactly as they state in all the contracts. If you take the time and read all the documentation provided, contact them if you ahve questions and just be certain that YOU understand, you should be very happy with them.
    I found their staff very informed, knowledgeable and helpful with all of out travel experiences. I know there are some people that will be unsatisfied no matter what any company does- they could walk on water and people will still find a reason to complain and even to post blame when it is quite obviously their irresponsible behavior that places them in a predicament to begin with.

    Use common sense, be informed and you will be satisfied. Great company and great resorts!

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  • To
      1st of Jul, 2009

    I think all of the positive comments about II were posted by their own employees. Customer service is a disaster with an average telephone wait time of 35 minutes. They make mistakes, then will not admist them and the they refuse to correct their booking mistakes. Shame on you Interval Internation!!

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  • Ke
      1st of Jul, 2009

    I can testify that my comment was not posted as an employee of Interval International and I'm quite certain that if nobody but the employees were happy with the company, the company would not last long at all. The reality is, any negative comments will definitely be talked about- that is human nature. People like to complain... that is also human nature. More effort will go into complaining than will be put into giving a compliment, which is a shame.
    I make a point of letting managers know when an employee goes above and beyond as this helps to encourage the behavior and let's them know you noticed and it made a difference to you. Not every experience would be a negative experience. It's unfortunate that you don't agree and enjoy the exchange abilities so many of us do appreciate with them.

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  • La
      1st of Aug, 2009

    Interval International has terrible customer service. This spring my wife called them to book a week so she could take our daughters on a trip. The customer service rep told her she had to book the timeshare with them first, then they would find her a week. She gave them several weeks and told Interval she would go anyway on the East Coast.
    Probably because of the fact that timeshare resorts now make more money by renting instead of allowing exchanges, they could not find any vacancies whatsoever, and suggested she needed to probably allow for exchanges one year in advance.
    Since they could not find any available opportunities after strongly encouraging her to book the week, I called them back and asked them to forget the booked week and told them we would just go back to our home resort. In order to do this, they were going to charge $149. My problem is they were the ones whom encouraged her to book the week, then would not unbook they week even though they couldn't find anyplace for her to stay even given the fact we provided them with a number of week and anywhere on the East Coast.
    The other issue I have is that they have several times called to ask me to extend my membership for multiple years. When I tell them I am not interested, they become rude and hang up on me.

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  • Ba
      27th of Oct, 2009

    Having the same problem. I deposited my Westgate week with them and now they can not find anything available for the locations I gave them. I was told by Westgate it would cost me 139.00 to exchange with Interval. I've paid 200.00 so far on top of my annual fee and still have nothing. I talked with an attorney and he advised me of the class action suit against RCI for doing exactly what II is doing. If they have a week deposited they rent it out instead of giving it to the owners. I e-mailed an complaint regarding this and received an automated response the addressed my complaint about not being able to exchange. This proves we are not the only ones they are, I have to keep this clean, so I'll use stealing from.
    I wonder how these people sleep at night knowing how they are stealing from people.

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  • Ja
      6th of Dec, 2009

    i agree with kenzie36 people put to much time into complaining and i joined this thing to tell anyone who will listen use your head way in Gods name would you go and jump on a plain to somewhere you have never been without knowing for sure first that the place is even open come on people use your head what h!!! does no one have common sence anymore call, call anyone BEFORE YOU TRAVEL ANYWHERE EVEN TO THE HOTEL DOWN THE STREET and everyone expects the people over the phone can do mericles I work for Amex and people call me asking me to fix right no the s!!! some else did to there card right now we can't do everything for you like where God why don't you people take charge for your own actions like getting on the plane like an iddy or leaving your purse unattended PLEASE THINK PEOPLE

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  • Di
      13th of Feb, 2010

    We are having issues with II as well. We have owned our Napa, Ca. (Ca. Vacation Club) for 6 years. Each year we have put our deposit with II. Each year we are told "only a little while longer and your request destination should open up", then abour 4 months before we want to travel, we start getting calls telling us that where we want to go is impossible to get into. That we need to perhaps give other locations. We were told when we bought in that we should either have three weeks for the same area OR three seperate areas for the same week for our best chances. While we have gotten "close" to where we want to go, it is not without an extending drive to actually get us into the area we spend our days at. We have yet to get a hotel of our choice and usually settle for something way less because we now have only a month left before we can no longer travel due to kids having to get back in school. I will not be renewing my membership with II. I will try another exchange program or just resort to staying within CVC. I am tired of vacationing in CA & Fla, but nothing else is ever available. In fact, CA isn't always available. I have long suspected that timeshare resorts hold out until the last possible moment hoping to generate more revenue on rentals. Is this fair? What is the point of owning a timeshare if, when you release your week, the hotel does not put it in the exchange pot, but holds on to it hoping to generate a higher rate by renting it? It lessons my chances of getting an exchange (as it would for everyone) and creates a cluster "eff" of people endlessly waiting to get an exchange. I pretty darn sure that is not what all of us timeshare owners signed up for. Where is this lawsuite that I am hearing of...I want to be part of it.

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  • Sw
      22nd of Feb, 2010

    we just purchased a time share in Kissemee FL for every other year with II and KGI... wonder if I am going to have the grief you all had.. the stay there was awesome! We felt really good about doing this until now... now I am a bit hesitant but it's too late to cancel so I guess I will have to see how it goes for our next getaway... they gave us 12 a year... I hope it works out!

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  • In
      28th of Feb, 2010

    If you can help it, DO NOT do any business with interval. I am forced too because I own at Marriot and that is who they use when you need to trade. last summer interval informed me about a week before my vacation that they had made a mistake and that my reservation had been changed. I had already purchased the airline tickes for the trip. They notified my by mail about their mistake and claimed they had been trying to reach me. An outright lie. They had three phone number for me(Office, Home and cell and internet address) and they never called me. The worst part of the experience was they admitted it was their mistake but did nothing to make it right. This is a frauduent company and any positive comments on this site about Interval come from interval employees

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  • Ba
      11th of Apr, 2010

    I have been trading my timeshare week through II for about 12 years, and have had great success. I have requested 2 back-to-back weeks on vacations twice (let a week roll over to save for 2 week vacations), and BOTH times they came through with both locations in the 2-week set-up, and both times with only one month flexibility to do so. One year, we took a trade for Branson, MO and ended up in a timeshare that was under construction - no pool on site, the fireplace didn't work, the unit was ok, but not had some maintenance issues. I contacted II and complained when we returned, and they gave us a free week certificate to cover our bad experience. In 2009 we had difficulty getting an exchange we wanted for the first time. II said the economy had prevented people from depositing because they couldn't afford to pay their maintenance fees, which was necessary before depositing a week for trade. We thought about trying RCI because they have a larger inventory, but there are a very long list of complaints on Consumer Reports, and when I called just to ask questions, they were rude. I'd recommend II to anyone. Brenda from Indianapolis

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  • An
      11th of May, 2010

    BEWARE OF INTERVAL INTERNATIONAL! Absolutely horrible service and no help whatsoever. I booked a vacation to a resort they consider to be "gold standard" which is the best they can offer. I recently received a letter from the resort itself stating that they are under construction. When I called the resort, they simply told me that the resort is NOT BUIL T YET! How can Interal post a resort site and call it "gold quality" when the resort is not even built yet? All they have available is the room itself. Even the check-in office is 3 miles away at a different location and there are no amenities yet because they are still constructing it. The resort itself said that we can use the town pool which is 5 miles away and cannot guarantee a good night sleep with so much construction going on. When I cntacted Interval, they took no responsibility and kept forwarding my phone calls to voice mails that no one responded to. When I finally reached someone polite, she said there are no refunds or exchanges. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE! STAY AWAY!

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  • Dr
      24th of May, 2010

    Interval International is the worst timeshare exchange program in the world. I have had an exchange on the books for years because they never have anything for a family of 4. Please do not use them or you will end up losing your week just like I am about to lose mine. I have never been so disappointed with any company like I am with this company.

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