Intercape / intercape bus

Johannesburg, ZA

I was from Johannesburg Park Station using bus 162 on the 25/12/2017. At Park Station I received 4 slips that I was instructed to submit to the driver I gave all those 4 slips to the driver. It is my very first time using intercape I don't know their rules and procedures. Firstly where I was sitting with my child that place there was blowing air above the head it was broken so I notified the driver who promised to come back, he didn't come, so I just put a tissue just to block the wind as it was coming strong. Nevertheless something that irritated me it is when we got off the bus I went to collect my luggage only to find out I dont have the other pair of slips. I tried explaining to to the driver and the other guy who was assisting with luggages that I gave all the slips that were given to me to the driver. They told me that impossible because everyone who was there had those slips. I tried explaining that it is my first time using intercape I did not even know that I was supposed to have extra pair of slips. They were attacking me not giving me a chance to respond and embarrassing me in front of everyone who was at Durban station. The error was with intercape as I was given shortage on slips from Park Station and yet I the one who is being attacked and made to look stupid. With this kind of experience I wont use Intercape I also wont recommend it to anyone. You should value your clients.

Nov 24, 2017

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