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Good day,

I posted the following on hellopeter after receiving no response from intec after numerous emails sent:

Pathetic service regarding feedback response

Sent the following e-mail on 16/11/2017. Addressed to lameez at * "... Trust this mail finds you well. Lameez, I am no longer employed. My employment was terminated as of yesterday. I am in essence currently financially incapacitated. Could you kindly advise course of action to continue my studies, as I may be unable to continue premiums until I gain employment. Appreciating and thanking you for your soonest assistance and reply. Regards, keshen canthasamy..." ; no response received. Sent same/similar e-mail the same day; no response! Sent another e-mail the following day promoting a response, but no response received! Sent the following e-mail on 29/11/2017: "hi lameez, hope you well. Lameez, I lost my job this month and a week later I lost my mum. Since I don't have an income my debit order will not go off this month. Since I am also in a financial predicament and unable to make future payments because I am unemployed, what would be the course of action going forward. Do I have to discontinue the course and get a refund. Please advise regards keshen canthasamy"; no response received sent the following e-mail on 30/11/2017; no response received hi lameez. Please assist as below was the second e-mail informing you that I am unable to pay the debit order due to me being unemployed. I have received no response from you guys. Now my bank account is going to go into negative with unnecessary bank charges. Please cancel the debit order immediately and advise once done. I did request that you advise on a way forward, be it even course cancellation and a refund to new. Please give me my options. Kindly advise immediately regards keshen canthasamy id * 190086 on same day (getting highly frustrated now) sent following e-mail to * & * "no reply. No help. No assistance. What's going on guys?" on 01/12/2017 sent following e-mail to same two recipients with no reply: "still no response!!!???" on same day sent another e-mail to same two recipients: "could you kindly provide me with the contact details of senior management as I am unable to get any joy with correspondence to you'll". And guess what, still no reply. On same day sent following e-mail to both recipients above and an additional recipient * "could you please at least respond. This is becoming annoying!!!?"... And still no reply. On same day sent the following e-mail to all three recipients above and a fourth recipient; * no reply. If you guys can assist me in getting in contact with intec, I demand that they they refund me 100% of the premiums paid ad well as the full deposit I paid, purely because they show no cause for concern and from my e-mail content above and their lack of response thereof, there is no compassionate bone in their "body" and they purely harness a "I don't give a damn attitude" this from their lack of response. Highly irate. Regards keshen canthasamy id: * 190086 cell: * 729 *

I demand a full refund of all my premiums and deposit paid in this regard.

Pathetic service really!!!!

Dec 02, 2017
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  • Po
      Dec 03, 2017

    I'm sorry for your losses. That being said, are you sure you are emailing the correct addresses? Have you tried calling? I would stop emailing the same individuals you have had no response from. You should save the copies of those emails however.

    If you have continued to use the services, you are not entitled to a refund. If you truly believe you are, you could trying contacting your bank for assistance.

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  • Si
      Feb 19, 2018

    im really tired of intec college so i would like my refund. havent used anything didnt even submit anything.
    consultants are not willing to help. so i want my money back and will find another institute . only wanted to change my course and get more advice on the new course but the consultants just dont want to do their job. i didnt want to leave or anything but now for the service they provided they have showed me that they have no interest at all. so i want to deregister and want my money back. thank u.

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