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Someone (could have been in fact) entered my email address and an old address and phone into I have been submerged with phone calls and emails wanting to give me prices on the "quote" I asked for. I called and they said they would take me out of their database, but the calls keep coming, as they apparently cascade their info through other sites in order to leverage their lists. When I asked why they didn't send out confirmation emails to verify the request for quotes, they hung up on me.

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  8th of Oct, 2010
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I have been contacted by OVER 150 calls/e-mails THIS WEEK alone... insurance, roofers/plumbing Co. in the past weeks.. today... insurance about my 5 bed/4bath home in Newport Beach, Ca. which I only WISH I owned. Tonite about long term care!! I am a Nurse which works in long term care... auto I do not own a 2010 Mercedes, BMW, caddy, NOR saab, Porsche... I own a 2006 Toyota... I have informed my Attorney... as he is top 5 in the country. As of this afternoon, my ONLY day off. theses poor saps that pay between $12 and 35.00 per lead, cannot get their monies back...and each time I e-or call back.. I have gotten a call back telling me..."i'm so sorry to have bothered U... we have taken your name off our list..and we cannot be compensated for the 'DEAD LEAD' all is good because I am SUING.. as I began to SAVE calls and e-mails...and I WILL SUE the fradulent and annoying calls...Insurance U R OVER SOOOOOON!

  19th of Nov, 2010
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i hope you get these people shut down!!! insurance has sold my name w/correct phone # to who knows how many places--no other info is correct--they made it up--i have NEVER been online looking for insurance--in the last 2 days alone rec'd over 50 calls from 6am-10pm--if i don't answer the phone-they just keep calling back--one company that called me gave me the name and phone# of've asked numerous people who have called me who sold them my name and phone#--all said -i have called this company 4 times so far--first time i was told they were removing my name from their database and sending emails to all the places who bought my "lead"--every other time--they had to "remove" me again--and said they were sending those emails out again--YEAH RIGHT!! 3rd call spoke w/manager who told me "someone" must be entering my info (none correct except name and phone#) AND that this mysterious person must be re-entering it and that's why it keeps turning up in their database!!! (yesterday my 2nd call was one hour after ist call--so this crazy person must be re-entering my info every hour!!! ) i have never heard something this ABSURD in all my life!! oh, also that calls could be coming from another "leads" company who picked up my info so that could be why the emails they've sent out telling places to take me off the list hasn't worked --or maybe these places aren't reading their emails...UNBELIEVABLE!! 4th call to the manager--i asked to speak to her supervisor--put me on hold--said supervisor would say the same thing and that their legal dept. would be calling me when i said i was going to report them--there is even more ridiculous stuff they said but i'll stop here--but i have 4 lawyers in my immediate family...

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