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Incredimail / Fraud

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Incredimail is the biggest PLAGUE since the GREAT PLAGUE of 1641.
Incredimail, do you realize how many headaches you are causing? Your software is invasive, pre-emptive, predatory, and resists removal. You are greedy, soul-less, morally bankrupt cretins pushing a horribly inferior product down the throat of an unsuspecting public.
Incredimail founders, did you skip the ETHICS class in your junior college Business Administration curriculum?
May I install killer bees in the walls of your house? I know you don't want them there, and they are incredibly hard to remove, but so what? I think it's a good idea, so ### you, Incredimail.

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  • Gu
      9th of May, 2011
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    Incredimail is complete evil.
    My niece was playing games on my parents computer, the next thing you know, Incredimail is installed and actively receiving email from my mother's gmail account. Incredimail grabbed her email account name, her password, all the necessary pop settings for gmail (from Outlook Express) and then began receiving emails to its inbox.
    I de-installed it, but now IE does not work since Incredimail modified her home website. The home website is now going to some Incredimail website, basically the whole IE is corrupt and unusable now.
    Incredimail is evil and their marketers and CEO should be locked up.

  • Av
      25th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    How can so many complaints be made and NO ONE do anything about this incredimail PEST, it's wasted so much time and energy out of people's lives, it's utterly criminal or if your a believer sinful, how this leach clings on to your system and makes it imposable for the average internet user to delete if they so choose. THEY ARE FORCING THIS DOWN OUR THROATS. I'm about to save my important files and flush my lap top. I's all about their advertising money! This is a scam people! They don't care about you!

  • St
      20th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    I just installed Incredimail. I was downloading a some of the emoticons and sounds. When I got done I decided to check my regular email and found ALL of my emails in the inbox were GONE!! (The deletd emails were still there) Absolutely GONE. I called my internet provider and they told me there was no way to retrieve these lost emails. I've searched Incredimail's home page but, there is NO way that I found of being able to contact them directly by email. All of their forums were "Closed ". I can't access the Incredimail site to find my emails, I guess that they are gone for ever. I did a system restore hoping that that would help...NOPE!! Learned my lesson. NO MORE INCREDIMAIL!!

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